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r93735.12022-07-22 at 12:54lucia4711xONE.Added Release date of 2023
v37118.12022-07-22 at 12:50lucia4711xONE.Added new page for the ONE Remake.
r37847.112022-04-30 at 17:31lucia4711xHarmoniaAdded media format. (1 DVD)
r88471.22022-03-21 at 01:28lucia4711xKanon (AsoBD)Added production info
r88471.12022-03-21 at 01:23lucia4711xKanon (AsoBD)Added the new upcoming english patch for Kanon
r78361.42022-03-12 at 11:46lucia4711xAso-BD Dokidoki Taikenban!Added description to release page, so it appears for Saya no Uta and Kud Wafter as well as Dokidoki Taikenban
r78361.32022-03-11 at 03:03lucia4711xAso-BD Dokidoki Taikenban!Added this vn to pages for Saya no Uta and Kud Wafter since it includes trials of both
r83832.52022-01-09 at 02:07lucia4711xRewrite+ - Download EditionFixed Age rating
r45775.82022-01-09 at 02:04lucia4711xRewrite+Fixed Age rating
r85974.12022-01-09 at 02:03lucia4711xRewrite+ - Regular EditionAdded the second release of Rewrite+ which came later than the first. This one is just the game without the extra goodies
r84496.32021-11-18 at 02:05lucia4711xKagayaku Kisetsu e - Trial EditionAdded notes
r84496.22021-11-11 at 16:19lucia4711xKagayaku Kisetsu e - Trial EditionAdded dev and publisher
r84496.12021-11-11 at 16:17lucia4711xKagayaku Kisetsu e - Trial EditionAdded Trial Edition of the PS1 port not previously listed. Will add more information in an update at a later date.
r272.92021-09-16 at 00:16lucia4711xKanon - Best EditionRemoved incorrect engine information.
r271.92021-09-16 at 00:16lucia4711xKanonRemoved incorrect engine information and voicing information. This PS2 release of Kanon is not voiced. Kanon for PS2 wasn't voiced until Best Edition
r24901.42021-09-02 at 02:12lucia4711xKud Wafter Aso BDAdded voicing information. Removed incorrect engine information.
r18078.82021-08-21 at 12:20lucia4711xKanon ~Aso BD~Added information that this release of Kanon is not voiced, and the erotic scenes are not animated. Removed engine information. This release does not
r286.82021-08-14 at 16:02lucia4711xAir - All Ages EditionCorrected engine information. This version of Air runs on AVG32. link
r273.122021-08-14 at 16:01lucia4711xKanon - All Ages EditionCorrected the Engine information. This version of Kanon runs on AVG32. link