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v810.222017-02-09 at 00:36iwasawaKara no Shoujo1 MB of text indicates around 15 hours of reading under normal circumstances. While there's a few reasons it's going to take more than its script
s8372.32016-02-09 at 18:17iwasawaIsuna Hasekura...
s8372.22016-02-09 at 15:57iwasawaIsuna HasekuraStuff
v1894.272015-12-20 at 09:12iwasawaA ProfileMade a quick check and came to the conclusion that while the doujin version would be "short", going by script size the longer version was fine as it
v1894.252015-12-20 at 08:54iwasawaA ProfileFunnily enough I used this game to justify WA2 IC edit since they are the same length, without noticing this was marked as medium as well... 8 hours