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t8242.6162021-06-22The how to edit threadNobody saw that.
t16233.62021-06-22Save a default view in the 'Releases' tab"It also has the "notes" column"Notes are also included on the VN page, but you need to hover the icon to see them. "but it also "explodes" multi
t8242.6142021-06-22The how to edit thread"Can you also add Hindi and Urdu languages?"Ooops, I did miss this one. Done.
t3617.25532021-06-22Tags suggestions/fixesApparently I forgot to add a secondary order, so currently it's whatever-the-db-felt-was-convenient-order. I think I'll add an alphabetic order
t2108.38232021-06-21Candidates for deletion"I create one on his, then it mirrors and there will be one on my page as well"You can decide yourself whether to post it on your own board or not
t2108.38202021-06-21Candidates for deletion@lucumo: If you have a problem with someone's edits, take it up to their boards. If action is needed on the mod side, we'll see it. But tester's into
t16287.22021-06-21How VNDB calculates Bayesian ratingsThe actual calculation being used. The average rating and weight are both calculated as needed, currently they match your observation: ~6.25 and ~52
t2520.5692021-06-17Minor error/s"The new display format doesn't work properly in tag pages"Fixed. "could you recreate the VNDB Extender's view"I do have a grid mode planned, but
t6458.2822021-06-16Changing Username?@280: Already taken.
t16233.22021-06-13Save a default view in the 'Releases' tabThe "releases" tab hasn't been maintained well and all information listed on that tab (and more) is displayed more compactly in the "releases" box on
t16217.32021-06-09Visual Novels Are games?I mean, if you define a video game as interactive software written for the purpose of entertainment, then sure, visual novels are games. But IMO it
t16191.12021-06-05FYI: Email is kind of brokenMy server's now been blocked by both Outlook and Gmail, so anything that requires email delivery (account registration, password reset) isn't going
t16163.82021-06-02How much gameplay before entry is deleted? (poll)"massive community outrage over the unfair and arbitrary deletion of beloved VNs"Which was neither unfair nor arbitrary. "hundreds of incorrect
t16102.372021-06-02this sucks"Seriously, only autistic people use Linux."I'd unfriend you, but I can't find the button. Can I at least downvote your post? Aw crap. Whatever, I'll
t16163.52021-06-02How much gameplay before entry is deleted? (poll)"with whoever set up that standard a long time ago"That standard has been the result of long discussions (many of which you can find on the forums
t16102.182021-06-01this sucksI find it amusing that someone would post on a self made naturo forum created in 2007 to complain that it should be something entirely different
t12800.772021-05-31Querying DatabasesSeems like (some?) queries saved before SQLpad added the fine-grained permissions system can be edited by everyone. I'll lock mine down...
t950.9492021-05-30VNDB Suggestions!If you want tricks, d18 can be used to query MTLs.
t950.9472021-05-29VNDB Suggestions!I already answered you in t16051.17
t10302.2372021-05-29Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlol I'm a scatterbrain. That user was already on the ignore list, but this morning I stumbled upon that account again and thought it wasn't, so I
t16104.162021-05-28Suspicious reviewsI do not really call the legitimacy of the reviews into question, I'm not going to deny that fanboyism is a thing, otherwise I'd just have flagged or
t16104.142021-05-28Suspicious reviews(I'll post here instead of replying to your mail to keep this in one place) ""Further increasing the rating and boosting visibility" sure sounds
t15877.452021-05-25The messy display of multiversionlanguage releases"It would be nice to have an option to load it to our account"Done. This does mean that if you're logged in, your preferences have now been reset
t2520.5632021-05-22Minor error/sI did a little code archaeology: 2020-03-12: Imported all image dimensions into the DB so that they can be used to preload the sizes in HTML. ~2020
t3314.25222021-05-21Traits...that was totally a feature.
