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t11980.62019-03-0118+ English ver.?Moenovel: "It was effective enough to freeze water droplets outdoors in summer, even"wassup with that even? Oo Edit: "夏場の屋外でも、水滴が凍り付くほどに。" Edit2
t7504.212016-08-05Uncensored PatchTL;DR - patch transforms steam version into (not updated) unrated version, but nothing else. I was interested in this patch so here is a comparison
t5379.132016-07-22Get the Infinity series for FREE (legally!)@kilicool64 some years later I can confirm that u was right about music in digital releases. They pulled it out of their ass. (and yes the files
t8046.22016-07-22Patch 1.0.5?If you need only main patch without extras, there you go
t6669.392015-08-02Official Western ReleaseExcept that all Funi (and western in general) VAs sound like old hags. Dubs are ok as long as you can get rid of them. But mixing in non-JP VAs
t6788.82015-08-02Chatlog with Concerning Things About Frontwing"Good_Haro> the worst we've had to deal with lately is logos getting rejected :\ ... <herkz> they basically want things to not be translated"Sounds
t5936.42014-11-15Does anyone have the version with PSP voices?Have I missed something? Didn't English patch had an option to add voices? Edit: it says it supports Dreamcast or PS2 voices, but in truth it
t5908.32014-11-03Not a vn.Yeah, its not a VN. Also even compared to doujin stripping/touching games, this one looks shitty. Maybe if they made it animated... but nope.
t2108.6892014-10-03Candidates for deletionThere are officially released VNs-turned-into-movies for DVD and BD... Youtube is not much different. Maybe it lacks something compared to these
t2108.6872014-10-03Candidates for deletion@684 wat? are you sure that such rules even exist? Pretty sure there are whole-game releases made by fans which are perfectly fine being in the
t5759.52014-09-15About Sekai Project"To me this company seems like it's out for an easy buck capitalizing on the work of others."Exactly my thoughts. "It seems to me that targeting
t5549.42014-07-17Trojan in Append Patch?there are no trojans in holyseal downloads. These are normal .zip archives. upd Maybe it scans the zip contents. Even if so, it is perfectly safe
t4761.282014-07-01Lamune in EnglishYes, patch is definitely not allages link (nsfw)
t4761.212014-06-30Lamune in English@20 eeeeh? He initially wanted to translate PC version and requested tools for it. Only after tools were made he started to think about PS2 or both
t4761.192014-06-30Lamune in Englishwell, If you will use this link you will have the full h-scene in append story (or whatever its called). Keep in mind that it will be fully
t4761.162014-06-30Lamune in English@15... sorry I'm not aware of any side story. I didn't actually read this VN yet. cross mentioned 1 file so I stopped at that. So, are you saying
t2108.6242014-06-30Candidates for deletionThere is a "discussion board" that links here t3662 and from what I understand yorhel removed it cause they haven't released anything. But seem to be
t2108.6222014-06-30Candidates for deletionWhy this become such a big deal anyway? Its just a damn entry in the database. by the way lolgc is right, r25071 probably should be removed. Producer
t5486.92014-06-30F/HA English PatchPSVita is hacked enough that you can actually extract something from it? Edit: if not, you may end up waiting a few more years.
