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t17487.22022-01-13Favorite game in the series?Voted for Cartagra because I can't choose. Also waiting for english localization of KNS 3!
t17618.72022-01-11Starting a Japanese and Spanish translation groupThanks for the answer!
t17618.32022-01-10Starting a Japanese and Spanish translation groupGreat! Will you translate novels into english language?
t14811.602022-01-10This seems pretty hypeI know it is not free, thanks.
t14811.582022-01-09This seems pretty hypeNot GOG, I mean free.
t14811.562022-01-09This seems pretty hypeI mean to download.
t14811.542022-01-09This seems pretty hypeStill no english release yet.
t17298.122021-12-31Is this still worth playing in 2021?Agree with #11!
t17481.122021-12-27Upcoming movie!Hope for two or three movies to cover all the plot properly.
t17481.62021-12-23Upcoming movie!#5, no. Novel will be translated pretty soon.
t16508.42021-12-23Steins;Gate OG vs Elite [Poll]Thanks, Elite can never replace the original version. Atmosphere is different.
t16508.22021-12-22Steins;Gate OG vs Elite [Poll]Of course Original Version is the best!
t17520.22021-12-20Looking for a team to translate ChaosHead spin offHi! Noah is currently being translated into English, Head is already translated, only Love Chu☆Chu! isn't translated to English.
t17453.72021-12-16It's happening, folks!Great! Tomorrow already!
t17481.32021-12-14Upcoming movie!Ok, sorry, wait then.
t17481.12021-12-14Upcoming movie!There will be a movie adaptation of the novel from Aniplex: link Great news!
t17478.12021-12-13New ProjectThey announced new novel: link As for the future, the team’s already settling into its next TL project. More to share on that in the coming weeks
t16487.92021-12-13Any news on Vol. 4?#8, I agree. Any news on continuation of the series yet?
t17476.22021-12-11100% Still despite it shows 100% complete Prologue only 99,3 %. Don't know why. From the site: Please note that
t17476.12021-12-11100% Still despite it shows 100% complete Prologue only 99,3 %. Don't know why. From the site: Please note that
t17105.542021-12-11Fourteen 🎉Happy Birthday!!
t15064.272021-12-06English patch updates?Hope not two years, I wair for the next year to release the novel.
t17197.142021-12-06English mtl?I hope they translate the novel soon! It is amazing remake!
t17298.102021-12-04Is this still worth playing in 2021?Absolutely! Despite 18+ content was removed the novel is amazing! Try it fot yourself and see! Remake OST is brilliant too! I like this novel so much!
t10474.192021-12-02Kamaitachi no Yoru - Rinne Saisei (translation?)#17, unfortunately there is no 100% save. Guides in JP: link link link
t16831.92021-12-02Any hope of playing the translation on PC?In December there will be final version! link Q: It’s been a month. When’s the patch coming out of beta already? A: December. Here behind the
t17349.52021-12-02Is there any reason to play more after Ending 01?Agree, main route with the killer is amazing. Others are pretty average. And another route I should mention is where Tooru survives and Mari died in
t17262.22021-12-02Flowchart 118Select B in No.51 in the Flowchart [The criminal breaks the window ...]. Enter a route that is not an immediate solution. From No.111 [a large amount
t17257.62021-12-02End 24 in Rinne Saisei English VersionThanks for the info! Now I can clear routes and endings in Labyrinth.
t17349.32021-12-02Is there any reason to play more after Ending 01?Yes, there are many other interesting endings and plot twists.
t17388.32021-12-01guide for endingsAny good English walthrough is anywhere? I can't unlock some routes in the novel using Japanese guides. Either missing choices or no choices at all.
t17388.22021-11-30guide for endingsFound another walkthrough: link
t3867.112021-11-09About the english versionGreat, I didn't notice that post! Thank you very much!
t3867.92021-11-09About the english version@tchiiko, yes, I see this. That is why I asked. Very sad if they dropped this novel.
t3867.72021-11-08About the english versionAny news about the translation? Was it dropped?
t16831.42021-09-01Any hope of playing the translation on PC?There is ongoing Russian translation already thank God.