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t18624.22022-06-24H-Codethank you, brother!
t17192.222022-06-22Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a routeUsually, VNs that are made by companies under Cuffs would have routes for female side characters as well albiet shorter than the main heroines
t2108.47662022-06-22Candidates for deletionv36626 is a gacha game, definitely not a VN.
t18571.42022-06-16tagsMy apologies, I didn't know that there were such rule.
t18571.22022-06-15tagsBecause it is reveled later in the story that Hiiragi is only the MC's father best friend and is not blood related to the MC. Therefore, I do not
t18456.22022-05-27H-CodeTextractor works, but you need to make sure that you have the three "Remove Repeted" extensions at the top of the extensions list and set the text
t18417.92022-05-20Favourite Artist(s)Oryou kakao Ikegami Akane (She worked on all of Hulotte's games)
t18345.32022-05-09About the pink-haired girl in this game.No, beside "pink-haired girl" are pretty common designs for main female characters.
t18308.192022-05-07Who's your favourite eroge voice actress?Tsukino Kiiro
t16943.132022-04-20Ai kiss 3I still do not know if this game is a sequel or reboot, but I think it's better to start from the first game just to get used to the old characters.
t16943.72022-04-09Ai kiss 3So is this a direct sequel? Do I have to play the previous games?
t18152.22022-04-09H-Code/HW4:C@38E10:ハジラブ.exe - with speaker names /HS4@3AF10:ハジラブ.exe - without speaker names Credit:Anon1
t17914.32022-03-03H-codeThank you, brother!