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t17460.282023-03-15Any news?1.Followed this game even after I 'quited',removed discord back then but there were other means.Am excited with new developments, of course. 2
t19457.12022-12-02All about the gameIn this thread we should write all our ideas and impressions about this game,with me going 1st,yes. Came across this game in nov.2017,in its early
t19446.102022-12-02Please add a visual novelI'll try adding 2 pics however,I think I have chances of doing it right.When I tried to add for Sakura forest girls 3,after unren it,the pics were in
t19446.92022-12-02Please add a visual novelAnd you surely know your stuff,man.I'm a novice compared to you or the admins/mods. Thx Ileca for your help. edit:about tags-well,more like an
t19446.72022-12-02Please add a visual novelI did my best,but some aspects I left them be,bcs of reasons. 1.Tags-I only added what I was sure,and rated them accordingly with my sense of reason
t19446.52022-11-30Please add a visual novelK I'll do my best on my next 2 laptop 'plays'-friday 2nd and monday 5th.
t19446.32022-11-30Please add a visual novelThe main problem is the linking to the sites but also,screens for the game-dk the 'real resolution' and I should only be able to save screens only in
t19446.12022-11-30Please add a visual novelThat is,Witch Hunter,by Somka108/Lazy Tarts. Its on Patreon and F95zone,and it also fits as a VN.Its too complex for me to try,so I'm asking some1
t17460.242022-11-01Any news?I decided to quit.No need for having an account here anymore,also from discord and also from this game waiting,ggg.And its final,I'm not that young
t17460.222022-11-01Any news?This new update will surely put every1 where they were b4 last 1-which is,down,in low spirits.In a few mins will be 2hrs since dev.latest
t17460.212022-10-21Any news?In the 25-30 period 2 events will happen,apparently.It will end some campaign for GGG to get stuff-which will be unavailable after that,and PUSH will
t17460.192022-10-10Any news?Dev.said soon,and that script is done-in discord.So I can assume oct.2nd announcement will set the release date somewhere in nov.,going by 1 month
t17460.182022-09-15Any news?Dev.apparently said something interesting just today.That is,within 3 weeks the script will be done,definitely by end of the year.So should be over
t17460.162022-09-13Any news?Made a discord acc.just to see the progress,apparently things arent that grim as we all thought.Dev.seems confident he will finish this year-meaning
t17460.122022-08-05Any news?Usually in august happens the most important updates in the year for me,and not only because its my birthday.This year as well. As for the game,on
t17460.112022-06-20Any news?I quit,and not just because there's small chance or no reply to my pm.I dont have the time,the mood plus other events happened.Scam or not,cant say
t17460.102022-06-18Any news?Just posted on f95 as well.I've sent a mail to myosuki-saying I could try helping with story/lines,if THAT is REALLY the problem here.No programming
t17460.72022-05-24Any news?Marked as abandoned on f95.Dev.kinda got fooled again by writer(or so he claims),so he's making a team,restarting again and makes no promises on
t17460.62022-04-29Any news?I share your annoyance,but there's nothing we can do but wait.Even more if we didnt played any financial role.I can only assume,until June 1st,the
t17460.42022-02-14Any news?The update was made on 5th,I only saw it on 12th.Other than that,you could be right,but it seems more serious now.Supposedly,some beta will come in
t17460.22022-02-13Any news?Another change-from latest kickstart update its supposed to be in march.