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t19713.12023-01-23Opinion & Question about the gamei have'nt tried this series yet. Yes all of its . Seeing as how this game should be(?) and how Unicorn company games i know, should it not be at
t10541.82023-01-18Harem ending??as for other vn that has 3d engine, look for Sextet tavern, same producer as KukkoroDays. It involves fighting w/o text n protagonist kind of so-so
t10541.72023-01-18Harem ending??lamunation seems like a good vns , a cheery and berry over the cake
t19463.42023-01-18H tags for New Heroinesso nobody add them yet . I waaanna put them but too bz to play vns, so if someone read this, pls add them
t19591.12022-12-31question tagi havent try this yet. it justt it was a hentai i watch long ago so kinda hard to swallow the darkness if it has What does that one bad ending about?
t19463.12022-12-04H tags for New Heroinesdont this fandisc got its 18+ version? Why are there no tags on New heroines Like hinami , sensei and Honoka? Sorry i didnt start the fandisc yet
t10578.332022-11-16Boring...anyone who read most of PE plot knows that, you really shud not use it as basis for comparing. Moonstone is popular for its lot of hscene and moege
t9834.132022-10-28Question about the true endi hate arisa , esp with her attitude. i dont care how much her backgrund pressure her. But man, i feel like WE and even the protagonist deserve some
t18398.72022-10-22Weird H scenes.well , carmine is more like raped by protagonist , curio are more like fuk whoever she want as long as its knowledge , she even did with our dude
t10616.412022-09-05Too much sexmost people that play vn wont mind ero content. if appealing to people that prefer a story without h scenes. there are still other vns out there
t18918.12022-08-11DiscussionIt still pretty weird out for me when its a self insert rather than a character in the game or any other new char like any games. haha but well
t18915.12022-08-10Similar setting with a certain mangahaha lol , im not sure if the manga imitate this title or the vn imitate the manga or it might be the same person who created both The countryside
t14118.42022-07-26Early game is too hardthe game is just really bad like really really bad. the system and mechanic yeas. yep you basically can only command your own char. but rly even
t11113.102022-07-20second alice endingkind of spoiler so i would keep queit. but ithink this is the true ending despite the author/creator standing. imean they were planning to create
t16324.52022-07-16But why..? *spoilers*well at least she still alive at second playthru on her route except the variant cant interact with him if theres two. But yea kinda succcc ugh. like
t18774.12022-07-16Complaint about some routes *spoiler*ugh i just hate how weak it is even if you didnt click the spoiler or dun know who s edmund halley is. when the 'Hooke' books said something about
t18028.32022-05-02Route questionso thats the setting. Alright. Ty jikorde. welp it has its own perk i guess
t18028.12022-03-21Route questionis there no harem route for this? i kinda feel bad for the other heroines or kind of feel off becuz the girl all start to like him at first. half
t17878.52022-02-21Question regarding some routesty everyone , so they didnt break up and i think i can handle just that, ty espeically another vnreader
t10888.62022-02-21About some endings#5 thank you mate, you help a lot. Glad to know that. seems like its not like orion heart. again Thank you ! KamenReader-sama!
t17878.12022-02-21Question regarding some routesWhat happens during the single bad route? did one of them break up or something im kind of into this moege ,but just wanna know what happen and how
t10888.42022-02-02About some endings@hiwaba 2# Sry for the tag. but i read you have play the game and was needing some answer before i try this vn . i only ever play 2-4 tainting
t8755.52021-12-02Koirizo review (a simply warm excursion)tbh, i like the art, its just the protagonist kind of put me off becuz he seems to have like anxiety or a bit of mental issue. The way he always talk
t10438.162021-11-21Best girl poll!Himari is annnoying yuzuyu is sweet and encouraging misaki is adorable Rina is combination of those (except the annoying part cuz needy, tease and
t4415.112021-09-29Something I am worried aboutanswering your question, there is 3 girls who might get ntr depending on ur route(welp at least the scene that contains it) Feruano Lir Lanahime