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r62586.12019-03-06 at 07:15yorhelOppai Cafe. My mother, my sister and MeNew release based on r54317.5 No clue about the release date.
r57798.12018-07-09 at 15:41yorhelNakadashi Banzai, Harajuku Dating ParadiseNot sure when this was released exactly, I should have an answer soon.
r54441.12017-11-10 at 07:26yorhelLust of the Apartment WivesSurprise release?
r54315.12017-10-30 at 20:23yorhelOh, Yes!Yeah this has happened.
p7303.12017-10-30 at 20:22yorhelErogesFrench localization company (not too sure what they call themselves, "Eroges.com" is perhaps better)
r15392.12011-07-31 at 06:45yorhelHarem Partylink link link
r14509.12011-06-02 at 12:13yorhel"Love Fetish ~Ashi Fetish Ashikoki Hen~" UMD-PG EditionFor those with a PSP fetish
r14423.12011-05-24 at 07:22yorhel"Boin" - UMD-PG EditionUMD-PG version
r14037.12011-05-01 at 10:33yorhel"In'youchuu ~Ryoushoku Gakuen Taimaroku~" - UMD-PG EditionUMD-PG edition
r14015.12011-04-28 at 19:13yorhel"Sekai wo Seifuku Suru Tame no, 3tsu no Houhou" - UMD-PG EditionUMG-PG ver.
r14014.12011-04-28 at 19:09yorhel"Aki no Urara no ~Akaneiro Shoutengai~" - UMD-PG EditionUMD-PG version
r14013.12011-04-28 at 19:06yorhel"Saimin Seikatsu ~Kousoku Dakara Shikatanai!?~" - UMD-PG EditionUMD-PG version
r14012.12011-04-28 at 19:03yorhel"Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo Dokidoki Full Throttle!" - UMD-PG EditionUMD-PG version
c32.12011-03-31 at 09:54yorhelAkanegasaki SoraAnd sora
c31.12011-03-31 at 09:43yorhelMatsunaga SaraSay hello to Sara!
c30.12011-03-31 at 09:38yorhelKomachi TsugumiAnd another easy character (but I'm undertraiting again...) Why did I wait so long before adding Tsugumi :(
c29.12011-03-31 at 09:25yorhelTanaka YubiseiakikanaNew character based on c28.1 Should this be an instance of c28? Probably not, I guess... This is more a parent/child relation.
c28.12011-03-31 at 09:22yorhelTanaka Yubiseiharukana!SPOILERS! (can't say that often enough) The first You - again this image isn't the best, the 2034 is version more distinct as it can't be confused
c27.12011-03-31 at 09:12yorhelYagami CocoFinally a character with nothing to hide...
c26.12011-03-31 at 09:04yorhelKuranari TakeshiAnd the second protag of E17. Actually, the image is incorrect. The one I uploaded is actually c24, the real takeshi has blue-ish hair and eyes. Not
c25.12011-03-31 at 08:54yorhelHokutoNew character based on c23.1 SPOILERS! The image should probably be cropped a bit and the black background is a bit ugly... oh well, let's first get
c24.12011-03-31 at 08:50yorhelKaburaki RyogoNew character based on c23.1 SPOILERS! Aaargh, couldn't find Japanese name >_>
c23.12011-03-31 at 08:38yorhelShounenLet me experiment with adding arguably the most annoying character to handle in terms of the character database and avoiding spoilers.... This is the
c22.12011-03-31 at 07:12yorhelCordellBlack hair? grey? And I'm under-traiting again... I suck at traiting >_>
c21.12011-03-31 at 07:04yorhelAsino AltieleIs his hair supposed to be black? or grey? >_>
c20.12011-03-30 at 20:13yorhelLiselsia CesariniAnd last one for today
c19.12011-03-30 at 20:09yorhelFalsita FawcettAnd another SR char
c18.12011-03-30 at 19:57yorhelChris VeldingAnd our lovely protag
c17.12011-03-30 at 19:51yorhelTortinita FineAnd another one
c16.12011-03-30 at 19:45yorhelArietta FineChar. Not all that much info, and many traits are still missing.
c1.12011-03-30 at 13:58yorhelPhorniThis is mostly a placeholder to prevent the first character entry from being a trap character. :D
r12668.12011-02-09 at 14:16yorhelD-EVE in youHow about some information
r11885.12011-01-07 at 19:05yorhelNovus Magnus Amourus DemoNew release based on r11884.3 Demo
r11883.12011-01-07 at 18:53yorhelIncubus DemoNew release based on r11882.2 The trial, no idea when it was released, though.
r11066.12010-11-28 at 09:21yorhelBosei Tenshi Aisias ~Owarinaki Haramase Rinkan no Akumu~this changes the original language
r8456.12010-06-16 at 11:14yorhelLollipop LoveRen'py game, guessing release date from last modification dates in the .zip archive.
r7961.12010-05-18 at 14:13yorhelEndter ZueltRelease (guessing some info) The skeptic in me is telling me to not take the planned release year all too seriously.
r6648.12010-02-13 at 13:57yorhelSe-kirara - Limited EditionNew release based on r2812.6 link I'm pretty sure the "figma付録初回版" translates to something different than simply "Limited Edition"...
r6530.12010-01-31 at 07:44yorhelKira Kira All-Ages VersionNew release based on r2781.3 link
r5833.12009-12-01 at 17:09yorhelMoon Princess LegendTranslations are always good news!
r5771.12009-11-26 at 20:27yorhelD.C. Da Capo II ~Gonyuugaku, Gosotsugyou Set~New release based on r5770.2 *COPY*
r5770.12009-11-26 at 20:14yorhelD.C.II Fall in Love - First Press Limited EditionNew release based on r5769.2 link includes some extra stuff (mentioned on link - but no idea what that means)
r5193.12009-09-16 at 10:45yorhelYukigatari DVDPGNew release based on r5192.1 DVDPG - info from link and official homepage
r5192.12009-09-16 at 10:38yorhelYukigatari - DVD EditionNew release based on r5169.2 DVD edition - info from link
r5171.12009-09-14 at 07:38yorhelKanonNew release based on r276.6 I assume those edits were meant for -adding- a release, not changing.
r5155.12009-09-12 at 15:57yorhelYuri no Hana Gakuen Ryou ~Soushun no Kanon~ Download EditionNew release based on r5154.1 Download edition
r5154.12009-09-12 at 15:55yorhelYuri no Hana Gakuen Ryou ~Soushun no Kanon~ Package EditionGuessing number of CDs, couldn't find JAN. Source: Official homepage & link
r5031.12009-08-29 at 08:05yorhelThe Nursery Alice -They told me you had been to her- Trial VersionEnglish trial
r5030.12009-08-29 at 07:59yorhelThe Nursery Alice - Trial versionTrialware
r5023.12009-08-28 at 08:06yorhelKurai Nichiyoubi - Sombre Dimanche - Trial versionRelease date based on the following HTTP header most download mirrors provide: Last-Modified: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 11:19:53 GMT May not be the actual