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t18703.202022-07-04Obsolete traitsI'll try my best to do better, however. Thank you again.
t18703.192022-07-04Obsolete traits"Only add names in alias based on how characters are called in the vn. Don't add traits based on other works (lots of time the characters and scenes
t18703.172022-07-04Obsolete traits"looks like you still haven't learnt anything. the problem here is not that you made the romanization yourself or not, but whether it follows the
t18703.162022-07-04Obsolete traits"Don't do this, sometimes a contribution can stay unmodified for a very long time, specially about obscure titles. If you are going to add
t18703.132022-07-04Obsolete traits"Alternately, you can check the recent edits page every now and then or check the recent edits of other users (mine for example) and maybe you can
t18703.122022-07-04Obsolete traits"you still do."For the edits you made: I'm using the game and anime as sources... I didn't romanize those myself. Plus, fan wikis are also used
t18703.92022-07-04Obsolete traits"and make a post for each edit you make in a day, which is hundreds of them?" And thats why I don't have them on, haha. These past two days I've been
t18703.72022-07-04Obsolete traits"They are basically unapplicable traits (deleted or changed so they became meta traits or unapplicable by users but searchable). The obsolete part
t18703.42022-07-03Obsolete traitsThe "mantle" trait was added today, so I had to go through and add it to all the ones that needed it. What does the obsolete traits mean? I've come
t18703.22022-07-03Obsolete traitsAh, sorry! I do have most notifications off. For the "obsolete" traits, should I just delete them or leave them?
t3314.29202022-07-03TraitsI believe Hair > Tomboyish Sidetails should be a tag still. It's not the same as Hair > Sidehair. Tomboyish sidetails are a hairstyle that is longer
t18672.22022-06-30Descriptions and Imageslink here and link
t3617.28512022-06-29Tags suggestions/fixesShouldn't Angel Hero be under Non-human Hero and Divine Hero too?
t18663.122022-06-29Romanization HelpThank you, I'll keep that in mind!
t18663.92022-06-29Romanization HelpI need some help again: for メンヘラ実況者がリアルで犯人捕まえてみた, the website linked by #7 has the romanization "Menhera Jikkyousha ga Riaru de Hannin Tsukamaetemita
t18663.82022-06-29Romanization HelpThanks everyone!
t18663.42022-06-28Romanization HelpAnd for Tenshi ni Natta Karera no Ohanashi (天使になった彼らのお話), it is an entry I added long ago but I don't know if the romanization is correct for it. It
t18663.32022-06-28Romanization HelpGot it, thank you! Will "ū" always be "uu," or are there special cases?
t18663.12022-06-28Romanization HelpHi! I need help with romanization here that fits under this site's rules, and I have this problem a lot (obviously) so I figure I can make a thread
t18513.332022-06-27Regarding v36258.3I see, thanks!
t18513.312022-06-27Regarding v36258.3How do you open the relations map? I want to fix the redundant relations I made in the past
t18513.302022-06-27Regarding v36258.3Will do! Thank you, I'll be cooperative and better now c:
t950.13022022-06-26VNDB Suggestions!I think I'll pass on that very generous offer up until I reach my 10th warning for now. Maybe I'll use it as reference, who knows?
t950.13002022-06-26VNDB Suggestions!#1299 I expected someone to make a joke like that, but I never expected to see "giving birth through your urethra" on that list lmfao
t950.12982022-06-26VNDB Suggestions!I have a few suggestions: 1. Implement a discipline/warning system. It'd even more helpful if there's a list of "punishments" one can receive
t18645.92022-06-26Correct Spelling?I don't know who else I'm meant to contact anymore.
t18645.82022-06-26Correct Spelling?Well, I've been trying to get my editing rights back for a while now and have been ignored by everyone when I ask for help, aside from you saying
t18645.62022-06-26Correct Spelling?#5 I'm unable to add it as an alias myself, can you help me?
t18645.42022-06-26Correct Spelling?Would it be better for "こばなし" to be the primary name? They use it on their Twitter, SKIMA, and pixiv pages
t18645.32022-06-26Correct Spelling?When I google translated "死神ラビット", it said "Shinigami Rabitto." It may be a style choice, I'm not so sure. I'm convinced that it should be the vice
t18645.12022-06-26Correct Spelling?Hi, so basically, this creator uses the spelling "Sinigami Rabbit" on the offiical website and the email. This makes me believe that they want to use
t18623.52022-06-26How to be unbanned/get edit privileges back?Is there nothing I can do?
t18623.42022-06-26How to be unbanned/get edit privileges back?It's been a few more days, and I've been completely ignored by him. I assume he's done looking through my edit history, as he hasn't changed
t18636.32022-06-25Question on "Animation"And for Live2D, it would be "vector"?
t18513.272022-06-25Regarding v36258.3Also, for Shinigami Rabbit: I put Shinigami Rabbit originally as well, but the website and email address is "Sinigami Rabbit". I think they want to
t18636.12022-06-25Question on "Animation"So basically, I've had some problems with this: Under the "animation" tab when adding a release, there's a "spite" section that has "hand-drawn
t3617.28452022-06-25Tags suggestions/fixesThere are a lot of tag suggestions in the queue, just a heads up!
t3314.29152022-06-25TraitsFor the same reason as "queen," I think Role > Empress should be made applicable for games where their specific role (regnant or consort) isn't
t18513.262022-06-25Regarding v36258.3Can I now?
t18623.32022-06-23How to be unbanned/get edit privileges back?Oh, that's what he meant? There was a confusing line in his reply and I went unanswered when I asked what he meant
t18623.12022-06-23How to be unbanned/get edit privileges back?Hi, I don't know the right word for this but basically, I'm wondering what to do or how long I'll have to wait? I was simply told that they would be
t3314.29122022-06-23Traits"Video Gamer" should be an alias for Role > Gamer
t18615.82022-06-22Gacha Games and Rhythm Games: What Counts?Thank you!
t18615.72022-06-22Gacha Games and Rhythm Games: What Counts?Can the alias "music game" be added?
t3314.29112022-06-22TraitsAs for Role > Astronomer, I believe the "astronomer" trait should be different from "stargazing." While stargazing is more of a hobby, an "astronomer
t3314.29102022-06-22TraitsAlso, there are many characters that fit the trait Role > Otouto Act and Role > Ani Act. When I requested these traits, I could still add tags to
t3314.29092022-06-22TraitsHonestly, I'd say it's better under role as well. I don't know why I suggested it under "subject of". If it was another option of the "sex" field
t18615.52022-06-22Gacha Games and Rhythm Games: What Counts?I see, should a rhythm game tag be added? I'm unable to suggest one right now, but would it help?
t18615.32022-06-22Gacha Games and Rhythm Games: What Counts?Is it the same for rhythm games with visual novel aspects?