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t2108.50292023-01-09Candidates for deletionChad is a dupe of Chad
t2108.50252023-01-07Candidates for deletionSoldier is a dupe of Soldier
t2108.50092022-12-24Candidates for deletionNoblewoman is a dupe of Noblewoman
t2108.50082022-12-23Candidates for deletionRowen Averae is a dupe of Rowen Averae (sorry, I think my internet is trolling and sent the creation request 2 times or something)
t2108.50072022-12-23Candidates for deletionAlistar Cooper is a dupe of Alistar Cooper
t2108.50042022-12-20Candidates for deletionMimir's Lab is a dupe of Mimir's Lab
t19229.72022-11-09Thank you.Well, you're right. Sure, I'll write to you there
t19229.52022-11-04Thank you.That sounds great :0 Now I'll really will be waiting for it. Sure, when I have some time, I'll add info from the new update (most likely while
t19229.22022-10-29Thank you.Hello, sorry for the late response. It would be a honour to appear in the credits. I really enjoyed the game so far. One of the things I like the
t2108.47812022-07-04Candidates for deletionThis one: Emma has a dupe: Emma
t18679.22022-06-30Trouble in Paradise - ContentHi o/ I would say that there is a lot of content right now. The story is mostly linear with branches and there are a lot of lewd scenes
t2108.45892022-02-28Candidates for deletionAccidentally created a dupe: Niara
t2108.44752022-01-22Candidates for deletionThis one needs to be deleted: Mushi (it was created for the game "Alone") It's a dupe of this one: Mushi Here you can see that both are the same