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w4179.22022-05-31Kuro no Danshou: The Literary FragmentHere is the comparison of original vs. remake. You have the freedom to decide for yourself. link
t18160.92022-04-28Suspect entries (not VNs)@Ezezin Maamoku Remix!! ~The Mah-Jang Remix~ should also be moved into Mahjong Mokushiroku, it is just a remake with extra features. Script
t18160.82022-04-26Suspect entries (not VNs)> I just want to make sure about v18832.6. Besides the removal of gameplay, Is this game the same as Mahjong Mokushiroku (same plot, same script
t18217.52022-04-26Regarding v10914.6I am not trying to make an argument (just wanting to express my opinion), but most games are not worth playing all routes to the end. Even many games
t18217.22022-04-22Regarding v10914.6Feel free to change the length if you do not agree. I am not the final judge on this matter. The length is just a guidance, it doesn't mean "you
t18203.32022-04-18Why delete a VN because it is fully voiced?I respect that everyone can have their own opinion. To me, I would basically drop every game that is made after 1995 but yet is not voiced
t18203.12022-04-18Why delete a VN because it is fully voiced?I don't understand. It was due to technical difficulty and medium capacity that previously game had to use text instead of voice. Why read when you
t18190.22022-04-15Regarding Kuroneko KanUnfortunately I can't tell you anything if you can't find it yourself. It is just that you have not been trying hard enough to look.
t18160.62022-04-10Suspect entries (not VNs)I am not the judge here, so the following is just my opinion. I think the problem is that when there is not such a page for those fandiscs, you will
t18160.42022-04-10Suspect entries (not VNs)I see. It is OK to delete any that's not qualified.
t18160.22022-04-10Suspect entries (not VNs)I thought VNDB was striving to be comprehensive. If you think fandisc does not belong here at VNDB, feel free to delete them. I don't mind.
t18012.42022-03-19How to get male TTS ?Google translate speaks for you if you enjoy the emotionless tone of TTS.
t18012.22022-03-18How to get male TTS ?Find a man. I presume many will volunteer for free. Even the worst voice cast with no experience is better than TTS.
t18013.22022-03-18Regarding v15206.6Also, I can explain why it is like that, as it is part of Microsoft to blame. In Windows, when you call create window API, the dimensions you
t18013.12022-03-18Regarding v15206.6Native resolution evidence: link You can measure it yourself. It is accurate to the pixel.
t17525.22022-03-18[HELP!] How to let Archer Attack?Now I am pretty sure it is a bug of the game itself. And it renders the game unplayable. Elf didn't do any testing themselves when they released it
t10302.4292022-03-18Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadu210373 treats here just as a place to vent his rage on every page he browsed.
t10302.4282022-03-18Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadu214544 intentionally tags safe and tame picture as explicit and brutal. Evidence: link Edit: Never mind. It was just history. It seems the user
t18001.52022-03-14Regarding r88287It is all right. I have no reason to insist.
t18001.32022-03-14Regarding r88287Generally when we mention Remake, we always mean the 2021 edition. Anyway, just my personal opinion.
t18001.22022-03-14Regarding r88287You are right, it is a duplicate. Although I don't really think we should put the first Windows release into Remake just because the scripts are
t17989.52022-03-13Regarding r34288.5 Miwaku no Chousho (Second EditiI have no objection.
t7928.42022-03-13ConundrumNot really. The purpose is that other users can see it since all posts are public. It doesn't necessarily have to benefit the original author of the
t7928.22022-03-12ConundrumYou can forget about CV because this game does not have voice.
t17989.32022-03-12Regarding r34288.5 Miwaku no Chousho (Second EditiI changed resolution because I literally ran it on my machine so I know the actual resolution. Also, PC-98 does run a special version of DOS (not
t17989.12022-03-12Regarding r34288.5 Miwaku no Chousho (Second EditiDon't trust comshop blindly. I already found a lot info on it is actually wrong. As you can clearly see in the link you provided (link) that it
t3966.62022-03-06Sei Estela: commentsIt is a nukige. The so called "story" is laughable if anything at all. Especially once you've entered a route, there is nothing else that you do
t17696.72022-03-02Can we undo the recent edit?Forgive me for laughing out after reading the discussion. But after some investigation into the game, I have to admit--to me--it is a scam. Anyway
t17536.12021-12-23Regarding v33129.9OK. Got it.
t17535.32021-12-23Regarding v33129.4Wait, you are right and I was wrong. My screen was set to 800x600 and this game doesn't change resolution. Corrected.
t17535.12021-12-23Regarding v33129.4That's the exact window size, not the border.
t17525.12021-12-21[HELP!] How to let Archer Attack?Has anyone ever tried to play Shangrlia in Elf Classics? How do you make archer to attack? After each move, you should be given a chance to attack
t17428.52021-11-29Regarding p12712.3OK
t17428.32021-11-28Regarding p12712.3Everything (e.g. outside the game, promotional sites) is in Chinese "台湾飛鯨國際" except the first logo screen which shows "ALF co,. LTD" in English.
t17428.12021-11-28Regarding p12712.3ALT co,. LDT is the official English name of this Taiwan company because that spelling is directly shown in the game Title.