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v25462.22019-03-07 at 09:33yorhelKyokugen Dasshutsu Toki no JirenmaIt keeps getting deleted because it is *NOT* a VN. t7559
v24769.22018-11-29 at 13:06yorhelCiconia no Naku Koro niDuplicate of v24770. You were faster by a few seconds, but the other entry has more data.
v24721.22018-11-22 at 06:29yorhelImoliciousLet's not turn descriptions into links.
v21833.82018-11-03 at 12:27yorhelPaper RosesFixing screenshot release (were linked to r56410.4)
v22643.42018-11-03 at 12:26yorhelComputer Art ClubFixing screenshot release (were linked to r55907.3)
v24503.22018-10-13 at 05:08yorhelunmei tekina deai ai no monogatari?Unfinished (has development even started?) game from a new developer - let's wait with adding this until there's some progress. link
v23376.102018-09-29 at 06:54yorhelWelcome to... Chichester 2: The Spy of Chichester and the Eager Tourist GuideRemoving duplicate screenshots
v21612.42018-08-24 at 04:48yorhelThe Princess of ZunuriaRemoved screenshot on author request (not representative, will be revised, etc)
v10509.202018-08-16 at 06:10yorhelTanjou ~Debut~(Removing s3051 alias from staff, original deletion message): link has what appears to be a complete playthrough of the game and I fail to see
v14392.82018-07-18 at 11:15yorhelTokonatsu Shimai SandSome nsfw. Think there's a bit too much sexual anatomy here.
v21664.252018-06-06 at 12:56yorhelShunkyoku no Tyrhhia ~What a Beautiful Dawn~Reverted to revision v21664.23 Please read d2#6. - These aren't screenshots, they're CGs - Screenshots should not have watermarks.
v19644.422018-06-04 at 10:54yorhelTrinolineReverted to revision v19644.39 t10760
v23116.22018-06-02 at 15:16yorhelOnline Design CompanyLooks like spam
v7.722018-05-24 at 17:06yorhelTsukihimeReverted to revision v7.70 That meme wasn't even funny a decade ago.
v23011.42018-05-14 at 16:11yorhelEffractions digitalesI can not find any evidence that this VN exists. The site surely doesn't mention a VN.
v22959.32018-05-04 at 17:54yorhel[Patreon][Ren'py]Murder,She Fucked - Loosely Based On The Fallout UniverseI'm sorry, but if you're going to fill out every field with nonsense without looking at the guidelines or at how other entries organize their data, I
v15056.42018-05-04 at 05:20yorhelRuler by Defaultt10581
v22908.22018-04-24 at 04:49yorhelTo Love Ru AdventureIn-progress VN from a developer with no past releases. Feel free to re-add when you're done.
v21656.402018-04-04 at 16:58yorhelFate/Grand OrderNot a VN, discussion is at t9560
v22511.32018-02-04 at 15:14yorhelРадуга ЖизниNo release in the DB, no sources, can't find any evidence that this exists.
v19988.82018-01-21 at 12:41yorhelSnow Daze: The Music of WinterFixing screenshot release.
v306.322018-01-21 at 12:41yorhelBaldr BulletThere is no English release anymore (r46738)
v21707.62018-01-21 at 12:40yorhelEcole de Monstre ~ Le mariage d'HibiFixing screenshots linked to a deleted release.
v4679.222018-01-21 at 12:39yorhelHunks Workshop!Fixing screenshots linked to a deleted release.
v3880.72018-01-13 at 08:58yorhelKanpeki Onee-sama Mikogami Saya no Mujintou Haramase Shugyou ~Fufu, Genki no ...nsfw
v11854.32018-01-07 at 06:41yorhelMissing Starst10126
v19806.62017-11-26 at 11:25yorhelHoufuku SaiminRemoving screenshots; Those are promotional images, not actual screenshots. See d2#6 for guidelines.
v2743.62017-11-25 at 15:56yorhelAneimo ~Natsu no Zanshou~Romaji
v21827.82017-10-01 at 14:39yorhelCry and FearReverted to revision v21827.6 t9717
v21790.22017-09-03 at 18:28yorhelDRAMAtical MurderOpinions go to the forums.
v18205.82017-08-13 at 19:13yorhelSidestory-1. Tihoe rozhdestvoReverted to revision v18205.6 This is an English website, and the language requirement is quite clearly displayed. I'll lock this entry if you
v14710.182017-07-08 at 14:23yorhelYobai Suru Shichinin no Harame 2Reverted to revision v14710.15 Please put these notes in the character descriptions. (Or consider separate instances, but consult the forums first)
v157.172017-06-27 at 05:25yorhelBinetsu Kyoushi CherryReverted to revision v157.15 "Titles that are listed in the releases should not be added here!"
v961.152017-06-27 at 05:18yorhelGoshujin-sama DaisukiReverted to revision v961.13 That's not an alias, that's a release title. "Titles that are listed in the releases should not be added here!"
v21386.22017-06-19 at 15:54yorhelHard Times in HornsvilleWelcome on VNDB. First, to clear up some potential misconceptions: VNDB is not a project page nor an advertising platform. Second, I clicked through
v20514.82017-06-11 at 16:25yorhelVALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI-Not a VN
v12392.522017-05-25 at 20:11yorhelMonobeno -Happy End-Reverted to revision v12392.50
v19755.52017-05-25 at 16:10yorhelNegligeeReverted to revision v19755.3 Too many event CGs, please upload some *actual* screenshots (see d2#6).
v21251.22017-05-17 at 15:58yorhelVisions of an Ancestry Addendum 1: Inuyasha vs Black Lives MatterLooks like you've not released this game yet, so I'll be removing it for now. We generally do not track works-in-progress. And if this is going to
v20943.22017-03-12 at 14:48yorhelKurugaya Yuiko After TimeWork in progress from a new publisher, not allowed in the database. Feel free to re-add when it's done!
v1143.622017-03-06 at 06:06yorhelMaji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!Reverted to revision v1143.60 No.
v11.962017-03-06 at 06:06yorhelFate/Stay NightReverted to revision v11.94 ...no
v2121.62017-01-03 at 06:11yorhelKawaii Adobenshaas in Anime RandoRemoving on author's request (or at least, someone who claims to be the author)
v15708.342016-12-30 at 15:35yorhelSen no Hatou, Tsukisome no Kouki@@
v20118.32016-10-13 at 16:09yorhelgodChildrenNo references, nothing relevant to be found that this exists. (t2108.1666)
v19992.42016-10-13 at 16:08yorhelAmai Okashi Comic MovieDuplicate of v19816, which has been deleted due to not being a VN. (t2108.1664)
v18198.92016-10-02 at 06:26yorhelTreasure of a BlizzardReverted to revision v18198.7 This VN entry represents the full game; The release entries will handle the demo/full split.
v19977.32016-09-15 at 05:01yorhelShibarare NurseReverted to revision v19977.1 Check the screenshot guidelines at d2#6, getchu screenshots aren't good enough on several points.
v19978.32016-09-15 at 05:01yorhelSuimitsutou no NamidaReverted to revision v19978.1 Check the screenshot guidelines at d2#6, getchu screenshots aren't good enough on several points.
v19980.32016-09-15 at 05:01yorhelDaraku Monogatari ~ Aru Jiyuujin no Hanashi ~Reverted to revision v19980.1 Check the screenshot guidelines at d2#6, getchu screenshots aren't good enough on several points.