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t18367.12022-05-11About the PV and Onegin (character)Honestly, I haven't played the game, but I still wanna say what I noticed. To me, according to some CGs from a PV are a bit like Umineko When They
t17775.182022-02-06About v33274To NaioHoras: Hee hee hee, sumimasen!
t17775.162022-02-06About v33274I saw these changes, and what can I say. They're great! The changed description is amazing too! Thank you, Ezezin!
t17775.152022-02-06About v33274To Ezezin (post #14): Yeah, leave it as it is.
t17775.132022-02-06About v33274To Beliar (post #10, edited): Yeah, you're right. Makiz Anon gave the permission to me to create a 13+ patch of [url=r85927]Utsurokowashi-hen[/url]
t17775.122022-02-06About v33274To Beliar: Huh, I see. And yeah, let's leave it as it is: Makiz Anon as a developer, and Vova M. (me) as a publisher.
t17775.92022-02-06About v33274And also, what do you mean by Beliar?
t17775.82022-02-06About v33274"Also, I was thinking in using Makiz Anon as developer for the first two releases and using Vova M. as publisher, since that is what we can see in
t17775.62022-02-06About v33274What mod?
t17775.42022-02-06About v33274Yeah, that's right.
t17775.22022-02-06About v33274Well, actually... Me and Makiz Anon... are the same person. Well, previously I was Makiz Anon, and I developed these games under this name. But
t17621.12022-01-09About Monica and Serena.Is it just me, or Monica (that blond princess) looks like Arcueid, and Serena (that one pink haired maid) looks like Hisui?