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t17646.52022-01-14Regarding r86183.1I just replied.
t2108.44592022-01-14Candidates for deletionlink please delete it
t17646.32022-01-14Regarding r86183.1But do you know how to delete it?
t17646.22022-01-14Regarding r86183.1Ok, thanks for your reply.I'll do it.
t17523.82022-01-08rejected by steam@4 dlsite(need VPN and more expensive than steam), johren(R-18 needs VPN and more expensive than steam), justusa(not support wechat pay or alipay
t13955.62022-01-04I thought porn was illegal in China?TLDR:#3 is right. It was firstly sold on DLsite which located in Japan.
t14003.62022-01-04R-17 ?It firstly released in DLsite Taiwan(now it is merged with DLsite Japan). In Taiwan it is marked R-18 but it is R-17 by Denpasoft.
t17557.52022-01-03Junos Co., Ltd. (Yuzusoft) leaves SofurinThey said the new eroge was making, and earlier they started a new ASMR project named YSMR, which produced all 18+ ASMRs. It is not enough to say
t14554.102022-01-03So, how can they be so popular?They are all translated in Chinese so it is possible to be popular among Chinese community. Many similar VNs are not translated so there is no chance