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t10490.272021-10-22Similar VNs ?Hey! @ Danganronpa. Yes, I heard that the second one is the best because of the cases and the cast. I liked the cast of 1, was cool. I don't
w2708.22021-10-22Study § SteadyHey, Franz. @ OP I'd also like to know more, since this VN interests me (especially because of the setting, which seems to be wintery?). Can you
w2627.102021-10-22Study § SteadyAs said before, the error in #2 shows your typical case of mojibake (garbage text) caused by wrong encoding. Meaning that there was probably
t10490.252021-10-16Similar VNs ?Kind of on-topic... A few suggestions for adventure, story-based games that are atmospheric, horror and/or suspense themed: - Downfall, The Cat Lady
t10490.232021-10-09Similar VNs ?Late reply - other additions to the list could be Sayonara o Oshiete ~Comment te Dire Adieu~ and For Elise ~Elise no Tame ni~ by Craftwork, but they
t10490.202021-10-03Similar VNs ?@ On-topic: Enzai and Raging Loop probably fit the bill. Just came across Inclusion and it sounds quite dark. JP only. #19 I'll definitely search
t10490.182021-10-02Similar VNs ?#17 I understand you might not like gay content, it's alright. Personally, I wish there was more slice of life yaoi. I wish Kintouka was translated
t10490.162021-10-01Similar VNs ?#14 I'm impressed with Bible Black too. I just got a bad ending :D Answering your question: Not much, as far as I'm aware. There are loads of dark
t10490.142021-09-29Similar VNs ?Oh, another suggestion. Bible Black. I'm still reading it (have been distracted by other stuff going on), but it's not bad at all. It also has a
t8145.1072021-09-04Release of the translation@106 Yeah, sorry, I haven't read the translation yet, only tried out the Spanish one. I'm kind of a passersby here, so my apologies for any wrong
t8145.1052021-09-04Release of the translation@104 Yeah, not trying to start a flame war here, but I concur that we shouldn't gatekeep, and even the worst nukige deserve a good TL - though ofc
t8145.1032021-09-03Release of the translation@102, I dunno, but there's a bigger demand, since the market has grown in the past decade. There's a small amount of translated VNs compared to
t8145.1012021-09-03Release of the translation#100 Yes, that's the problem, unfortunately. It's much cheaper to do that than to pay actual translators. We also need more localisation companies
t8145.982021-09-03Release of the translation@96 >If someone who doesn't know a lick of the other language read a well written fanfiction that has nothing to do with the original text, that
t8145.922021-09-03Release of the translation#87 I agree that you need to know both languages to know whether a word or phrase was mistranslated, however... you don't need to be bilingual to
t8145.822021-09-02Release of the translationI'd recommend the Spanish translation instead, if you guys are able to read it. My first language is Portuguese so I can understand 80-90% of the
w2136.42021-08-24Dorei to no Seikatsu -Teaching Feeling-You're welcome mate, I understand that it's a relief to know that you're not alone, hehe. @ SakuraKoi, isn't the dev making another game? That's
t15590.62021-08-22Censored version available?Same, though I have the feeling that I'm missing out on something. Sex is important in School Days, OP, since it's a catalyst for drama.
t16836.92021-08-21One of the worst VN translations ever?@8 Your English is understandable, don't worry too much. It took me years to learn it properly and I still haven't learnt everything. I'll
w2136.12021-08-20Dorei to no Seikatsu -Teaching Feeling-Agree with you 100%. I had the same experience (played for 5-7h then gave up). If the story was more developed and if there was more to do, it would
t15590.42021-08-20Censored version available?Yeah, sadly there's no option or patch to remove the H-scenes. I understand why you wouldn't want to see them, but sex is expected because School
t16836.72021-08-20One of the worst VN translations ever?@2 I figured that the band names could've been misspelled on purpose, but there were several instances in which the names were correct. "Sex Pistols
w984.112021-08-19Making * LoversI don't really understand this review but I dislike Making Lovers too. I was expecting something more serious but it's actually a meme/trope based
t16836.12021-08-19One of the worst VN translations ever?It's well known that MangaGamer didn't have decent translators when they launched, but Kira Kira's translation manages to be worse than MoeNovel's
t10490.122021-08-17Similar VNs ?Room no. 9 was made by Parade (sister brand of Clockup). It's yaoi, short and minimalistic, but pretty good. I actually liked it more than Euphoria.
t16813.22021-08-17Best release?It's the entire game but you need an uncensor patch. link
t10249.52021-08-17Catgirl raising sim?Hey, guys... thanks for the reply. I'm here after 3 years. I forgot the login for that account so I'm using this one. I appreciate the answer
w543.62021-08-15Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~I relate to you, I'm not into VNs for the 18+ content for the most part. I'm not asexual, I just hate sex scenes 99% of the time unless they are
w899.62021-08-15Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~I didn't like it either... absolutely hated my experience. Pretty much all the characters were insufferable people.
t16613.32021-07-17Walkthrough?Thanks! I figured it had something to do with that, but the order wasn't right and I saw that I chose one key word that was incorrect. Appreciate it
t16613.12021-07-16Walkthrough?Hello, does someone have a walkthrough for this game? I'm probably way too dumb, but the story didn't make too much sense for me and even after