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t18153.22022-04-09The CPU usage is so high for just a ADVI don't think large number of options means high CPU usage. The game is simply not programmed well, or it is mining crypto currencies :P
t13050.1412021-11-26SalesJast Cyber Sale until 11/28 link Some notable discounts are: 60% off Eiyuu * Senki 60% off Sweet Home ~H na Onee-san wa Suki Desu ka?~ 66% off Sein
t16877.32021-08-25VNs for my dadI guess choose something which demonstrates presentation capabilities. E.g. Fate for fight scenes, Clannad's Sunohara combo for gags, Ace Attorney
t16626.72021-07-18The Steam Deck.For VNs I still think Android is the future, because of lower power consumption.
t13050.1332021-06-12SalesDLsite 11yen sale (ends 6/21) link Including "In Vitro Shoujo series" and "LOVE x EVOLUTION" series
t15512.142021-03-21This should be set to "Long" LengthI am opposed to measure the game's length by voice length, as I doubt that's how most people play visual novels. It's a novel so it is normal to
t15512.102021-03-20This should be set to "Long" Length#8 I did say I read all the endings. I just didn't listen to all the voices in full, which I don't think is a requirement for measuring the hours
t15512.72021-03-20This should be set to "Long" LengthI just finished playing today (all endings), and it took me 15 hours.
t15269.482020-12-29"Not a VN"?The Analysis section contains a lot of information not seen in the Remembrance part of the game. I feel it should count as narratives?
t15239.12020-12-24Tips to fully enjoy this hidden gem (no spoilers)If you enjoy Ever17 and Steins;Gate you will enjoy this game. # Analysis Section There is no need to save Mystery Points. Use points to reveal
t15161.12020-12-09Definition of dirty talkI am wondering if the phrase "淫語" is equivalent to to the tag Dirty Talk. And would Ochiru Hitozuma or Futanari Elf Kairaku Choukyou "Dame! Deruuu
t14916.152020-10-29Engine with rewind capability?Just played Katawa Shoujo a bit, and Renpy does provide it. There is only one caveat. Each page-up/down key press only rewinds one line. If it can
t14916.102020-10-27Engine with rewind capability?#7 Thank you! I just tried a Musica game and it does what I wanted by pressing "Page Up" (it would be great if I can press enter to progress after a
t14916.12020-10-26Engine with rewind capability?Is there a visual novel engine which offers rewind capability? I don't mean just backlogs, nor jump to last decision, but actually rewinding the
t14859.62020-10-16DLsite Lose saleThem putting sales this often made me wonder if their company is facing some financial difficulties.
t950.7532020-06-15VNDB Suggestions!Ah I never noticed there are tabs :P Thanks for pointing out.
t950.7512020-06-14VNDB Suggestions!Thanks for VNDB. One suggestion: In the VN discussion listing page (e.g. link), can we link to the VN info page directly (e.g. link)? Thanks!
t13817.32020-04-14h-scene heroine speaking EnglishIt's actually better than average Japanese dialogues: "If you release me now, I won't reveal this as an international matter!" "You're NOT a yellow
t13817.12020-04-13h-scene heroine speaking EnglishThis game has one heroine who only speaks English, so it is quite hilarious. The grammar is also mostly correct., and the voice actress is actually
t10920.102019-03-10VN issuelink Expires in 24 hours
t11979.12019-02-28Minori is no morelink Well I'll miss Wind "a breath of heart" and ef
t4702.52018-12-16Injuu Kangoku ReviewAfter all this time finaly was able to play it. However I must say the game engine or scripting is really bad. The sound effects are not skippable
t11393.12018-10-18Time loop?I might have missed something, but I don't see any sort of time loop. At most there is one scene where chacters at past can talk to character at
t6094.1352018-03-24Steam saleIndie Gala's Anime Heaven Bundle link Libra of the Vampire Princess: Lycoris & Aoi in "The Promise" PLUS Iris in "Homeworld" On Earth As It Is In
t10149.12018-01-13MG 2017 Top 10link I am quite amazed that Eden is still the second top seller on Steam. It was released in 2015. Also EROGE is still there! And here is the 2016
t10020.22017-12-13MangaGamer and friends Humble BundleI heard "If my heard had wings" has bad translation. How about the other two MoeNovel games in the bundle?
