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t18697.62022-07-03There's a rule against posting MTL synopsis?I'm fine with MTL'd descriptions if they've been checked for accuracy and edited for readability. But I'd estimate that most people who use MTLs are
t8242.11992022-07-03The how to edit threadScreenshots are allowed for any release in the DB, and since we have MTL releases now we can also accept MTL screenshots. That said, if someone has
t18513.292022-06-27Regarding v36258.3@catboy: To add to what Naio said, I want to stress that if I don't see a very significant improvement in your upcoming edits, the next ban will be
t950.12962022-06-26VNDB Suggestions!"thought abour one system where you can only select one VN as your favorite, and then one can order VNs by the number of users who marked them as
t6138.3582022-06-26VNDB 2.24: Staffing The DatabaseLike with the releases section, there'll be an option to collapse all staff sections by default. So it will still use a bit of space, but not that
t6138.3562022-06-26VNDB 2.24: Staffing The DatabaseRather than making screencaps of the work in progress, I've decided to revive the old sandbox instance at It's running with the WIP
t950.12922022-06-26VNDB Suggestions!Made a few more release ordering adjustments, producer pages included this time.
t18616.142022-06-23Inappropriate footer quotesUgh, seems this community is unable to have a normal conversation on this topic, so I'll just lock it. I understand your concern but I've no plans
t18607.22022-06-21~ filter operator for the APIFor most fields, the ~ operator does a case-insensitive substring match. For the 'search' filters it currently uses the same algorithm as the site
w4493.22022-06-19Jiangshi x TaoshiFrom what I remember, there isn't much of an overarching plot, each episode is a little story on its own. I certainly didn't feel like I was missing
t18591.22022-06-18VNDB public API get ulist sortingHeh, you're one of the few people to like this style of API. Most hate it. "Sorting is possible on the following fields: uid, vn, added, lastmod
t2520.6752022-06-08Minor error/sWorks for me, what browser/OS are you using?
t950.12742022-06-08VNDB Suggestions!Huh, I recently fixed the release ordering, but apparently forgot to incorporate type & patch.
t950.12702022-06-07VNDB Suggestions!Press 'v' to enter fullscreen flagging mode, it's what I generally use.
t6138.3512022-06-04VNDB 2.24: Staffing The Database"will the staff be duplicable unlike the current scheme?"Yup, the same staff can be listed with the same role in different editions, but still only
t6138.3492022-06-04VNDB 2.24: Staffing The DatabaseExperimenting with releases-like expandable subsections. I've implemented the language and official flags now, too, so I could add display
t18484.222022-06-01Restore this VNI don't know if I should laugh or cry.
t13365.882022-06-01Happy New Lists!I do use Matrix, but not at junkie-level...
t13365.862022-06-01Happy New Lists!The limit is... higher than the server can reliably support, I'm afraid. I realized that a few days ago, too.
t2520.6712022-05-31Minor error/s"noticed something weird in traits lookup/name matching"Yeah, the normalization can have some weird side effects. I've seen it before, but not
t18484.102022-05-30Restore this VNFSR was added 3 months after t14405, where it is suggested that it shouldn't be in the DB. I suspect simply no mod's looked at FSR yet, so don't be
t18476.22022-05-29Weekly Polls 2: Favourite Official VN TranslatorEh, sorry, but I'm going to put a stop to your weekly polls. The first one was dumb silliness and this one's not going to be any better when you poll
t12755.1332022-05-28Linking Databases, part 2#132 Done, thanks.
t18469.112022-05-28Multiple tags searchPlease report this to adguard so they can (hopefully) fix it.
t18469.82022-05-28Multiple tags searchIt's usually the ad blocker, disabling that or whitelisting vndb should be enough.
