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c78914.52022-04-03 at 00:37poopoo123Nimueage
c12570.92021-12-09 at 04:12poopoo123Nagamori TaisukeWhile mistaken, in Lynn Mei's route, both his sister and Lynn think that being homosexual is an issue that needs to be remedied.
c12574.172021-12-09 at 04:11poopoo123Lynn LinmeiTaisuke: "S-same sex love...Uhh... As far as I'm concerned, so long as the two involved actually DO love each other, then it's like... whatever
c12554.112021-12-09 at 04:02poopoo123Nagamori Konoha"Konoha「But but...! Wait, if 'it' was actually /THAT/, then... Onii-chahn... he's g-gay...?」" ... "Konoha「Ryo-san. Onii-chan.」 Taisuke & Ryo「Yes