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w3784.12022-04-05Shoujo to Sekai to Okashi no Ken ~Route of Ayano~I have this game in my library but I have yet to try it. Could you possibly spoil what you meant specifically when you said "some things were really
t17474.12021-12-09Hikari RouteI read that Hikari has her own route somewhere, but does she have no H-scenes? I downloaded a 100% save file off of saga oz but there was nothing of
t17413.12021-11-26TamaraSo I saw in w202 that, at least to that reviewer, Tamara comes off as a toddler heroine. Can anyone corroborate or deny this?
t17224.12021-10-22Best Bishop Game?So I was playing Chijoku no Seifuku after looking at the CG and mistakenly presuming that there were a ton of pregnant scenes (it was actually