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c3655.222021-11-05 at 19:55thewreckdereckTakayashiki Haruka+1
c3279.82021-11-04 at 01:52thewreckdereckHazuki Maho-1
c36452.82021-10-26 at 21:24thewreckdereckKuki Hikaru+1
c70095.232021-10-26 at 20:41thewreckdereckKuki Kirara+1
c4088.192021-10-21 at 19:15thewreckdereckTakashiro Natsumenot a spoiler
c12377.72021-10-21 at 13:38thewreckdereckJessica+1
c71925.122021-10-18 at 11:48thewreckdereckAoi Ichitarou-1
c85055.102021-10-17 at 09:56thewreckdereckHiuchidani Mei+1
c4695.122021-10-16 at 17:49thewreckdereckOtowa Yuka+1
c50255.182021-09-23 at 10:13thewreckdereckKazama Natsukiadded "tanline" trait
c34173.72021-09-11 at 13:32thewreckdereckToono Shiki+1
c34173.62021-09-11 at 13:31thewreckdereckToono Shiki+1
c34173.52021-09-11 at 13:30thewreckdereckTohno Shikilink
c70095.222021-08-25 at 09:25thewreckdereckKuki Kirarachanged hair color to blond
c74710.322021-06-18 at 16:56thewreckdereckHiryuu RukaHe isnt a misogynist as he disrespects or distrusts men as much as he does to women. It just means that he is a misanthropist. Also a misogynist is a
c305.612021-06-08 at 20:18thewreckdereckAzai Kyousukepp
c52514.142021-06-08 at 17:39thewreckdereckDonald Trumphe is orange
c74698.172021-06-05 at 00:54thewreckdereckShinomiya Komachiadded the "engages in french kiss" trait. i do not how to link sources as my source is the game itself.