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c101144.32022-01-07 at 10:39flowerno9Protagonist+1
c101079.52022-01-07 at 10:38flowerno9Siren Head+1
c13709.162021-12-31 at 09:08flowerno9Furudo Erika+1
c47677.22021-12-30 at 09:16flowerno9Harry Potter+1 trait (Title character)
c18132.72021-12-27 at 11:26flowerno9Minami MinamidaAdded trait: Asexual. Source: Liar liar game Wikia
c18129.42021-12-27 at 11:21flowerno9Sonoda Miho+1 trait. Source: developer's tumblir post. Can also be seen on Liar liar game Wikia.
c18128.122021-12-27 at 11:17flowerno9Yukari Minamida+1 trait
c1340.402021-12-23 at 14:06flowerno9Beatrice+1 trait (Title Character)
c91792.32021-12-18 at 14:36flowerno9Severus SnapeInstance of c25802
c91813.22021-12-18 at 14:33flowerno9Draco MalfoyInstance of c47678