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      -PlayingAngel Wings2021-09-29
      -Playing, OwnedA Summer's End — Hong Kong, 19862022-11-23
      6FinishedBlooming Nightshade2021-09-27
      -StalledChemically Bonded2021-09-27
      -PlayingChuSinGura 46+12021-11-01
      7FinishedContract Demon2021-09-27
      -PlayingCrescendo ~Eien da to Omotte Ita Ano Koro~2021-11-01
      -FinishedCrystal the Witch2021-11-05
      6FinishedDesert Comets2021-09-27
      7FinishedDoki Doki Literature Club!2021-09-27
      6FinishedDoraKone! My Sweet Summer Adventure2021-09-28
      -Stalled, Ownedfault - milestone one2021-09-27
      8FinishedFind Love or Die Trying2021-09-27
      -PlayingGraveyard Girls2021-11-19
      7FinishedHighway Blossoms2021-09-27
      6.5FinishedHighway Blossoms: Next Exit2021-11-05
      4DroppedKill or LoveI might try this game again someday.2021-09-27
      -Playing, OwnedKono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete2021-11-02
      6FinishedLove or Die2021-09-27
      8Finishedmissed messages.2021-09-27
      -DroppedOne Hell of a Week2021-11-02
      7StalledOur Life: Beginnings & Always2021-09-27
      7FinishedPerfect Gold: The Alchemy of Happiness2021-09-27
      3DroppedSakura Spirit2021-09-27
      6FinishedScent of Love2021-09-27
      -StalledSunrider: Liberation Day2021-09-27
      7FinishedSunrider: Mask of Arcadius2021-09-27
      6FinishedTherapy with Dr. Albert Krueger2021-09-27
      -PlayingVA-11 Hall-A2021-09-27
      -DroppedWildfire - Ticket to RockI might try this game again someday.2021-11-05
      7FinishedWithout a Voice2021-09-27
      7FinishedYuki's Palpitating, Passionate, Phenomenal, and quite frankly Profi...2021-11-04