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Subject ofBlindness
Engages in (Sexual)Masturbation
s4455.72023-05-28 at 22:13masturbatorTakase KazuyaSource line adjusted and removed a redundant link
v9810.152023-05-28 at 22:08masturbatorFukushuu ~Ryoujoku no Yaiba~Description (source + some rewording after link)
r27447.82023-05-25 at 23:20masturbatorGreen Green Overdrive Edition+Getchu | Website URL swapped (did check archives to confirm what it [the URL that I replaced] used to look like link)
r22733.22023-05-25 at 23:18masturbatorKanenone Dynatic ~GuriGuri~ Regular Edition+Notes (Update Patch and copied something from r6328)
r6328.32023-05-25 at 23:17masturbatorKanenone Dynatic ~GuriGuri~ First Press Edition+Getchu | Notes (Update Patch)
r456.82023-05-25 at 23:15masturbatorGreen Green - DVD Edition+Getchu | Notes (Update Patch)
r4929.62023-05-25 at 23:13masturbatorGreen Green - Regular Edition+Getchu | Notes (Update Patches)
r455.72023-05-25 at 23:12masturbatorGreen Green - First Press Edition+Getchu | Notes (Update Patches)
p394.72023-05-25 at 22:21masturbatorIvoryArchived Website URL (live page seems unrelated to Ivory)
r27461.32023-05-20 at 22:55masturbatorCROWD GOLD BOX 2013 - Collector's Edition+Getchu