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t13727.3262020-07-09Flagging ImagesHmm? I had already fixed the random homepage images to use the flagging system several weeks ago. Maybe I used a different threshold, lessee... Ah
t13727.3242020-07-09Flagging ImagesIt helps if you link to the images you think may be flagged incorrectly. We do have fairly complete guidelines. Kissing is indeed suggestive, but
t12882.352020-07-09Yorhel's VNDB Development ramblingsNew people often misinterpret the "edit summary" field to mean that it is used to edit the... summary, or something. Like an additional "description
t13727.3222020-07-09Flagging ImagesJust pushed a bunch of updates, finalizing the migration to the new image flagging system: - Rewrote the VN edit form, no major differences
t13610.372020-07-09Release the Edits@36: Huh, that's *really* weird and I don't see how that can even happen. Which browser are you using? I can't reproduce that in any of my browsers.
t1190.102020-07-07Exporting VN ListOnly easily exportable "spreadsheet" format I can support would be CSV, but that'll have tons of compatibility issues and won't support nested lists
t1190.72020-07-07Exporting VN ListHeh, it is still on my to-do list, yes. Though with some scripting you could also use the API, or the DB dumps if you set your list to public. I had
t14307.22020-07-07VNDB ExtenderA view like that is on my todo list (d8#4), it's just a matter of time and resources. You can also reverse that question, though: VNDB is open
t8242.2702020-07-05The how to edit threadWhen editing VNs, I find there's no warning "This title field should only contain latin-alphabet characters".That warning is a bit of an experiment
t6458.1892020-07-04Changing Username?nope, VNDB identifiers can't be used as username.
t2520.4562020-07-02Minor error/sYeah, the sexual flag isn't inherited, it has to be set on each individual trait. Not sure I ever gave this much thought.
t2520.4522020-07-02Minor error/sThe trait wasn't marked as a sexual trait, you can report those in t3314 next time.
t14279.22020-07-01How do I update description?Add a /
t14274.22020-06-30who are uAre you alright?
t2520.4482020-06-29Minor error/sFirefox sucks, but the alternatives aren't much better. Much worse, most of them. At least FF can be tweaked quite a lot. Still mad that they broke
t2520.4442020-06-29Minor error/sVNDB has been weird lately.Hey, don't blame VNDB for decisions made by your browser. VNDB doesn't set a caching policy on its pages, so whether or
t14268.22020-06-29I was bored, and...I may be an amazing guy but I'd never volunteer to help someone!
t13520.452020-06-29Game really could have been an 18+ titleOh please. Stop stating opinions as facts and stop trying to force your opinion on others. I'm so tired of that crap. Some people prefer porn in
t2520.4362020-06-28Minor error/sYes, /announce/ links can't be added at the moment.
t13727.3192020-06-27Flagging ImagesI did consider adding an option to make your image flagging votes private, but it doesn't seem like a good idea. We need that information public for
t950.7582020-06-25VNDB Suggestions!Aaaaaah! Yes indeed, I forgot to set an expiration date with the cookie, so it's only remembered for the duration of a single session. Fixed. If you
t3617.23152020-06-24Tags suggestions/fixesMy suggestion is a linked phone number to the account.Never. There are some avenues we can explore to make a spammer's life harder, but these often
t3617.23132020-06-24Tags suggestions/fixesUgh, invaded by Chinese spam bots. Most aggresive spam campaign on VNDB to date. :( On the upside, mass-deleting tags is pretty easy.
t2520.4342020-06-22Minor error/sFixed.
t14226.42020-06-22Restore tagging powersNote that neither Beliar nor me are US citizens. And I've no intention to restore your tagging powers.
t2520.4312020-06-17Minor error/sDoes the issue I've mentioned at t2520.415 only happen on my end?Not entirely, but it manifests itself differently on my systems. Firefox on Arch
t6458.1822020-06-17Changing Username?That'll become "hatavni" if you don't mind.
t2520.4292020-06-17Minor error/s@428: New feature, needs some tuning. :) Hangul is recognized now. I've also relaxed the resolution field a bit, it now ignores spaces and
t12800.562020-06-17Querying DatabasesBetter than some of my conversions. :) Thanks, batch edits done.
t12800.542020-06-16Querying DatabasesTry a regexp_replace() on the notes to see if you can get the desired effect.
t2520.4262020-06-16Minor error/sSpace after the resolution? I see I don't handle that either...
t2520.4242020-06-16Minor error/sIs that an actual 'x' or a unicode character you copy-pasted? (In either case it'd be good to support the latter)
t12800.522020-06-16Querying DatabasesThe challenge with automated extraction is more in removing the old information from the notes than in matching the data, and if that's going to need
t13727.3122020-06-15Flagging ImagesYou guys have too high standards for feedback in user interfaces. Surely you're already used to my shitty interfaces by now? :P Also, I can still
t13727.3092020-06-15Flagging ImagesYes, same as for tag votes. Overruled either by a mod (as in that case) or the user had their image flagging right dropped.
t2520.4212020-06-15Minor error/sJust pretend that didn't happen. It's not like I break completely unrelated site functionality when adding a new feature.
t2520.4192020-06-15Minor error/sDon't think that'll require a separate list. I'll write a query for that tomorrow, when the query DB has been updated. (Honestly, the dedicated
t2520.4172020-06-15Minor error/st2520.380 regarding release resolutions: A treatment similar to how the engine field is handled might be a better approach than a static list.Has now
t950.7552020-06-15VNDB Suggestions!I did sneakily rewrite the producer pages, but was the "collapsed" view really the default in the old version? I thought it always defaulted to the
t14195.42020-06-15Brainstorming release imageswhat about PVs?Not happening. I don't have the resources to host video and youtube can die a flaming death for all I care. @rampaa: I don't think I
t14195.12020-06-15Brainstorming release imagesBeing able to add images to release entries, for covers and such, has been a requested feature for as long as I remember, so I was thinking of
t6458.1782020-06-14Changing Username?Also taken.
t13095.622020-06-13Cups for All AgesWill the filters allow us to search characters with their real sex or is it not planned?Not for now. Filters are in a messy state and in dire need of
t13095.602020-06-13Cups for All AgesI'm sure this UI will be a huge success.I sure took my time on this one, but spoiler support for the characters' sex has now been implemented. (the
t2520.4122020-06-09Minor error/sMy bad, should work again. (Also, @eacil: classes added)
t14157.32020-06-09how do we hide our vn scores?The "Manage labels" button allows you to set labels as private. VNs with no labels assigned or with only private labels will be hidden (including
t13727.3072020-06-09Flagging ImagesHeh. I fixed it so that anyone can vote on images with no votes at all yet, mainly so that if the uploader forgot to flag the image someone else can
t950.7492020-06-09VNDB Suggestions!Ah, I read too quickly again. Yeah, uh, looks like that'd require an id/class field indeed. Even then the table striping is going to get screwed up
t950.7472020-06-09VNDB Suggestions!Can you put some id on the character's table rows where are sorted the traits per namespace (hair, eyes, subject of, etc.) so we can hide some of
t10302.1572020-06-08Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadAh, that's the same person from t10302.145. You'd think they'd have learned by now...