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v22145.62022-06-25 at 08:21YorhelPrince of SuburbiaFixing screenshot releases
i3090.32022-06-22 at 07:48YorhelWaist Cincher_Merged into i895
r92306.42022-06-19 at 04:44YorhelAmakanoProject stalled, nothing released so far
c82766.42022-06-18 at 10:28YorhelAkizuki RyouRemove non-VN instance
v31136.492022-06-03 at 02:46YorhelSousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai KoushikiReverted to revision v31136.47 Sigh.
v3337.212022-06-01 at 19:12YorhelYami no Koe IbunrokuFix VA to correct new instance
v1281.332022-06-01 at 19:09YorhelAmagamiMoving screenshot to proper release
r40657.32022-05-20 at 05:56YorhelIrotoridori no SekaiSite dead, Wayback'd
r90240.42022-05-01 at 08:54YorhelA Housewife's Healing Touch - NTR RouteMG. Yeah adding the links here removes the '(trial)' part in the shop listing, at least.
r90239.42022-05-01 at 08:53YorhelA Housewife's Healing Touch - Pure Love RouteMG
r89260.22022-04-10 at 06:36YorhelMonkeys!¡yes indeed
d3.182022-04-05 at 18:48YorhelAdding/Editing a ReleaseFormatting that isn't a complete mess. :)
v30574.42022-04-05 at 08:52YorhelEDDA CafeRemove incorrect resolution screenshots.
i3659.42022-04-02 at 08:26YorhelSitting on historyeraserWe're done being funny now
r88875.22022-04-01 at 13:20YorhelMahoutsukai no Yoru - Arabic VersionSigh
r88877.22022-04-01 at 12:42YorhelAlbatross Koukairoku - Arabic VersionDon't meme the database :(
r88878.42022-04-01 at 12:40YorhelRance 10 - Arabic VersionMaybe we should disable editing on april first...
v34591.32022-03-29 at 15:33YorhelCamMinksechVuongTruong™️Looks suspicously fake, please provide a source that this is an actual VN.
d20.52022-03-29 at 14:19YorhelScratchpadd3.11
d3.112022-03-29 at 14:17YorhelAdding/Editing a ReleaseNew animation system is live, copied guidelines from the scratchpad (d20)
d2.212022-03-29 at 09:09YorhelAdding/Editing a Visual NovelRemove "major staff roles only" rule.
s25370.32022-03-24 at 10:12YorhelYuzhongReverted to revision s25370.1 (v33383.4)
v29724.292022-03-24 at 10:06Yorhel9-nine- ShinshouFix cast instance (c67681.23)
r49944.62022-03-18 at 11:07YorhelAkatsuki no Goei Trinity Complete Editionlooks dead
r84703.112022-03-15 at 14:16YorhelThe obscene defeat of the Princess Knight -Humiliation of the pathetic slave-The edit history is not the place to discuss conflicts; fight it out on the forums.
r88326.42022-03-15 at 07:10YorhelOne Night Stand v0.1official
v34374.32022-03-15 at 07:10YorhelOne Night StandReverted to revision v34374.1 Those are not screenshots, please see d2#6
c72309.82022-03-15 at 06:36YorhelSurav20526.19
c72305.72022-03-15 at 06:36YorhelSadiev20526.19
c72308.92022-03-15 at 06:36YorhelAlliev20526.19
c72311.72022-03-15 at 06:36YorhelYveddev20526.19
c72313.82022-03-15 at 06:36YorhelSharifav20526.19
c72307.52022-03-15 at 06:36YorhelRobinav20526.19
c72310.82022-03-15 at 06:36YorhelAechmeav20526.19
c72312.82022-03-15 at 06:36YorhelSakiv20526.19
c72306.72022-03-15 at 06:36YorhelBethv20526.19
c89035.32022-03-15 at 06:36YorhelSummonerv20526.19
r59498.62022-03-15 at 06:35YorhelMomosuv20526.19
r52444.62022-03-15 at 06:35YorhelMonmusuv20526.19
r49799.252022-03-15 at 06:35YorhelMONMUSUv20526.19
v20526.192022-03-15 at 06:35YorhelMonmusut10999 - The overall concensus there suggests this is clearly not a VN.
c105526.32022-03-15 at 05:39YorhelKiryū Aoiv34369.13
c105527.32022-03-15 at 05:39YorhelKiryū Yūkov34369.13
c105525.32022-03-15 at 05:39YorhelKiryū Manakav34369.13
r88320.32022-03-15 at 05:38YorhelReipureiv34369.13
r88319.22022-03-15 at 05:38YorhelReipureiv34369.13
r88313.42022-03-15 at 05:38YorhelReipureiv34369.13
v34369.132022-03-15 at 05:38YorhelReipureiNot a VN.
d20.42022-03-14 at 10:33YorhelScratchpadNow with a whole bunch of self-hosted examples; from t17596.30
r76985.132022-03-13 at 08:09YorhelTsui no Sora RemakeReverted to revision r76985.11