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t2108.51042023-02-18Candidates for deletionr81225 is officially cancelled. Same reason as the notes. link
t2108.50562023-01-23Candidates for deletionr67081, r57357, r63100, r58936, r63077, r71733, r85946 More dead projects or projects with no status at all.
t2108.50552023-01-23Candidates for deletionr81303, r81811 and r28307 have no updates nor comments in years either (and one has been there since 2014. I saw another group wanted to do it but
t2108.50542023-01-23Candidates for deletionr79089, r61105 and r58973 should be deleted. It's been two years without updates nor comments from neither of the groups (and one is trying to hide
t10302.4232022-02-21Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadSomeone might be trying to inflate the scores for Being a DIK and one of the Motto Haramase visual novels. Both games are in the top 200 when they