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t13458.102020-01-25Depraved Awakening ReviewSubverse is definitely interesting. It's one of the few projects I backed. Western eroge with decent gameplay (not RPGMaker copypasta) seem
t13458.72020-01-25Depraved Awakening ReviewI've been staying away from the unfinished projects, after having tried a few. Playing through one update at a time is inconvenient, unsatisfying
t13458.52020-01-25Depraved Awakening ReviewI've played close to 30 Patreon eroge in the past 8 months or so. I've grown tired of the formulas used in JP eroge, especially moe slice-of-life
t13458.22020-01-24Depraved Awakening ReviewI don't have much to say about this review in particular, but I appreciate your coverage of Patreon games. I just skimmed through your reviews and
t13416.62020-01-14You should play this, and here's why.The usual goal in each mission is to reach the objective in as few turns as possible, as this gives you the best mission grade and rewards you with
t10697.1042019-12-24Fortissimo picked up by SakuraGameno, that is enough proof because make a miss at early game translation mean the later part will be like that or more worse than that.Actually, my own
t13322.62019-12-24manga gamer butchers another titleA silly, polemic comment deserves a silly response. A more valid argument would be that throwing an archaic dialect into a title that will be
t13322.22019-12-24manga gamer butchers another titleI'd be somewhat impressed if parts of the game were written in old Anglo-Saxon, the language of Beowulf. Such language isn't even intelligible to
t13299.482019-12-22All h content cutLegal consequences for releasing porn with underage schoolgirls are real in the western worldSekai Project did not indicate this as a consideration
t13299.362019-12-21All h content cutThere's shades of grey between "Sekai Project worked on this patch in secret" and "Sekai Project had nothing at all to do with it." A team member
t10558.2122019-12-21Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierThe stories have no direct connection. The gameplay systems, however, are cumulative. First-time players may be a bit bewildered by the complexity
t13299.312019-12-21All h content cutAny official source is unlikely to come clean to me. It'd be too risky. I'm not as convinced as you guys that Sekai Project is involved with the
t13299.292019-12-21All h content cut@alchemicalhaze: The option to send a private message on Pastebin is for "premium" members only.
t13299.192019-12-19All h content cutIs there a way to get in contact with the person/team working on the Baldr Sky restoration patch?
t13271.72019-12-10Reflection Blue announcementAnd here I thought Key was getting into NTR. This topic disappoints.
t13229.62019-12-03Old blue VNs work on Win 10?Thanks, I've added this solution for True Blue to my Windows 10 VN Compatibility List. Feel free to add entries for any other Lilim games that have
t13221.82019-12-02User reviewsI'm not even sure what the OP wants.Clearly he wants his reviews featured more prominently so the effort he puts into writing them doesn't go to
t13227.22019-12-01someone have a walthrough ?*Nevermind.
t13220.32019-12-01Should I wait for realease ?For me, it's a matter of compatibility. The most recent release crashes constantly.
t13215.62019-12-01ReviewI posted some screenshots. The script is a bit rough but readable. Ideas aren't always presented in the most fluid manner possible, but it's hard to
t13215.42019-11-30ReviewI covered Key to Home on Twitter back when it released in May: link My verdict: Interesting concept and appealing characters. Tries to be a suspense
t13180.22019-11-24Does kenta gets to fuck your cousin?The previous game had group sex scene that included Kenta, but there's a choice right before the scene that asks you whether you want to include him
t11272.62019-11-23Localization announcementMemeing to an American sitcom that aired before most of the target audience was born is probably not how I'd go about promoting this. If you don't
t13166.72019-11-19Seriously?I'd think the actual interesting pairing with someone who is pathologically doting would be a narcissist (i.e., a true chuunibyou). You could spin
t13009.92019-11-18The English dubbing is amazingPorn is illegal in the Philippines. The developers said so during the campaign. That's why all of the adult content for the game is "unofficial".
