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v35225.62022-06-24 at 03:15derpydoopie00Homemaid Sweet Peaadded description, translated from link
c111081.12022-06-22 at 16:09derpydoopie00Shounai Otohimeside char, source: link
c111080.12022-06-22 at 16:04derpydoopie00Kuroshio Yuzukoside char translated, source: link
c111079.12022-06-22 at 15:59derpydoopie00Sophietranslated and source: link
c111078.12022-06-22 at 15:54derpydoopie00Awa Himeside char added, here is the link for the source link
c111077.22022-06-22 at 15:43derpydoopie00Megi Onihimemade a mistake on the original name box
c111077.12022-06-22 at 15:43derpydoopie00Megi Onihimeroughly translated from JP to EN from creator circle's website
c111076.12022-06-22 at 15:25derpydoopie00Urashima Jirouall found on creator circle's website and translated from Japanese to English
v23302.82022-06-22 at 15:08derpydoopie00Shikokushi Special DX ~Shuchi Niku Udon Senki~screenshots from the creator circle's website, feel free to delete or edits here and there if they don't satisfy the conditions