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t20285.22023-05-22How is the quality of translation?The translation has just been released and this is a 50h long game. It will probably take a while for people to have an opinion on this.
t19841.12023-02-19The ending [SPOILERS ABOUND]The developer confirmed in a Steam thread (link) that the earth spirit at the end signals the destruction and rebirth of the sword and scabbard
w2086.12023-02-19Mugen YasoukyokuI've been playing this game on the Asenheim website; I originally tried to enjoy it on an old laptop still running windows 7, but the palette
t10575.62023-02-08Other route worthy of any read beside kotori's?As the other user said, Kotori first, Yumi last. Playing Kotori's route first is particularly important because the story is centered on her and all
t10575.32023-02-07Other route worthy of any read beside kotori's?Just in case anyone finds this in the future: you should ABSOLUTELY read Yumi's route, at the very least. Iyo's and Azusa's routes are skippable, but
t17410.112022-10-08[MASSIVE SPOILERS] About that one mystery@9 Thanks for this post! Super interesting stuff. It is still supremely weird that no one has any idea what happened to Isla. I suspect my previous
t17410.32021-11-25[MASSIVE SPOILERS] About that one mysteryYep, this is just weird. I just finished the game and fiddled with a possible solution for a while, but I will openly admit I lost my desire to
t17207.32021-11-24[spoilers] It was pretty fun, but...With the sole exception of Shiroya, no characters get any real development, so that's probably why you don't fell like you really know her. As for
t17410.12021-11-24[MASSIVE SPOILERS] About that one mysteryYou know the one. Isla's death (Sai's little trick could be done in lots of different ways, so discussing that one is probably pointless - just a fun