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t11784.22019-01-24is this game like teaching feeling?It has that raising simulator feel, but otherwise it's pretty different. It only has a few days and they are unique, while TF had infinite but
t11140.22018-08-29New resource for explaining R11Hmm. I took a look at the flowchart they have, and saw an alternate "Satoru epilogue". It's been several years since I've read the novel, so I can't
t9781.22017-10-18On of the best yuri novels.>This is the best yuri game because it has a dick Ha ha ha no.
t2702.82017-06-06Group Sex of One Female and Several MalesMylen Ploa. Also, Crayanne, sort of.
t9085.102017-04-17About translating パニバーナ from BunnyBlack2#7 I think the fan TL uses "Paniverna". She also has a skill called "Pani Burner".
t1911.302017-04-13"True ending" + 'This story is not yet at an end'?>At the very end, Lin says that Satoru isn't the Satoru she knew, and that's not just because of the crazy trauma he's been through, but because that
t8930.22017-03-11Looking for characters like Hanako IkezawaSylvie.
t8790.22017-02-05im not gay thoCongratulations. So what?
t8419.352016-11-19Are you a pirate?@30 Why would I respect entirely unreasonable demands? It would be perfectly reasonable if they wanted us to pay for the game, but they have no valid
t7714.82016-10-05Recommendation?Katawa Shoujo (Hanako)
t8275.22016-09-20Eushully is joining the online game businessAnd it's a Himegari remake.
t8258.42016-09-15Romanceable genderbent heroine?Judging by its description, Sekai o Seifuku Suru Tame no, 3tsu no Houhou is probably what you are looking for.
t8033.252016-07-22Rape on DefeatAnother good example of Rape on Victory is Bunny Black series. This creates another question. If the enemy is defeated and captured, and raped
t7953.22016-06-23Money BugWhich quest was that? Are you sure you didn't get that money from your shop? Cheating is bad, mmkay?
t7894.662016-06-09Sad news@60: Don't forget the religion-based view that sex is bad/sinful, especially combined with alleged "purity" of children.
t7320.102016-02-20Nekopara Vol. 2 -GD-grenju, can you give a link to where she said about Shigure?
t7423.22016-02-01Is there the Visual Novel heaven?No.
t6777.52015-07-30VN educational for learning jap languageNekopara can show Japanese and English text side-by-side. The translation is not terribly precise though.
t6454.32015-04-29where's vndb logo from?It's even in the FAQ, by the way.
t6370.682015-04-15Question about Bunny Black and General Discussion@64 Replace slimes with ambrosia, they are basically the same but more. Replace fairies with succubi, for the same reason, or get a map scroll and
t6370.552015-04-11Question about Bunny Black and General DiscussionIf you are grinding last hits on female adventurers, this can make things go faster.Apparently debunked. You don't have to last-hit to capture them.
t6370.422015-04-07Question about Bunny Black and General Discussion@41 Paladins are the ones with large shields, so it's vice versa.
t6370.402015-04-07Question about Bunny Black and General Discussion@32 I think you need Darx to land the last blow to capture generic adventures. I was getting scenes much faster after I started putting my party in
t3617.6032015-04-04Tags suggestions/fixesSuggestion: make Oyakodon into Oyakodon Ending, add new tag Oyakodon for the sexual act.
t3617.5972015-04-03Tags suggestions/fixesOyakodon is about a type of ending (it's in parent tags). Is there anything that covers a mother/daughter threesome that isn't related to an ending?
t3617.5772015-03-06Tags suggestions/fixesTranssexual Heroine: after some web searching, "newhalf" seems to only refer to a non-op or "partial" transsexual. The note should be corrected or
t3950.142015-03-05Translation dropped@13 Probably 9-10 like other games. How's the translation, is it readable?
t6225.532015-03-01Lolicon - re-adding trait@52 Wrong. By medical definition, pedophilia is attraction to prepubescents, which means appearance is the primary factor. On the other hand, the
t6097.732015-02-27Sexual Trait OverhaulI suggest Sexual Blindfold should be Blindfold(ed) Sex (yes, I know it's an alias already) and get out of Clothes meta-trait. There is no reason why
t6126.32015-01-24how to get H events with Eushully chanThere is no H events with them in any games. Closest thing is a bath scene, but I don't remember in which game it was (it's definitely not translated
t5914.142014-11-07How did you get into VNs?It started out silly: X-Change 3, then 2 - accidentally found their descriptions on some site and they amused me. Only after that I got to read Fate
t5886.22014-10-26Relations chart bugExamples 2&3 work for me. Although I have a widescreen.
t3617.4962014-10-08Tags suggestions/fixesg905 description may need a link to g2063. They are related, and g2063 does link to g905.
t5812.22014-10-03"Gag" earsProbably not. I'd say that rather than a character trait, this is a visual effect like chibification/"blank with shock"/etc.
t5747.82014-09-11VNs with several choices/routes (not romantic)Remember11 (v13) is non-romantic and has quite a lot of choices, although the plot is mostly linear and most endings are dead ends.
t5723.32014-09-05Fake Rape in Airin's Heroine Capture?When the protag beats her and they have sex, she pretends to be raped, "I have lost, now you must ravish me" kind.
t5568.22014-07-23Question about tagsIt can. g85 exists for a reason.
t3617.4302014-07-08Tags suggestions/fixes#429, and why would the DB care about law definition?
t2108.6232014-06-30Candidates for deletionDeletion summary of p3206 says "page not found", but it's actually just hidden from outsiders. Same about r25071. Having it as the "official" link is
t5460.22014-06-22Random errorIt's the Eushully way to punish pirates by annoying them. Just choose "Yes". There is a way to remove this by editing a few bytes in process memory
t2663.1132014-06-13English translationdolphins in Hoshizora no MemoriaWhat's that mean? Something like CG dolphins in UBW movie? :P
t3617.3722014-06-01Tags suggestions/fixes(or make them child tag of chubby heroine tag)Wat.
t5377.32014-06-01QualityKamidori, at least, is oriented at gameplay rather then story. I heard that Ikusa Megami series has more coherent plot, but I don't know how much so
t3314.3882014-05-31Traitsi330 and i331 describe the same thing but with different genders. I think they should be merged.
t5341.12014-05-22Tenbin no LA DEA -GD-Since there is no GD thread, I will make one. Does anyone have the ITH hook for patch 1.02? I installed it accidently, and my old hook does not work
t2108.5802014-05-14Candidates for deletionr6628 seems dead, last activity on TLWiki page was in March 2011.
t2108.5692014-05-04Candidates for deletionAre machine translations allowed here? If not, then r33932 and r33933 should go. However, both of those have interface translations, so it might be
t606.612014-04-25Remember11 WalkthroughHere it is, starting from around page 20, although it's in Japanese. By the way, apparently it contains a troll: several scenes/choices increase a
t606.582014-04-25Remember11 WalkthroughI got to 100% text (or near 100%) by looking at the flowchart. Not sure where I got it, but I can find it if someone needs it.
t5237.22014-04-21Search for language on specific platformUse releases search. link