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t16829.182022-11-23Gangbangs ruin it#17 Agreed. I should say its one of the reasons then. I just cant help but smh when i read #13 that makes no logical sense. So ntr fan-art of a
t16829.162022-11-23Gangbangs ruin it#13 vanilla absolutists are the main reason eroge arent as mainstream and arent selling as well as they could. Its basically impossible to make a
t18370.72022-05-12Format display options for My list?#5 Thanks. This is pretty cool but now I get rate limited whenever I try to go to browse. #6 Yeah this works like a charm. I'l just make a
t18370.42022-05-12Format display options for My list?#2 Does this work for you? I tried installing it, but I am unable to use it and only get a greyed out button on my extensions. Considering it hasn't
t18370.12022-05-12Format display options for My list?I'd really love to be able to choose the format for display when looking trough my VN lists like we have for browsing. Right now, we are locked in to
t17087.12021-09-27Any way to increase the resolution?Anyone who played this that can tell me how to increase the res of this game? I can find the CG from the game online in much higher res than what the
t16555.52021-09-16Avoidable sharing?Can anyone tell me yes or no if the moms are shared with anyone else but the sons?