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w4834.32022-08-11Digimon Survive@1 I don't think there's anything inherent in the worldbuilding that requires you to be a Digimon fan in order to get the story (there's not a lot of
t18855.262022-08-05Bandai Dropped the Ball@25 I'm still in the middle of the final true route so I don't know about that one, but moral route was the only route where it kind of felt like
t18855.242022-08-04Bandai Dropped the Ball@22 and 23 Digimon negotiation isn't half as bad as SMT Demon Negotiation since in SMT, there's randomization involved. In Digimon Survive, a
t18855.202022-08-03Bandai Dropped the Ball@19 I don't have any real issues with the story itself yet (other than a slow beginning, but a ton of VNs have that flaw). My issues are mostly with
t18855.182022-08-03Bandai Dropped the BallI'm playing through Survive right now, beat the wrathful and moral routes. I like it a lot, but it does have a significant amount of flaws ... but
t18871.42022-08-03The translation is pretty badI didn't notice anything major. It's kind of meh, but anything looks good next to Cyber Sleuth's translation.
t17523.652022-07-26rejected by steam@63 I've never understood caring if a fictional character was a virgin or not, since I'm not the one in a relationship with them. Same thing goes
w4751.22022-07-26Café Stella to Shinigami no ChouYuzusoft are a company that make moege. Some people like Yuzusoft titles, some avoid them like the plague. I haven't read any of them myself since I
t17523.612022-07-26rejected by steam@60 Eh, to be fair, there is a lot of variety in the body types of girls in high school age. Due to various factors, they can range from looking like
t18812.32022-07-24Which one is the best translation?Mirrormoon translation has been criticized for being stiff but there's no other alternatives. It's a minor issue overall. Despite the flaws in
t17523.422022-07-23rejected by steam@40 Personally, the issue with me is Steam being inconsistent. I have no qualms with the Nintendo eshop not selling eroge, but they have a rule they
t18810.12022-07-23Side by side errorPosting this because it took me forever to figure out. If you get a side by side error while you're trying to open the game, you have to download
t18693.462022-07-20Sekai Project New TitlesHeh, I remember back when people had hopes and dreams for Sekai Project. How naive we were. Nothing good could have come out of the company that was
t18786.72022-07-19Should "Loli Protagonist" tag be applied to non h?Loli does not mean non-virgin or someone who isn't sexualized. While the term can have a sexual connotation, it does not always have one.
t18693.382022-07-18Sekai Project New Titles@32 I certainly wouldn't expect the feng titles any time soon, considering Sekai just announced them all at the same time last year.
t18693.302022-07-18Sekai Project New TitlesSekai Project tends to announce something immediately after they got the license, so @29 is accurate. One thing of note is that they've actually lost
t18257.62022-07-18Any news regarding the English TL of Django?The Django wait is kind of justified considering JAST USA managed to push out Muramasa within a lifetime. I find it hard to be sour about Django.
t18781.32022-07-17Should we add Tag:21th Century?Eh, the modern day tag will suffice for now. I don't think tagging based on century or decade is particularly useful
t18693.252022-07-17Sekai Project New Titleslink Some of Sekai's announcements were confirmed to have 18+ versions by virtue of being on the Denpasoft project tracker. They are Raspberry Cube
t18776.22022-07-16Gone missing from Sekai's Project Status pageIt could just be an error made when they updated the page. That said, it wouldn't be the first time Sekai Project lost a license after taking too
t18772.62022-07-16Gripes with VN'sWhile your judgements on the medium as a whole are mostly accurate, your definition of SoL is off. Slice of Life isn't an indication of setting. It's
t18719.22022-07-06Need help with the story!There are still a number of named characters. Basically, head southwest, the plot will start moving again once you hit Senkan Nagato.
t18580.142022-07-04Anime Expo 2022 + Upcoming Visual Novel2022 announcements JAST USA > Mangagamer > Nekonyan >Sekai +Denpasoft MG's mostly that high because of Rance 03 and Nekonyan is mostly that low
t18705.12022-07-04Mangagamer AX 2022 announcements2 main announcements as expected and the Go Go Nippon thing was more of a confirmation of a previously stated announcement than a new announcement
t18696.92022-07-03Jast USA's Anime Expo 2022 announcementsIt's not an AX announcement, but JAST recently announced the monster girl game : Mamono Musume-tachi to no Rakuen ~Kumo to Tori to Hitotsume to~ for
t18696.82022-07-03Jast USA's Anime Expo 2022 announcementsJast USA has been getting a lot better with release dates recently. I can see at least 3 of them by 2023.
