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w3501.22022-01-14Mystery House@enmagao Wow, thank you very kindly. I've lurked here for a long time, but never really participated; I don't really fit into the culture of the
t17637.12022-01-13Review scheduling; personalThis is just where I'll sort out my thoughts for future reviews. Right now, plan is to go back and go over everything older/obscure I've read. There
w1064.142022-01-12doHna:doHna -Issho ni Warui Koto o Shiyou-Very well-written review. The only thing I'd add is that it also somehow felt incredibly rushed, to me? I'm not sure that's quite the word, but I've
t3617.26192021-09-01Tags suggestions/fixes#2618, whew, that sounds daunting. I'll guess I'll take a crack at it while I try to go through my backlog of what I've played. Thanks for the info!
w1630.32021-08-31Kudan no FolkloreAh, that's a pity. I guess MG it is, then. I had no clue it was the writer from Flowers, that alone would've sold me. Thanks for the comprehensive
t16915.22021-08-31Running on Windows7Nice, Win 8.1 grumbler checking in. You might have to edit the .exe to work with Vulkan, which can be easy or soul-crushing depending. If you're
t16898.222021-08-31Tsukihime remake has been out for 2 whole days nowI have a friend who's playing through it and says it's aight, the same as Tsukihime. A great first foray, at times kinda fanfic-y, some touching
t3617.26172021-08-31Tags suggestions/fixesHey, quick question - what's the difference between height tags and height tags (obsolete)? I finally got around to delurking, and noticed that say, S
w2297.12021-08-31The Sekimeiya: Spun GlassI've been looking for a 'dense' VN to read when I get home from work, had my eye on this for some time. Can you put in an hour or two before bed, or