t9957.82017-12-01English Patch ReleasedDamn I just bought normal edition because I didn't know there is a new one.
t5687.1092017-11-29Official Localization> sometimes completely changing the script (once with Sunohara in the cafeteria). Just as a reference: link For the first line: "I said it's drink
t6094.1282017-11-26Steam saleOrcSoft's Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki "Saint Slut Academy Dating Diary" is on sale for 10 yen only: link
t9238.342017-11-21Steam Key Drop ThreadCool if you are interested discuss here then: Yeah groupee games do not have expiry date. The mangagamer ones do (and I
t9238.322017-11-20Steam Key Drop ThreadI wonder if I can trade for keys for other steam keys or cryptocurrenies? These keys expire in 10 days anyways. If there are interest I will give my
t9828.32017-11-02DMM 50% off campaignThere are constantly 50% off on Dlsite and Gyutto. Summer is probably the biggest one, but there are smaller ones throughout. They are not translated
t9789.52017-10-20Patreon bans incest and rapeSo is it legal to host such content? If it is legal how can ppl sue them? If it is not legal, how can others set up alternatives sites to host such
t9575.162017-08-28Machine translationI would think that instead of petition to Valve, we encourage users to write emails to Japanese developers about the lack of quality on their games
t8829.42017-02-19Interest in web-based builder?I remember 5 years ago many such services existed. However now they are all defunct. Novelstream (later moved under visualnoveldai) had a very
t6094.982016-12-26Steam sale@96 hmm this time two games has already been released in past bundles, and boob war is like a retelling of something I also own. Hard to decide if
t8458.12016-11-16The time freeze tropeThis is my first nukige using this trope, but the h-scenes don't do that much for me. First since time stops, heroines won't react or give voice (duh
t8419.112016-11-11Are you a pirate?I feel DLSite have sales more often. However I feel I have already bought more than I can consume. Though I am already pressing skip key all the time
t8218.62016-09-13Lilith needs to make more games like thisIt's good because the speech by the heroines are erotic, instead of a bunch of moans. Most games I see only have moans, which is boring. Hopefully
t8036.12016-07-17What's in Staff Note section?JAST USA game contains `staff note` section which links to link However this is no longer available. It is not archived by either. Does
t7891.12016-05-31Don't think about play games when you get oldThis is kinda off-topic. I always have the impression that I can save some games to play once I get old. I mean all I need is to click so that's best
t7629.12016-04-05Where does common route endsI finished Ruri's route, and am trying Leica's route. However I see that the common routes aren't skippable (eventhough I have read it before). How
t7514.82016-03-05Jun Maeda Has Been Hospitalizedhmm so this is a twitter account especially for Mahjong?
t7441.22016-02-12Low scoreThanks for recommendation. I might missed this because its art style is not to my liking but premise sounds interesting.
t6749.142016-02-12Groupees JAST USA BundleHmm this haven't sold out. I wonder why. I guess the 10 dollar tier is not set enough.
t7425.372016-02-02MG 2016 Licensing Survey> #20 I concur, especially Ochiru Hitozuma Also wished they license G.J. titles or FlyingShine titles
t7210.12015-12-03If you have questions for Sekai Project...Anime News Network is interviewing folks from Sekai Project in the podcast. So whoever has some questions can send them here: link
t6610.162015-08-01Ryu07 artHis style at times fits the scene very much. Especially some of the distorted facial expressions. Other artists can make inferior copies of that.
t6687.272015-07-06English releases from JAST> Edit: MangaGamer is freaking out on twitter. I want to see! Please give the link
t6678.12015-07-01IndieGala salelink Pretty good deal (3 dollars) given that I always wanted to play Eden and want to see the new Higurashi.