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v18397.112021-01-10 at 13:25soulvnovelFata morgana no Yakata -Another Episodes-Steam keeps track of time played. few under 10 hours, few over 30. most 15-20 hours
v10804.392020-08-23 at 21:45soulvnovelBoku ga Tenshi ni Natta WakeI'm a slow reader but it took me over 53 hours to complete the game (as steam keeps track). On this subject, people who reviewed the game, their play
v24872.142020-07-01 at 14:57soulvnovelNeko-nin exHeart 3Added screenshots
v25673.42020-06-30 at 11:14soulvnovelNeko-nin exHeart 2 LOVE +PLUSI'm playing the game and is over 2 hours (~3 hours)