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t15590.22021-02-22Censored version available?There's a console version you can play. In Japanese. Good hunting!
t15222.152021-02-09English Translation"If you guys are talking about the anonfiles link it works just fine."I clicked the download link multiple times and got routed to several different
t15222.92021-02-09English TranslationThe host for this patch is using a link randomizer. Sometimes it leads you to your download. Sometimes it leads you to spam. Sometimes it leads you
t15297.22020-12-31ATLAS Dictionary and TRANSLATOR AGGREGATOR scriptHere's the old ATLAS dictionary file I compiled and posted on HongFire. It was meant to be a companion to FHC's dictionary. Sanahtlig ATLAS
t15279.122020-12-29Suggest to me a really good NTR game to playNetorare != cuckolding. You noticed it yourself. "I cannot understand what is wrong in the head of the guys that are creating NTR games nowadays.""j
t15047.152020-12-18So you play as human traffickers in this game.A Machiavellian mindset based in ideological extremism would make for an interesting political intrigue story, but that's not the route they end up
t15153.72020-12-12Translator Aggregator Project Died ?There's no plugin for Translation Aggregator (which as you noted doesn't seem to be actively developed). You have to use Textractor. There's a plugin
t15153.52020-12-12Translator Aggregator Project Died ?If you're going to machine translate using an online server, you should be using DeepL, not Google Translate.
t9853.92020-12-04Any info?This was announced over 5 years ago. No news since so I thought it was dead. Glancing at the official site, looks like they're going to try
t14830.172020-10-06VNDB Moderators eacil and beliar behavior> Writes descriptions that get deleted for being nonsense. > Proceeds to make a poll complaining about said deletions that also makes no sense. You
t10433.72020-09-29Full release?The game has narration and explicit nudity. I really like the artstyle; it's rare to see this style in a game with suggestive content.
t14785.42020-09-26DLsite's official subreddit"Who wants to moderate this shit, really?"You'd be surprised, especially if volunteers got perks like free points or inside influence on what gets
t14768.212020-09-23This game felt kinda racistBecause this topic is too uncontroversial, let's propose a related and far more sweeping alternative: Moe as a cultural phenomenon is fundamentally
t14768.62020-09-22This game felt kinda racistIt's a stereotype, but when much of the genre is just a pile of stereotypes and cookie-cutter tropes, do you expect NTR antagonist A to be anything
t14526.192020-08-29Why animated visual novels are so rare"I couldn't get into Musumaker after the girl begs the protagonist not to throw her away because she's been abused. I just ... I just can't. lolis
t14535.172020-08-27I think my opinion is quite different.....I played Eiyuu Senki Gold in Japanese. I don't think most people would say Sengoku Rance's selling point is its rich story (or that it's narrative is
t14535.142020-08-27I think my opinion is quite different....."Both offer different experiences and have strengths and weaknesses. People can enjoy one over the other"That wasn't my point at all. I commented on
t14535.112020-08-25I think my opinion is quite different.....I couldn't even make it past the prologue of Eiyuu Senki Gold because the dialogue was so mind-numbingly boring. There are people that think that's
t14581.22020-08-24isekai vnsTry Aselia the Eternal.
t14525.132020-08-17How do you start with machine translation?Hata linked a pastebin dump of the readme file for the DeepL mod. Obviously this is useless without the mod itself. I looked briefly and found a
t14525.102020-08-16How do you start with machine translation?"I have been using textractor and its not as good as VNR with ATLAS."This is too vague to be of use to anyone other than yourself. Both Textractor
t14526.142020-08-15Why animated visual novels are so rareAnimation probably adds significantly to the cost (or at least, it used to). One of the appeals of VNs is that even if one fails, you're not
t14525.22020-08-15How do you start with machine translation?You can use Textractor to hook the text. I've heard good things about DeepL for machine translation, but you'll need a mod to get around the query
t14457.162020-08-10Text Hook for Kaeru-Soft VN"Most people, however, use text hookers to learn Japanese"Citation needed. You probably meant to say "most people that speak up in the communities I
t14457.102020-08-08Text Hook for Kaeru-Soft VNMany H-codes are game version specific. That one works with version 1.01.
