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r79953.62022-05-27 at 08:29baoranHanagane Kanade * Gram - Chapter:2 Hananoka SumireDelayed. link
r88667.22022-05-27 at 08:28baoranHanagane Kanade * Gram - Chapter:2 Hananoka Sumire - Download EditionDelayed. link
c51506.42022-05-22 at 11:39baoranToudou MikiWomanizer trait is reserved for male characters only.
c36514.42021-08-11 at 05:07baoranSawashima JunpeiThere is wrong information when it comes to the characters. Sawashima Junpei wasn't the father of Mitoko. Him being father was a lie that Himeo made