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t16216.72022-01-15Text extractionwhere u posting your translations?
t16216.52022-01-02Text extractionAlright patiently waiting :)
t16216.32021-12-30Text extraction#1 are you still gonna translate this?
t17436.62021-12-01my attempts to locate an /H code has been futileIt does picked up, perfectly
t9525.82021-10-21Bishoujo Mangekyou 4 -GD-i dont think reijirou did not anything wrong lol
t17205.12021-10-18MTLAnyone know how can u run this through VNR/Textractor/etc?
t17180.122021-10-1718+ plsik its not even out lol, im just kinda lazy rn oh well im just gonna play through
t17180.92021-10-1718+ plsDo u guys have walkthrough on this one?