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t17249.22021-10-27No quick 18+ Patch?what on earth do you need an 18+ patch for am having trouble wrapping my hand around it
t148.42021-10-27English Translationfound this but not sure what came of it link
t17201.132021-10-18This.... This is....???! This is a Siscon Era?!!#9 (shiraokakenji) i can assure you i was very serious in my reply the boob size is very important to me
t17201.62021-10-17This.... This is....???! This is a Siscon Era?!!hello shiraokakenji not interested in english releases very much but Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru catches my eye the most the boobs look alright i must
t17191.62021-10-16Any other games with "double language" option?r98 of Houkago Ren'ai Club ~Koi no Etude~
t17193.162021-10-16VN with the ugliest heroine?Debutopia has fat heroines #12 (zakashi) "But just sayin, there should be a lot more hot MCs, because I am a hot guy in real life, so I can't self
t17193.102021-10-15VN with the ugliest heroine?can we get an ugly heroine who: a) is from an 18+ game and b) is not fat
t17193.82021-10-15VN with the ugliest heroine?this is a very difficult question you have posed zakashi as i cannot recall the last time i saw a girl (let alone heroine) in a vn who i thought was
t17185.52021-10-14Japanese to English...#3 (casualreader) provided names of relevant software one of which can be found at link just dont expect all of the translated text to make sense (or
t17180.82021-10-1318+ pls#4 (barthos) another victory for the masturbators
t17176.32021-10-12So... the Wakatsuki sisters? (endgame spoilers)#2 (kdx0r) "The mirror thing shouldn't be a concidence and probably has to do with Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus" or through the
t17165.22021-10-10Its shared characters with talking about Dayshift at Freddy's? (had to search for it) "the phone guys from it make an appearance" see d12#6 to determine the proper
t17169.22021-10-10Nanapuri walktrough"You can't even copy the text from this"try printing the page as pdf
w2940.32021-10-08Isekai TS Tensei Cheat Nashi!? ~Juchuu Quest wa Ecchi na Mono ga Ookute Taihen Desu~thanks for the sincere reply barfboy
w2940.12021-10-08Isekai TS Tensei Cheat Nashi!? ~Juchuu Quest wa Ecchi na Mono ga Ookute Taihen Desu~a quest for sex huh might check this out as i have been on that quest myself for a few decades now
t17136.32021-10-06I'm a bit confused about..."People work hard to make these games"As if that holds any relevance when the player asks himself: did I enjoy myself or not while playing this? "dro
t17112.22021-10-01No info or opinions on this game at all?!"No info or opinions""i saw reviews""looking at the screenshots"You've already found more on this game than I have on some older games or doujin
t17105.212021-09-30Fourteen 🎉Happy birthday 🎉
t17074.42021-09-25Who are Hottest VN Heroes?Tsuchimikado Akihiko link I think he's really good looking (very rarely do I see a male character and think that)
t17010.142021-09-14The eradication of MTL descriptions on VNDBAlso wishing you luck, Hata-kun "Even if you think I'm larping" For what it's worth, I didn't think you were larping (whatever that means) "This
t16977.262021-09-09Offer: Translating MTLs descriptions for Cash!If you need money that badly, start an OnlyFans This is my advice to you, Hata-kun
t16953.72021-09-06Should I read this with a MTL?I've used MTL when playing games purely for the sake of getting off and had a pretty good time (no idea about the accuracy of the translation though
t16954.22021-09-06ForgottenWhat do you mean by forgotten? The fact nobody is talking about this game in 2021? I feel like that would describe most of the games on this site. I
t16818.112021-08-17Why do you like 2D/CGI-Rape?#4 (zakashi) "Do you guys fap during gameplay?" Yes I do 💪 "Isn't there a risk of getting PC screen dirty" If you're using a laptop that's placed
t16780.52021-08-10Hottest VN heroinesFor hottest character that looks like a child, I'd probably go with Nol; my vote is heavily influenced by her outfit For hottest character that
t4802.32021-08-06The most "nukigish" nukige I've ever played#1 (tiglath) "I decided to give this game a try, because I saw a "raising simulation" tag and it caught my interest." Maybe I'm the weirdo here but
t223.342021-08-04Seiai Gakuen Fechi Ka - Asking for advice...#26 (tiglath) I disagree with point 2 as I was able to get off to this game (multiple times I might add) I found it very hot #32 (redpanther) I
t16707.52021-07-30Hottest nukige of all time?masturbator here it does indeed look very promising based on the cover and screenshots
t6385.562021-07-15General discussions with eacil!!!Hi Eacil, I read this page link and have a question about #5 Should we add "Edited from" even if the only change is really minor like adding a
t1297.32021-07-11vocalOP: link Was surprised to learn I had already heard this song many years ago (didn't realize it was from this game) In response to #2's question
t14474.42021-06-19so what do you think about this nukige game ?Wrong game, vninfohata (#3) This thread is about link (which hasn't been licensed for English by anyone yet)
t14474.22021-06-19so what do you think about this nukige game ?There were some hot scenes/lines in this (like when the woman at the start of the game is using all those different words for penis), but I wasn't