t18693.72022-07-03Sekai Project New TitlesInterestingly, none of these titles have been confirmed to have 18+ versions by the the Denpasoft panel.
t18580.82022-06-17Anime Expo 2022 + Upcoming Visual Novel@6 If they are streamed, it's unofficially. You might be able to find someone on twitter if you look hard enough. It's not really worth it to
t18580.42022-06-16Anime Expo 2022 + Upcoming Visual NovelAh, interesting, I suppose Anime Central was Nekonyan's only annoncement panel for the year. Anyways, I don't expect much, but maybe I'll be
t18434.182022-05-22Anime Central 2022 Announcements@15 It's not necessarily true that a publisher will license titles solely by sheer popularity. Sometimes there's compromise that has to be made with
t18434.132022-05-22Anime Central 2022 AnnouncementsI vaguely remember people being hype for Irotoridori for some reason. That said, it's definitely notable for being one of the various ex-Sol Press
w4313.32022-05-18Kikouyoku Senki Tenkuu no Yumina@2 Part of the reason I liked the true end so much is because I was disappointed during the space phase since Ayumu was the only one who could pilot
t18199.72022-04-20Should every VN come with ending flowchart?It's fine for a lot of VNs, but some VNs might want to keep the very existence of certain routes or endings a secret. As an example, everyone knows
t7068.1462022-04-12The non-VN eroge discussion threadHuh, what a coincidence, Kagura picked up the one game that wasn't fully translated (Nightmare Girls, though localized as Into the Nightmare). I'm
t18175.92022-04-12MAHOYO NEW VA ANNOUNCE AND A ENGLISH TRANSLATION!?@7 Nah, I'm pretty sure that's more Aniplex being greedy for gaijin money than Nasu. Aniplex has translated other VNs too. Hopefully, this means
t18175.52022-04-12MAHOYO NEW VA ANNOUNCE AND A ENGLISH TRANSLATION!?link Official twitter link, in case there were doubts.
t18175.22022-04-12MAHOYO NEW VA ANNOUNCE AND A ENGLISH TRANSLATION!?link Probably legit, Gematsu's pretty reliable. Damn, the world really is ending soon, nuclear WWIII when?
t7068.1452022-04-06The non-VN eroge discussion threadI've been playing a bunch of H-games from Tsukinomizu Project. From what I can tell, Lily Knight Saga, Naedoko's Demon Ground, and Forget-me-not
w2880.162022-03-25Soukou Akki MuramasaI haven't read Muramasa, but while a lot of good stories do end up using the framework of the hero's journey, that does not mean that a good story
t17972.22022-03-11How good is the unofficial english translation?It's decent for the most part. Very few typos if any.
w3743.12022-03-06Himitsu no Kiss wa Amaku YasashikuI played the release out of curiosity. The main game is exactly the same as the Switch version, but it adds an epilogue where all of the H
t14336.222022-01-20Evenicle 2 English Release AnnouncementHuh, Eve 2 is $10 cheaper than Eve 1. I guess that makes up for the mosaic. @21 Steam DRM is minimalistic, which I don't mind. Johren uses Denuvo
t14336.172022-01-19Evenicle 2 English Release AnnouncementIncidentally, Alicesoft was originally planning to censor some content for the Steam release, but now they won't have to anymore. Also nice to see
w3440.12022-01-03Kikokugai - The Cyber SlayerTo be fair, it worked. Now she's with her brother forever.
t17347.62021-11-13So SolPress is deadMore likely than not, if a company dies, the licensing rights go with it. any other companies that want the rights have to renegotiate. It's the same
t16557.122021-09-11Windows 11 announced@10 Hilariously, I actually work for a company that needs IE to work. The program they use is so old that it's incompatible with Edge.
t16898.132021-08-29Tsukihime remake has been out for 2 whole days now@10 Far side routes incorporated H-scenes more into their story. They need more significant rewriting to take out the H-scenes than the Near Side
t16898.52021-08-28Tsukihime remake has been out for 2 whole days nowHonestly, I'm skeptical about any reviews or news about the Tsukihime remake right about now. I still refuse to believe that the 2nd part of the
t15752.42021-08-28So this was confirmed to be a reboot?To be fair, it's way easier to localize a fighting game than a VN, at least on the amount you have to translate. I wonder how much Type Lumina will
t16889.22021-08-27Is there a way to make it work on Windows 7?I heard JAST was working on Windows 7 compatibility. If your computer is strong enough, you could run Windows 8 in a virtual machine, but if changing