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t12957.272021-11-24Is there NTR in this game?Mitsuki NTR was kinda understandable tho. Even the protag wasn't sure if he actually liked her. And we got an Eriko "scene" while Mitsuki was getting
t12957.262021-11-24Is there NTR in this game?#25 +Also I cant understand how someone can be naive and a bitch at the same time. Two of the worst personalities bundled together. Ayumi is hands
t12957.252021-11-24Is there NTR in this game?Fuck Ayumi... she's a hoe. Sitting through the Ayumi route was the most painful playthrough I have ever played. She doesn't give two fucks for
w2733.132021-09-05Soukou Akki MuramasaBruh @deijisato Is this the only vn u played? Wooow... tHAt mAKes tHIs rEvIEw so mUch mORe crEDiBle... 👏👏👏 Thanks for wasting your time.