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c80050.22019-03-17 at 10:49yorhelSoraDoesn't look like an alias. Also what does the boobs beauty even mean? But I'm lacking context...
c78880.32019-03-17 at 10:49yorhelSoraDoesn't look like an alias. Also what does the boobs beauty even mean? But I'm lacking context...
c74498.22018-11-03 at 12:25yorhelKatherinev24224.2
c67649.32018-11-03 at 12:24yorhelKseniaNot linked to any VNs.
c67650.32018-11-03 at 12:24yorhelMayaNot linked to any VNs.
c67651.32018-11-03 at 12:24yorhelDunyashaNot linked to any VNs.
c75403.22018-11-03 at 12:24yorhelSlurpyNot linked to any VNs.
c64124.22018-10-25 at 08:34yorhelNicole ShorterThere is not 13th month (and even if it were to exist in fiction, VNDB can't really handle it)
c10683.232018-06-09 at 15:36yorhelMikotoReverted to revision c10683.18 If her name's a spoiler, don't put it in the name field.
c71025.22018-06-01 at 04:09yorhelRevanNot an actual game character
c70656.32018-05-21 at 09:09yorhelit10683
c69956.22018-04-24 at 04:50yorhelLala Satalin Devilukev22908.2
c66685.42018-04-04 at 17:24yorhelMorizono RikkaDuplicate of c35187.
c57533.52018-04-04 at 17:23yorhelMurase Nagisat2108.1847
c55583.52018-04-04 at 17:23yorhelJasmineDeleted VN (v20329)
c44559.42018-04-04 at 17:23yorhelAsuka Ioriinstance isn't needed for just a different name
c43792.52018-04-04 at 17:23yorhelPhiNot a VN (t7559)
c43461.72018-04-04 at 17:22yorhelSigmaNot a VN (t7559)
c39698.42018-04-04 at 17:19yorhelTachibana MiraiDupe of c46382, no need for instances when they're basically the same character in all games.
c36713.42018-04-04 at 17:19yorhelSuginamiunnecessary instance
c22947.132018-04-04 at 17:19yorhelKurobane Sayukit2108.1246
c17601.82018-04-04 at 17:18yorhelTenmyouji JunpeiThis character was also linked to other VNs than the one that caused it to be deleted.
c54.182018-04-04 at 17:17yorhelSaber AlterUh, just the VN link should have been removed.
c69356.42018-04-04 at 17:15yorhelTsukishiba MokotoDuplicate of c4276
c69390.22018-04-04 at 17:12yorhelFujimaru Ritsukav21656.40
c63778.32018-04-04 at 17:12yorhelFujimaru Ritsukav21656.40
c14133.72018-04-04 at 17:12yorhelSesshouin Kiara (Demon)v21656.40
c69276.32018-04-04 at 17:11yorhelGoddess Rhongomyniadv21656.40
c69350.32018-04-04 at 17:11yorhelWilliam Shakespearev21656.40
c69392.22018-04-04 at 17:11yorhelTamamo Vitchv21656.40
c69391.22018-04-04 at 17:11yorhelTamamo Catv21656.40
c41600.52018-04-04 at 17:10yorhelShtenov21656.40
c63779.62018-04-04 at 17:10yorhelShinjuku no Archerv21656.40
c54.172018-04-04 at 17:10yorhelSaber Alterv21656.40
c33.432018-04-04 at 17:10yorhelSaberv21656.40
c3524.122018-04-04 at 17:09yorhelSaberv21656.40
c3550.72018-04-04 at 17:09yorhelSaberv21656.40
c39269.52018-04-04 at 17:09yorhelRyougi Shikiv21656.40
c62869.42018-04-04 at 17:08yorhelRulerv21656.40
c39.312018-04-04 at 17:08yorhelRiderv21656.40
c3549.32018-04-04 at 17:07yorhelRiderv21656.40
c14132.142018-04-04 at 17:07yorhelPassionlipv21656.40
c14134.142018-04-04 at 17:06yorhelMeltlilithv21656.40
c3554.42018-04-04 at 17:06yorhelLancerv21656.40
c38.172018-04-04 at 17:06yorhelLancerv21656.40
c14010.72018-04-04 at 17:06yorhelLancerv21656.40
c13963.72018-04-04 at 17:06yorhelKarnav21656.40
c65657.22018-04-04 at 17:06yorhelIskandarv21656.40
c47.172018-04-04 at 17:06yorhelGilgameshv21656.40
c41601.52018-04-04 at 17:06yorhelEuryalev21656.40