t6138.3472022-05-23VNDB 2.24: Staffing The Database\o/ good feedback. "Thoughts here are that it makes sense to me to add the "hover for details" text for anything longer than X number of characters
t6138.3402022-05-19VNDB 2.24: Staffing The DatabaseGiven that I suck balls at UI design, I'm going to crowdsource some ideas for displaying the staff. Current design has some problems: it's ugly
t18408.22022-05-18Would you consider Purple Moon games to be VNs?"No text at the bottom, you see CGs with voiceover dialogue."This would instantly disqualify them. You must be able to read a VN at your own pace
t2520.6572022-05-12Minor error/s"how is it possible that her VA is still listed even though her cast has been unlinked from both VN entries?"Hah, nice one. It was fetched from a
t2520.6542022-05-12Minor error/sFix'd.
t18328.102022-05-09Can we fix the Bayesian Rating Formula?Not sure I fully agree with the premise, the top 50 seems pretty fluid as new translations get released. Muramasa and WA2 went up super fast after
t950.12392022-04-29VNDB Suggestions!"Talking about "ridiculously long (sentences) on wider screens", it is what happens when there is only one review at the bottom"Good point. If I can
t950.12282022-04-25VNDB Suggestions!The descriptions have always been centered, I just decreased the maximum width to make the sentences less ridiculously long on wider screens. -.-
t950.12182022-04-19VNDB Suggestions!Nah, I just stealthily fixed it.
t18206.72022-04-19Last 3 days vndb is slow loading imagesNot seeing any issues on the server's end, but VNDB is hosted on some cheap-ass server in the Netherlands and internet performance is known to be
t18183.32022-04-13Recommend netorid6#6. I moved it to your personal board because I don't want to flood the main boards with recommendation threads.
t18169.22022-04-11VNDB inaccessible from latest version of FirefoxHmm, looks like nginx doesn't reload properly when the OCSP response is updated. It should work again now, let's see if I can make sure it keeps
t18155.22022-04-09Claiming projects"claiming" a project without having done any work on it is indeed not allowed, but if 35% has already been translated, as noted, then that's not a
t950.11982022-04-06VNDB Suggestions!" I'm actually using my Firefox browser"Not sure what's going on then, never seen that before. And the porn icon thing will get fixed, have a bit of
t950.11962022-04-06VNDB Suggestions!"And also, instead of breaking things that are perfectly fine, why not fix things that have been broken in forever, like this?"Ah, so your browser
t17596.1422022-04-05Not Enough AnimationAye, that works. Flag added. I've added colors to the icon to indicate censoring status and removed the old 'uncensored' flag. I'll add a search
t17596.1402022-04-05Not Enough AnimationAnything works.
t17596.1382022-04-05Not Enough AnimationHalp. Trying to add the "erotic content" flag and I'd like to display that flag with an icon next to the age rating column, but I'm having trouble
t6138.3272022-04-05VNDB 2.24: Staffing The Database"I assume this is what's stopping you adding translators as well"Indeed, and the recent acvity in this thread did get me thinking about the problem
t18106.102022-04-03Suggestion: to add a feature like Similar Game@gambs: The data is available in the open, people have tried applying various models to it and the results have been meh. If you feel like there's
t18106.82022-04-03Suggestion: to add a feature like Similar GameUser-contributed similar VNs is on the wishlist (d8#4). Algorithmic similar VNs would be cool if they can be made to work, but several people more
t18094.22022-04-01April's Fool: "Arabic Version"The release was added without source or context. If this was actually announced somewhere and has a chance of being real, I don't mind too much.
t18091.12022-04-01The Visual Novel Dating BoardsAfter many years of working on this database, it has become abundantly clear to me that what this community really needs is not another boring
t17596.882022-03-31Not Enough AnimationHopefully fixed most of the display issues now. Turns out trying to deal with many fields that can be using either the old or new format is a pain. "
w3993.152022-03-31Café Stella to Shinigami no ChouI'm going to cut this conversation short as it's gone waaaay off-topic. Stick to discussing visual novels, reality has no place here.