t12755.1152021-05-21Linking Databases, part 2A combination. Note that we've had affiliate links in that position for much longer than we've had shop links for releases. It's not my intention to
t12755.1132021-05-21Linking Databases, part 2Only affiliate links have the price shown. EDIT: forgot to reply to this one. "I think steamdb, once automatically added, should be manually removed.
t3314.25172021-05-21Traits"I'll fix a flag to indicate which parent should be considered "primary"."Done, for both tags and traits. It's possible that some traits with
t3314.25162021-05-21TraitsThe thing is, my assumption when designing the trait system was that each group would be totally independent of each other. i.e. no traits that have
t16084.42021-05-21Regarding r63531.9I'm with eacil here, actually. Staff should be added as staff (when we can...), not as publishers. There's currently two different proposals for
t15139.252021-05-18Mass tagging requestEeeeeeeeh, my initial reading was "do not MIX UP the tags", too. Considering that the writer of the description wasn't known for his excellent
t15877.382021-05-16The messy display of multiversionlanguage releasesNot really a solution to the problem I described in my initial post, but I just made the language sections collapsible. Your language visibility
t16051.172021-05-16The recently implemented machine TL flag..."If mtls don't appear if you search by language that doesn't make much sense to me."VNDB has never catered to people looking for MTLs, this flag isn
t2520.5592021-05-14Minor error/sYour query has a top-level "or not label=Dropped". Since your list is empty, that matches every VN and effectively causes your other filters to be
t15635.1212021-05-13Amayui castle meister TranslationNo, the "interface translations" got a pass (i.e. r78098), not the dialogue translations. Note how the release is marked partial, much like how we
t15635.1172021-05-13Amayui castle meister TranslationCalm your rage, guys, that MTL flag is coming. Though I like the accusations in here. We all know the real reason we don't allow MTLs is because one
t16038.42021-05-13Not able to change the emailNo, Yandex works fine. According to my logs they accepted your mail, so maybe it's in your spam box?
t16036.22021-05-12Yukari:Virgin or not?It's a spoiler, you can see it on her character page if you enable spoilers.
t16038.22021-05-12Not able to change the emailOutlook blocks emails from vndb. I've contacted their support a few times, but doesn't look like they want to fix it. Solution: don't use outlook.
t8242.5402021-05-10The how to edit threadThat's not so much a problem with the guidelines as it is with the data model. The field is for "sex", as mentioned, so "male" is correct if she's
t15635.342021-05-09Amayui castle meister Translation"First, could a moderator (u4762) please remove the release entry r56976?"If it qualifies for inclusion and has at some point been released, it'll
t2520.5562021-05-07Minor error/sShould be fixed now.
t8242.5352021-05-05The how to edit threadLatin added. Used the Duolingo flag, tho it looks kind of terrible at 13x11.
t12755.1092021-05-05Linking Databases, part 2Imported. "Now that EGS-vndb relations are pretty accurate, any chance we could consider stealing all the EGS data we can?"Not without their
t15978.52021-05-03How can one get in contact with George Henry Shaft"It's my hypothesis that he is actually an AI."So these are machine translations? Damn, we'll have to clean up the database then.
t15841.352021-04-25Regarding c56483.5I've no clue why I decided on 256 ages ago, but it doesn't really matter too much. 250 is just as arbitrary a number, so might as well take advantage
t15372.972021-04-24Advancing SearchThe second query is a contradiction: "has a staff member that is both s469 and s794". It's impossible for a single staff entry to be both, so the all
t15908.112021-04-23Can I post controversial topics here?Nothing wrong with lolis, but this thread sure is pointless.
t15877.312021-04-21The messy display of multiversionlanguage releases"The language is displayed above the releases"This is what the English releases for One Night look like: link - the entire point of this thread is to
t15905.112021-04-21Naming characters. "Original" vs "Actual"I don't think there's a "right" or "wrong" answer when it comes to deciding which name to use as primary when the game offers multiple possibilities