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t11918.22019-02-13Translation?No, and there's little point in asking. See d6#8
t11912.32019-02-13cancel user tags?I can do that, yes, and I've done it before. I have to agree with wakaranai's assessment that the amount of votes makes it impossible to check
t9959.982019-02-10Design draftingAlright, I made some progress on user VN lists. It's not code that I'm proud of, and editing capabilities aren't implemented yet. I might rewrite the
t9959.972019-02-10Design draftingI like what I see! Some feedback: A consistency thing: Why are top buttons styled differently from the DB entry section tabs that we already have? S
t11906.92019-02-10Replacing the screenshotsBy far the most important part of the screenshots is that they're representative and that they show different aspects of the game. Whether they're
t9959.952019-02-09Design draftingAlright, time for me to pick up the pace again. Been inactive for long enough. :P I just noticed that your change of .card__header into a flex in #19
t11890.82019-02-06A round of promotionsAlright, sad to hear that, but an understandable decision.
t11890.52019-02-05A round of promotionswhat does the option "Don't update last modified field", mean?Allows you to edit a post without showing the "Last modified on .." thing in the thread
t11890.32019-02-05A round of promotionsBaby? She's over 11 years old now, it's about time she'd get a little more independent. I've updated your account. Being an admin gives you a few
t11890.12019-02-05A round of promotionsI notice that my relative lack of activity has been a bottleneck in some of the recent activities, and seeing that you are actively managing the both
t11384.122019-02-05Yuuma and Yuuri's pagesActually, sy74kya still has their edit rights revoked after t11396.20. They never bothered to reply to that, so I never bothered to reinstate the
t11868.862019-02-02Ruka's nameI... kinda don't really understand why there's this discussion in the first place. AniDB's romanization rules are clear on this: - It's not a
t11872.22019-02-01Game engine fieldHas been discussed before, closing this thread in favour of t7121 and link
t11847.802019-01-30VNs who text files are in game folder?Yeah... that's quite enough.
t11864.82019-01-30More than seven love interests tagWe don't have any ability to do this using the site features, though.There's a "Merge tags" feature in the tag edit form that nobody uses (and
t9455.382019-01-19Multiple account troll editor@harleyquin: I suggest you stop posting here if you are unable to stay rational. Seriously, you're not helping at all. > True, but incomplete
t11824.12019-01-18Humble requestRegarding c79189.2 and a bunch of other edits. Could you please stop attacking other people while fixing entries? There's better ways to get your
t9455.352019-01-16Multiple account troll editor> It can't be that easy or someone would've already done it in the 7+ years that have lapsed after the creation of a page for a VN which remains
t9455.292019-01-16Multiple account troll editorIt doesn't matter who adds the information, it matters how much information is added and what the quality of said information is. If it takes more
t9455.272019-01-15Multiple account troll editorMy actions build this database. Removing the correct info I add dismantles the database. Time spent complaining adds nothing, could easily be spent
t11770.42019-01-05Major problem with VN communityThis rant could have been written 8 years ago, and would have been more relevant back then. The split in the community still exists but I get the
t11617.72018-12-31The "delete traits with your script" threadI just ran the script with what we had, following traits have been cleaned: link
t10769.252018-12-25GeneralWhat's wrong is that we keep telling you that your contributions aren't welcome - they end up creating more work for us for little gain. I fail to
t10769.232018-12-25GeneralIt took you 6 months to notice and report this? You're getting pretty sloppy, yourself.
t9959.922018-12-22Design draftingI've been a bit slow lately, as you've no doubt noticed. The one on the first row (which styles the editing UI to look normal when not hovered) is
t11680.22018-12-18How is this site still up?Not much has changed since t4216. Hosting costs are still around 50 €/month, but those costs are shared with a bunch of other sites on the same
t11657.32018-12-15how old are they?all characters are 18 and upIs that actually stated somewhere for this game or is that just a low jab against a tired old meme?
t11645.642018-12-14Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...Just a totally random suggestion: If you have nothing more to add to this topic than insults, could you please stay quiet?
t8765.222018-12-14Do you like lolis?Agreed.
t8765.202018-12-14Do you like lolis?Can we *please* stop with the random insults, conspiracy theories and dismissal of people's opinions as trolling? I'm seriously rather tired of it by
t11650.22018-12-14rantWow. So what exactly is the point of posting this rant on a visual novel site?
t950.5302018-12-12VNDB Suggestions!The main VN list can do that. Improved user's VN list is also planned, I'll take that into account.
t11617.22018-12-09The "delete traits with your script" threadIt's been a while since that script has run, so there's a bunch more entries with other deleted traits. Here's an overview of traits that have been
t2520.2822018-12-06Minor error/s@281: Fixed.
t11605.42018-12-06Filter randomly ignored in character searchAah, you're right. That's a pretty serious bug, odd how it hasn't been noticed before. Should be fixed now.
t11605.22018-12-06Filter randomly ignored in character searchThe filters did get lost when clicking one of the initial-character buttons. I've fixed that now.
t11600.22018-12-05Filtering by site linksGood point. Here's all releases with tumblr links and the same list with an additional filter on 18+ releases.
t11396.252018-12-03Official Romanization rulesSchool's out and someone has time on his hands to mess around with the boards again. Please refrain from childish comments like this. It doesn't help
t9455.202018-11-22Multiple account troll editorWas wondering about that as well. Banned and let's see what happens.
t950.5282018-11-22VNDB Suggestions!@527: The VN list does show your wishlist status and you can filter on it.
t11533.22018-11-18Popularity PollingUh, okay, that's... confusing. Undeleted then. Could someone remind me how we handle episode titles? I'm not convinced that naming releases only by
t9959.892018-11-18Design draftingI'm liking that mockup! Editing: Sounds good. Supporting editing in card view seems to require a modal editor anyway, so it makes sense to make it
t11314.892018-11-15Could otome games help to better understand women?Welcome back. All interesting points on the main subject of this thread have been made by now, so this detailment into moderation isn't too
t11495.92018-11-12Some adviceI suggest a permanent ban at this point,Agreed, done.
t11495.32018-11-11Some adviceIf you're going to take this advice and general feedback given in reverts to heart, I'll reinstate your edit rights today. It's not supposed to be
t9959.872018-11-11Design draftingLooking good. A few thoughts about the list: - It's missing space for the "notes" feature - I think an icon or short snippet in the main list would
t11396.202018-11-10Official Romanization rulesUsers who don't want to work together get (temp)banned, as usual. So that's what I did with u152216.
t10302.752018-11-09Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread#73: Likely someone (the author of the VN?) encouraging people to create an account and vote. But I can't find evidence for that at the moment.
t11485.72018-11-08Anime - Clumsy Ecchi scenes?I moved it to shadowdawn's personal board for two reasons: This is a recommendation thread and it barely has anything to do with visual novels. And
t950.5242018-10-31VNDB Suggestions!i think it's time to go for "import cast" option in VN editsDone.