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t12208.22019-04-18delete accountd17#4
t8111.882019-04-17Happy Search - External VNDB ClientNope, images aren't throttled at all and bandwidth is fine on the server end...
t8111.862019-04-16Happy Search - External VNDB ClientVNDB seems to throttle traffic more aggressively than it used toThe site or the API? I've not changed the API throttle settings in ages.
t11824.22019-04-16Humble requestc82371.2 That warrants a permban, I suppose.
t8111.842019-04-16Happy Search - External VNDB ClientHow to get the Developer and Publishers of a vn through this API?API discussion is better done in t3599. But to answer your question: producers are
t12171.62019-04-12Reason why this was locked?You're apologizing for my half-assed work. Excellent!
t10769.272019-04-06GeneralMeh, I need to write a script to fully delete all of a user's contributions. At this rate the "let's edit as much as I can before I get banned
t12133.22019-04-01Top 3 no-sexual content VN.You know, if you want recommendations, check d6#6. These threads are quite useless. They don't result in an interesting discussion and the
t12118.332019-03-31Poster is leaving hundreds of 1 ratings randomly@rodzynek: That's all good. But what we are all wondering about is what you base your opinions on. With so many votes, it sounds unlikely that you've
t12118.292019-03-31Poster is leaving hundreds of 1 ratings randomlyMaybe Yorhel can check if the account had been accessed from a vary different IP, just to discount the hacking argument...I don't keep enough IP
t12125.22019-03-31How many fake account are in vndb?The known suspicious voters count (t10302) is at 859 at the moment. Not sure what you mean by "fake", though.
t12123.22019-03-31Can I use emoji?👍
t12121.22019-03-31Any VN,s with a relaxing game play and story?d6#6
t12071.102019-03-27Temp banYou don't really need to go through the source code; The account deletion procedure is mentioned in our privacy policy.
t9455.432019-03-26Multiple account troll editorAmazing. All that talk about improving and then still creating entries because "she's on the cover so she must be important".
t12082.22019-03-23How to search for exclusives?Don't think that's possible with the current filters. But there are only few PS3-exclusive VNs: link
t12056.22019-03-16Database dumpYou are on this list. I don't quickly see why, though. Perhaps you've voted on an unreleased VN in the past? Either way, removed from the list, your
t9959.1012019-03-15Design draftingLooks great, I'm loving the compact cards! Not sure the search bar really has to be that huge, though.
t12039.22019-03-11SSL cert on is wrongAre you attempting to connect to the API over HTTPS? In that case, yeah, you get a wrong certificate. But the API isn't HTTP and it runs on port
t12021.22019-03-08I/O offends atheismMoved thread because it doesn't deserve the attention. Seriously, this is a really cheap stab at the original. Completely misses the original's
t12017.72019-03-07Dies Irae offends ChristianityIt's only flamebait if there are people stupid enough to take the bait. I hope the VNDB community is better than that and we can keep it civil. And
t12008.22019-03-05Reporting a spammerYeah, someone's been at it again, isn't their first time. All cleaned up now. ...I totally don't understand their motive, though.
t11970.22019-02-25Import Cast gone?It was removed because it was often abused.
t11957.42019-02-23Restore VotesAlright, I've restored your list from the 17th of January.
t11957.22019-02-22Restore VotesI can probably restore your votes from a backup, sure. It would help if you have a more exact date of when this happened, so I can find the nearest
t11918.22019-02-13Translation?No, and there's little point in asking. See d6#8
t11912.32019-02-13cancel user tags?I can do that, yes, and I've done it before. I have to agree with wakaranai's assessment that the amount of votes makes it impossible to check
t9959.982019-02-10Design draftingAlright, I made some progress on user VN lists. It's not code that I'm proud of, and editing capabilities aren't implemented yet. I might rewrite the
t9959.972019-02-10Design draftingI like what I see! Some feedback: A consistency thing: Why are top buttons styled differently from the DB entry section tabs that we already have? S
t11906.92019-02-10Replacing the screenshotsBy far the most important part of the screenshots is that they're representative and that they show different aspects of the game. Whether they're
t9959.952019-02-09Design draftingAlright, time for me to pick up the pace again. Been inactive for long enough. :P I just noticed that your change of .card__header into a flex in #19
t11890.82019-02-06A round of promotionsAlright, sad to hear that, but an understandable decision.
t11890.52019-02-05A round of promotionswhat does the option "Don't update last modified field", mean?Allows you to edit a post without showing the "Last modified on .." thing in the thread
t11890.32019-02-05A round of promotionsBaby? She's over 11 years old now, it's about time she'd get a little more independent. I've updated your account. Being an admin gives you a few
t11890.12019-02-05A round of promotionsI notice that my relative lack of activity has been a bottleneck in some of the recent activities, and seeing that you are actively managing the both
t11384.122019-02-05Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesActually, sy74kya still has their edit rights revoked after t11396.20. They never bothered to reply to that, so I never bothered to reinstate the
t11868.862019-02-02Ruka's nameI... kinda don't really understand why there's this discussion in the first place. AniDB's romanization rules are clear on this: - It's not a
t11872.22019-02-01Game engine fieldHas been discussed before, closing this thread in favour of t7121 and link
t11847.802019-01-30VNs who text files are in game folder?Yeah... that's quite enough.
t11864.82019-01-30More than seven love interests tagWe don't have any ability to do this using the site features, though.There's a "Merge tags" feature in the tag edit form that nobody uses (and
t9455.382019-01-19Multiple account troll editor@harleyquin: I suggest you stop posting here if you are unable to stay rational. Seriously, you're not helping at all. > True, but incomplete
t11824.12019-01-18Humble requestRegarding c79189.2 and a bunch of other edits. Could you please stop attacking other people while fixing entries? There's better ways to get your
t9455.352019-01-16Multiple account troll editor> It can't be that easy or someone would've already done it in the 7+ years that have lapsed after the creation of a page for a VN which remains
t9455.292019-01-16Multiple account troll editorIt doesn't matter who adds the information, it matters how much information is added and what the quality of said information is. If it takes more
t9455.272019-01-15Multiple account troll editorMy actions build this database. Removing the correct info I add dismantles the database. Time spent complaining adds nothing, could easily be spent
t11770.42019-01-05Major problem with VN communityThis rant could have been written 8 years ago, and would have been more relevant back then. The split in the community still exists but I get the
t11617.72018-12-31The "delete traits with your script" threadI just ran the script with what we had, following traits have been cleaned: link
t10769.252018-12-25GeneralWhat's wrong is that we keep telling you that your contributions aren't welcome - they end up creating more work for us for little gain. I fail to
t10769.232018-12-25GeneralIt took you 6 months to notice and report this? You're getting pretty sloppy, yourself.
t9959.922018-12-22Design draftingI've been a bit slow lately, as you've no doubt noticed. The one on the first row (which styles the editing UI to look normal when not hovered) is