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t3314.27772022-01-18TraitsIt would be really nice if nose piercing, or at least septum piercing, was separated from the general "facial piercing" trait. I've been seeing a lot
t1052.3182022-01-17Quotes question..."Absolutely not! I'll fuck a lot of things, but a chair is too far!" From Object Wank
t17656.22022-01-16Scamware: A ProposalI'm absolutely for indicating which games are gatcha and freemium. I absolutely despise them and wish to avoid them at all cost.
t3314.27682022-01-14Traitslink ^^Okay, testicular enlargement was denied because too rare, but I've made a list of everytime a man (or futa's) nuts became super large, not
t2108.44552022-01-13Candidates for deletionReally? My bad, I saw the tag "Visual Novel" on DLsite and all the cover images specifically call it a game.
t3314.27622022-01-03TraitsI noticed that Elemental hair was denied a while back. (The reason is poor too, not all hydrokinetics/mancers have water hair etc) I still think it