t13158.32019-11-17Soul SenkiFor reference, a quick overview of a game is NOT a review. A review evaluates a game. The linked article does not do this, nor does it claim to be a
t13079.42019-10-2910 years anniversarySeeing that all of Debonosu's releases have been classified as "doujin" lately, I'm guessing they're part-time or have let many of their staff go
t13061.122019-10-25MangaGamer vs Arunaru controveryA point of consensus from Arunaru's message here and the interview with Sol Press a while back is, "An industry this unprofitable shouldn't exist
t12948.32019-10-02Compass of Dei Gratia's KickstarterI think lack of voice acting could be a big factor for JVN enthusiasts. That's unusual enough that it should be in the FAQ.
t121.162019-09-25Yet another VN review/commenting, by FinitosIt's been 15 years since I played the game. No, I don't remember the details of all the endings. I do remember that I was interested enough in the
t121.142019-09-24Yet another VN review/commenting, by FinitosMy compatibility guide documents that Brave Soul can be played in Windows 10. It just takes some workarounds. Brave Soul is a pretty good action H
t12865.32019-09-19What is this about?It's a story about a love that overcomes all.
t12794.202019-09-03How often do you listen to the full voiced lines?I've played a few translated games with auto-mode, where you end up listening to the full length of each line, and it gets tedious quick. Generally
t12733.32019-08-17MangaGamer Interview"One of the biggest challenges that we are running into is that the “big name titles” that the core audience wants are all pretty much licensed now
t12707.92019-08-08Wouldn't be cool if a chat would be implemented?recording everything you say to any personIsn't that basically the Internet in a nutshell? If you really want privacy, you really shouldn't be
t12694.22019-08-05Hcode for window10 please?HB8*0@13230:sfa9.exe Tested using Textractor 4.5.2 x86
t12654.102019-08-02Anti censorship candidate gets electedEvery stance has *a* constituency. In any case, Japan is traditionally anti-censorship. That's why we even have a nearly unfettered eroge industry
t12673.172019-07-30How do people like this shit?The point of the parenthetical wasn't to give a Japanese lesson--it was to comment on how the game is often tropish and juvenile, despite being the
t12673.32019-07-29How do people like this shit?From my review: Seinarukana's story is a mix of high school comedy and high fantasy, but ultimately suffers from a lack of maturity in the characters
t12654.52019-07-24Anti censorship candidate gets electedThis is Japan's equivalent of the US's House of Representatives--meaning that the influence of a single representative is minimal. By itself, this
t12643.22019-07-22It's Cube dead or something?Check the other imprints.
t10021.232019-07-22Removed English Steam releaseThe protagonist is a pedophile who records videos of little girls using the school bathroom (screenshot). The game also features child prostitution
t7121.422019-07-15Feature request: Add "Engine" field to releasesAbout hook codes: These can be hooker-specific. For example, an H-code written for Lilim's White Blue that works with ITHVNR didn't work with
t12558.22019-07-06Sol Press ReleaseIf you backed the project, you should be getting the regular updates by e-mail.
t10977.52019-07-03Which route focuses most on mytholgyThe FSN that I remember was only vaguely inspired by actual mythology (e.g., Arthur being female). That said, you don't need historical accuracy to
t12459.192019-06-16Why so many Netorare titlesWhat I like about NTR is the potential for dramatic tension and suspense. For example, in School Days it's possible to pair up with one heroine while
t12459.172019-06-15Why so many Netorare titlesI couldn't find a mirror poll in the USA for that, but according to a 2013 global survey, 84% of Americans answered that adultery is morally
t12468.22019-06-153/10 NTR Battle royaleThis is one of the better NTR games I've played simply because it had an actual plot and a fairly interesting premise. The protagonist is actually
t12459.142019-06-15Why so many Netorare titlesApparently, after looking it up, there's also the fact that adultery is quite common in Japan. Multiple surveys were done on it by multiple sources
t12459.52019-06-14Why so many Netorare titlesNTR is the alternative to the pervasive trope of 100% devoted heroines that continue to be dedicated to the protagonist even after he rejects them