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c116666.12022-10-12 at 15:59flowerno9RickyAdded character and put a trait that applies to him. I didn't add image because I no longer have v23997, and it is no longer available on itch.io. I
c101307.62022-10-12 at 15:55flowerno9Holy SpiritAdded trait that apply to him in the VN.
c73892.92022-10-12 at 15:54flowerno9Adolf HitlerChanged traits to reflect him how he is portrayed in VN.
c114290.42022-10-02 at 16:33flowerno9CitizenAdded description
c114289.32022-10-02 at 16:31flowerno9OracleAdded description
c114288.32022-10-02 at 16:28flowerno9HesperidesAdded description
c32928.52022-10-02 at 15:54flowerno9TanakabunChanged sex from Male to Female. Added category Non-Binary. See c18130.6 for explanation.
c18130.62022-10-02 at 15:52flowerno9Koshi TanakaChanged sex from male to female. Added trait Non-Binary. The developer stated in a tumblir post (link) that he is AFAB and that he is a Non-Binary
c200.272022-10-02 at 11:56flowerno9Ushiromiya Kinzou+ Subject of
c114291.62022-09-10 at 15:45flowerno9MonsterActually, I think this trait is not really spoilery. It is pretty clear the Oracle's prophecies are false and you pretty quickly learn what monster