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r59590.52019-05-06 at 05:17yorhelBreakthroughProject cancelled.
r62832.72019-04-18 at 10:28yorhelIslandPlease post these in t2108 next time.
r61377.22019-04-07 at 12:37yorhelNakigara No ToriDuplicate of r61376
r62586.22019-03-06 at 09:17yorhelOppai Cafe. My mother, my sister and MeActual release date
r62586.12019-03-06 at 07:15yorhelOppai Cafe. My mother, my sister and MeNew release based on r54317.5 No clue about the release date.
r60535.42018-11-18 at 15:14yorhelPopularity polling result announcementReverted to revision r60535.2 This... is a release? Oh boy. t11533
r60535.32018-11-18 at 15:08yorhelPopularity polling result announcement"Releases" are for game releases, not other types of announcements. This release entry has been superseded by r60646.1
r56820.32018-09-24 at 09:10yorhelDoki Doki Literature Club!Not available anymore, and this apparently wasn't done by p7699.
r58554.22018-08-10 at 18:02yorhelЛетние КарманыDoesn't actually exist.
r58354.32018-08-09 at 08:40yorheld2b VS Deardrops -Cross the Future-See r58423.4
r34991.82018-07-09 at 15:48yorhelHarajuku Dating ParadiseMG says "Without Mosaics"
r57798.22018-07-09 at 15:46yorhelNakadashi Banzai, Harajuku Dating ParadiseDate.
r57798.12018-07-09 at 15:41yorhelNakadashi Banzai, Harajuku Dating ParadiseNot sure when this was released exactly, I should have an answer soon.
r56623.42018-06-11 at 15:25yorhelLa clinique du sexe. Thérapie sexuelle pour femme matureuncensored
r10769.52018-05-22 at 13:39yorhelMouryou no NieReverted to revision r10769.2 Uhm...
r56939.22018-05-14 at 16:27yorhelEffractions digitalesv23011.4
r56762.22018-05-04 at 17:54yorhel[Patreon][Ren'py]Murder,She Fucked - Loosely Based On The Fallout Universev22959.3
r33483.42018-05-04 at 05:22yorhelRuler by Defaultt10581 Boy that initial release date estimate was off. :D
r53194.62018-04-04 at 16:59yorhelFate/Grand Orderv21656.40
r52999.42018-04-04 at 16:59yorhelFate/Grand Orderv21656.40
r53192.52018-04-04 at 16:59yorhelFate/Grand Orderv21656.40
r53191.62018-04-04 at 16:59yorhelFate/Grand Orderv21656.40
r53197.72018-04-04 at 16:59yorhelFate/Grand Order Arcadev21656.40
r53193.52018-04-04 at 16:59yorhelFate/Grand Orderv21656.40
r52976.62018-04-04 at 16:59yorhelFate/Grand Orderv21656.40
r56302.22018-04-02 at 11:53yorhelGrisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol.2 - Package EditionAccidental duplicate (t10424)
r56301.22018-04-02 at 11:53yorhelGrisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol.2 - Download EditionAccidental duplicate (t10424)
r56300.22018-04-02 at 11:53yorhelGrisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol.2 - Package EditionAccidental duplicate (t10424)
r56299.22018-04-02 at 11:53yorhelGrisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol.2 - Package EditionAccidental duplicate (t10424)
r54537.102018-02-04 at 15:18yorhelMaoshen Qitan -Monobeno-Duplicate of r55331 (t2108.2244)
r10697.42018-01-12 at 14:27yorhelSuzuna NikkiInvalid JAN
r30215.22018-01-12 at 14:26yorhelMonmusu Quest! Zenshou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~Invalid JAN
r30216.22018-01-12 at 14:26yorhelMonmusu Quest! Chuushou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~Invalid JAN
r7773.52018-01-12 at 14:26yorhelImouto-sama no Oose no Mama ni - Box EditionInvalid JAN
r50369.32018-01-12 at 14:26yorhelKnock Out -Taisengata Datsui Mahjong-Invalid JAN
r24643.72018-01-07 at 06:41yorhelMissing Starst10126
r54318.22017-12-09 at 06:24yorhelBlack Gal. Relation Anale pour sado-masoReleased.
r54495.32017-11-27 at 05:59yorhelNewton and the Apple TreeProducers
r54319.22017-11-18 at 12:33yorhelOrgie Virtuelle. Lançons-nous dans cette réalité virtuelle perverseIt's out.
r54441.12017-11-10 at 07:26yorhelLust of the Apartment WivesSurprise release?
r54316.22017-11-01 at 18:02yorhelSweet Switch. Nos regards croisés et nos corps humidesReleased
r54317.32017-11-01 at 18:02yorhelOppai Cafe. La mère, la fille et leur poitrines fourbesReleased
r54315.12017-10-30 at 20:23yorhelOh, Yes!Yeah this has happened.
r40734.32017-10-27 at 04:58yorhelKuroinu ~Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru~ Chapter 2Date + website have been announced
r53801.22017-09-24 at 12:10yorhelPervyj Potseluj na Zhutkoj VecherinkeDuplicate of r53802
r39459.262017-07-17 at 16:41yorhelKvest Monstrodev! ~Proigrav, budesh' iznasilovan~Unlocking for now
r52191.22017-06-19 at 15:54yorhelHard Times in Hornsvillev21386.2
r51171.32017-06-04 at 17:53yorhelKogda plachut cikady: Blagodarnost — Glava ob ubijstvennom zhrebiiDoesn't exist(?)
r42309.162017-05-20 at 16:42yorhelShiny Days Restore PatchTorrent sites are never a valid homepage, and I'm not fond of linking directly to downloads*. Those download links belong on the blog. *) This has
r51531.52017-04-30 at 06:05yorhelFaulty ApprenticeRelease notes aren't for VN descriptions; Also no link shorteners.