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r98705.12022-11-19 at 18:44houraisanshinyyTouhou: Fading IllusionEarly Access release, all current details added from official Steam page link
v39829.12022-11-19 at 18:25houraisanshinyyTouhou: Fading IllusionNew Touhou VN from Indie G.O link link
c55039.62022-03-22 at 17:18houraisanshinyySakizaki SakurakoOne of her sprites towards the very beginning of the 4th part of the true ending shows her with one fang.
c103228.92022-03-08 at 16:09houraisanshinyyDr. ArachHer whole personality, mannerisms and speech is pretty eccentric from the moment we meet her.
c32353.182022-03-02 at 06:45houraisanshinyyHikawa RinaH scene after Naoya sucks her nipples.
c1433.222022-02-25 at 06:32houraisanshinyyMisakura RinH scene where she is in a maid outfit and masturbating in front of Naoya due to his orders
c1434.272022-02-18 at 04:49houraisanshinyyNatsume ShizukuShe is usually perverted when it involves Naoya or other girls. Example, in Rin's route, when she is spying on them in the atelier and the things she
c7922.212022-02-08 at 07:34houraisanshinyyToritani MakotoAre visible in the first CG you see of her for her route.
c1434.262022-02-04 at 04:51houraisanshinyyNatsume ShizukuWhen the art club are shopping for their swimsuits and we see Shizuku, her sprite is wearing one.
c1433.212022-02-04 at 04:14houraisanshinyyMisakura RinWhen Naoya saves Rin from being groped and getting wet and hugs her, she gets flustered, excited and then realized how popular he is with the ladies
c1433.202022-02-04 at 04:11houraisanshinyyMisakura RinLike the other Yumihari school girls, she also has one.
c7922.202022-01-28 at 21:15houraisanshinyyToritani MakotoAny sprite of her from the backside shows two buns.
c7921.232022-01-28 at 21:11houraisanshinyyNatsume AiCG where she makes fried rice
c1434.252022-01-28 at 21:09houraisanshinyyNatsume ShizukuChicken themed pajamas
c55022.72022-01-22 at 04:06houraisanshinyyTakizawa Thomas Nagel JunpeJust listen to the man speak and it's plenty obvious with their pronunciations.
c55022.62022-01-22 at 04:04houraisanshinyyTakizawa Thomas Nagel JunpePretty obvious with the manner of speech.
c7922.192022-01-22 at 03:57houraisanshinyyToritani MakotoFirst CG of Toritani in the café with her skirt raised depicts this.
c7922.182022-01-15 at 12:37houraisanshinyyToritani MakotoBecomes more noticeable in the third instance of CGs we see of her with her mouth open, when she's eating yakitori with rice in the art club room.