t4761.132014-06-30Lamune in EnglishThanks for suggestion cross. Here: link Put that on top of the patch and you will see the full H-scene. No idea if this can mess up your savedata or
t5487.102014-06-30Guilty Crown Lost ChristmasI don't know what is that by the link you posted. It says "This is a private community. Access only by invitations from administrators." And that's
t5487.82014-06-30Guilty Crown Lost Christmas1. I never posted on your blog 3. Running but not completed. Doesn't counts. 5. Its fine to be TBA or whatever, The point is that the way your
t5487.62014-06-30Guilty Crown Lost Christmas@binfujiwara None of their projects that are currently in databese required translation. From what I understand they are ports of existing
t5487.52014-06-30Guilty Crown Lost Christmas@lolgc stop these advertisements here. whatever you do is fine, but at this point an entry for you project shouldn't exist on this website. Though
t2108.6172014-06-30Candidates for deletion^ now look at that. they just edited the entry. VNDB is now an advertisement website :D Also as someone commented on their website, neither of their
t2108.6162014-06-30Candidates for deletionr34897 I tried to ask Bin why he added that, but he probably didn't noticed. So posting here. I think it was too early to add this as a release. Some
t5487.12014-06-29Guilty Crown Lost ChristmasHey, recently you added Guilty Crown Lost Christmas release but isn't it a bit too early to add this? There 3 guys WANT the translation, they don't
t5486.32014-06-29F/HA English PatchThis drama is stupid. Someone really expected that no one will make a patch and won't upload it somewhere? Patch was compiled multiple times and
t5148.352014-06-13Shoujo Ai + Yuri tagsYeah. I see the pattern. I wonder what peeps at AniDB will say to me if I'll propose them to switch from Yuri Anime to: Japanese Animation with
t5148.332014-06-13Shoujo Ai + Yuri tags@lire711 Your original question was answered. These are not the same tag. Each of them have a purpose. What else do you need? You want them to be
t5398.22014-06-07english patchPatch? News? Has anyone even started it?
t5148.102014-06-05Shoujo Ai + Yuri tagsOut of curiosity checked Anidb and MAL. Both agree with Yuri being hentai and Shoujo Ai being romance. All the titles listed in the post above are in
t5379.82014-06-03Get the Infinity series for FREE (legally!)@7 well, PSP audio format is different from the one PC version uses, so I had to re-encode it. I believe I used a bit better quality settings (as far
t5379.52014-06-03Get the Infinity series for FREE (legally!)Does that means that this N7 version also comes with a shitty audio and needs a voice patch? I kinda hope this one is OK...
t4855.502013-12-03Paying for translationsDon't remember which exactly thread that was, but I certainly agree with the quote. Though there was something except this, and more on-topic. Hire
t4855.482013-12-03Paying for translations@gabezhul can you please stay where you were all this time? At least everyone else are mannered enough to not to call others "idiots". Oh yes, don't
t4855.442013-12-03Paying for translations@pendelhaven I don't really understand what do you mean. I never thought about copyright part of this at all. If anything, I assumed that no one will
t4855.412013-12-03Paying for translations@warfoki it wasn't meant as a proof, I just wanted your opinion on that.
t4855.392013-12-03Paying for translations@overmage yes, I see. This is why I say one person will be giving, but other donnating. "You don't have to think that you are working for "X's sake
t4855.352013-12-03Paying for translationsWhy does it matters if one person or many give you money? In fact if one person will be giving 3K there might be some other people who will donnate
t4855.332013-12-03Paying for translations@warfoki How about Aroduc with his kickstarter? I mentioned it before but forgot. He didn't had enough motivation but decided that 2.5K will be
t4855.302013-12-03Paying for translations@warfoki oh man... here we go again. " I would probably earn $3000 bucks just as fast (or maybe somewhat) in a McDonalds as through your offer in
t4855.282013-12-03Paying for translations@warfoki out of arguments? Am I supposed to prove something? I'm not saying that if someone will decide to give 3K, there will _absolutely_ will be
t4855.252013-12-03Paying for translations@pabloc "Fixed."Sure. You can even fix it to $400K. This doesn't goes against the point I made. @warfoki I believe what I say should be easy enough
t4855.222013-12-03Paying for translations"3k is MAYBE enough motivation to get them started, but if they lack the motivation, they will abandon the project eventually"This is possible that
t4855.182013-12-03Paying for translations@warfoki no, its you missing the point. (s)he won't do anything for these money if (s)he have no interest in the current VN to begin with. There are
t4855.162013-12-03Paying for translations@warfoki sure, you will have a good laugh, but there will be someone else who might like the VN in question. I doubt anyone will be paying anything
t4855.122013-12-03Paying for translations@11 I don't see your point. Obviously by "fan" I mean someone who have other job except translating VN's and not going to treat it as his main income
t4855.92013-12-03Paying for translations@8 you don't have to post these links. I believe that he said that even without proof. But this is not reasonable price for a fan translator. For
t4855.62013-12-03Paying for translationsBut we are not talking about professional who studied to become a translator, are we? With professionals, sure, the price can be literally anything