t14457.52020-08-04Text Hook for Kaeru-Soft VNNoshoujo seems to crash if left minimized for too long, probably because of the emote engine. I use Textractor. I've had trouble with ITH lately; I
t14401.132020-07-27Which VN rating site is more credible out of the 3Most credible user rating site for visual novels: VNDB for games available in English, Erogamescape for games available in Japanese only. This is the
t12484.192020-07-23Translation of the novel on the Renpy engineSo the new release in the 20th Box Edition actually works? That's good news for fans who can read Japanese.
t14377.32020-07-23learning how to readWhat you need to start reading VNs with machine assistance (Translation Aggregator) is basic grammar and hiragana/katakana. You can pick up
t14316.392020-07-14Lilith stole a fans' TL for commercial releaseA translation is considered a derivative work in copyright law. link This is protected by copyright--but only if it was authorized/licensed
t14314.232020-07-14Alicesoft ENG Twitter"Looking at the Steam page (which at least means that Alicesoft got Steam approval, so that's not an issue at least), it's a mosaic release."What
t14310.142020-07-09Do you use the Auto-Function and why?I've tried playing English games with auto-mode when I wanted to give my hands a rest, and it generally results in a diminished experience. Either I
t14287.72020-07-03Kickstarter for Venus Blood Hypno... Hollow I meanPeople don't typically start discussions about topics they have no interest in.
t14287.52020-07-03Kickstarter for Venus Blood Hypno... Hollow I mean"Lots of people love their VN with gameplay, which is something I never really understood."What's your interest in the series then?
t13937.232020-05-06The MangaGamer controversy"The recent drama seem to mainly come from people who aren't part of the VN community who have never and probably will never read a VN and just likes
t13937.172020-05-06The MangaGamer controversy"I’ve never seen such a niche localisation company go through so much controversy in so short a time."You haven't been following the eroge industry
t13905.22020-04-30Second MapDoesn't it auto-save after each scene?
t13859.122020-04-24best text hooking program."Is it normal for it to work with one over the other?"Yes. Textractor is based on the ITHVNR engine but has some added tweaks. This makes it work
t13859.92020-04-23best text hooking program.The tutorials often aren't comprehensive. For example, they probably don't tell you that text hookers often don't work if they're run without
t13810.52020-04-13I'm surprised it is left without any attention.There's no direct connection to the prequel, but it uses the same battle system. It's a standalone game.
t13810.22020-04-12I'm surprised it is left without any attention."And all NTR here is avoidable"Negative. Unless something changed since the version I played. Makura Cover Soft is one of my favorite NTR game devs
t13520.82020-02-10Game really could have been an 18+ title"Key also make 18+ novels, you are wrong."What new 18+ releases has Key done in the past 5 years?
t10090.72020-02-07Primula is 10 years oldThis raises deep philosophical issues of whether it's possible to sexually exploit an AI, and whether the human concept of age and cognitive maturity
t9709.32020-02-07Suddenly a Party Review and WalkthroughSkip read text feature is a must for a visual novel that's supposed to be replayed. Not highlighting to new players how to skip text (given the
t13488.22020-01-31EGS mirrorThe original JP url is currently working for me. link
t13466.122020-01-29A new site for VN OpeningsMy guess is that is industry-funded and that companies pay to upload their videos. This model is not ideal for what you're looking for--a
t13466.102020-01-28A new site for VN OpeningsCopyright strikes? Licensing? They're promotional videos. They're *meant* to be shared. YouTube shutting down company channels has nothing to do with
t13458.102020-01-25Depraved Awakening ReviewSubverse is definitely interesting. It's one of the few projects I backed. Western eroge with decent gameplay (not RPGMaker copypasta) seem
t13458.72020-01-25Depraved Awakening ReviewI've been staying away from the unfinished projects, after having tried a few. Playing through one update at a time is inconvenient, unsatisfying
t13458.52020-01-25Depraved Awakening ReviewI've played close to 30 Patreon eroge in the past 8 months or so. I've grown tired of the formulas used in JP eroge, especially moe slice-of-life