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v4.1032023-01-14 at 01:30kei-trCLANNADAs v4.87 states "side story" is unfitting but the same goes for "same series" as well. I am torn between fandisc and sequel but decided to go with
r84729.92022-11-03 at 01:51kei-trUchikano - Living with My Sister!See t19302.28
c19124.252022-10-18 at 17:35kei-trMizuishi Rikana+2 traits
c19129.302022-10-18 at 17:33kei-trHino YachikaShe just has been a tsun, not a tsundere. I didn't see any speck of dereness from her. Even if she develops some feelings at the very end she just
c19693.72022-10-18 at 17:11kei-trKoike RyouHe did have consensual sex but he didn't know he had been filmed.
c19694.62022-10-18 at 17:11kei-trArashiyama MisaShe did have consensual sex but she didn't know she had been filmed.
c19690.62022-10-18 at 17:04kei-trIchihashi NamiShe is Takumi's girlfriend not Aika. Aika just had sex with Takumi behind her back.
c19692.62022-10-18 at 17:02kei-trSatonaka AikaNami is Takumi's girlfriend not Aika. She just had sex with Takumi behind Nami's back.
g3654.12022-10-01 at 02:18kei-trSex In Common RouteI have suggested this tag in the past but at the time tag database did not keep track of change histories, so I couldn't explain my reasoning when
v13066.232022-09-29 at 18:07kei-trFukai ni Nemuru Oujo no AbaddonSpoiler image
c62890.382022-09-18 at 23:16kei-trKitaooji KarenFix
c79331.62022-08-20 at 03:37kei-trKikkaJust like Kanna from Air she is the heroine of "past" route
c79334.52022-08-20 at 03:34kei-trWakou HakuouJust like Ryuuya from Air he is protagonist of "past" route
c17303.202022-08-17 at 22:39kei-trHishia MoriThere are bigger visual novels with more routes in the database and there are examples if a character is a protagonist even single one of those
c17303.182022-08-17 at 01:52kei-trHishia MoriAs I said, we read story from her perspective even more than Narita's at her route. Definetly not "for a short while" as Temporary Protagonist trait
v34192.82022-07-31 at 19:57kei-trDark SNOWAlternative version seems to be better fit rather than fandisc since this isn't a after story but a version of story features another protagonist
c17303.152022-05-31 at 21:53kei-trHishia MoriWe had her perspective even more than Narita's in her route
v13631.452022-05-31 at 17:11kei-trHello Lady!It's funny that official description gets school's name wrong
c30133.82022-05-31 at 16:57kei-trMikado RuriShe might be a little childish but her violence is definitely not
c18800.82022-05-31 at 16:54kei-trYomise TokinoShe only kills someone as self-defence
c17304.112022-05-31 at 16:43kei-trMikado TaigiUmm, no?
c18798.82022-05-31 at 16:40kei-trMaid No. 1Fix
c17297.232022-05-31 at 16:26kei-trNarita ShinriSpoiler levels of some traits changed from major to minor because they are revealed before end of common route. Obsession because he is obsessed with
c17419.212022-03-25 at 23:09kei-trEnjou MinamoFix
c17418.352022-03-25 at 23:06kei-trOtonashi KushinaFix
c17420.182022-03-25 at 23:04kei-trFutami IoriFix and an addition
c66157.452022-03-02 at 04:15kei-trShikibe MayuFix. She doesn't sleep even from the start. She just pretending to be asleep and even protagonist realizes this.
c66160.112022-02-18 at 04:30kei-trSuou KyouheiFix
c66162.72022-02-18 at 04:29kei-trKakimoto KaoriFix
c66157.442022-02-18 at 04:29kei-trShikibe MayuFix
c66158.322022-02-18 at 04:28kei-trNijouin HazukiFix
c66155.322022-02-18 at 04:28kei-trMitsukasa AyaseFix
c66161.352022-02-18 at 04:26kei-trArihara SatoruFix
c3790.272022-01-23 at 03:31kei-trFurude RikaFix. After living for more than 100 years she is just mentally matured and after the things she endured she did got depressive and pessimistic
c3814.422022-01-23 at 03:23kei-trSonozaki ShionTraits
r70795.72021-08-10 at 20:07kei-trMaji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A - Package EditionNo A-5 yet link
v783.192021-06-27 at 19:54kei-trWizard's Climberfix
c79016.42021-04-05 at 19:21kei-trKimijima KouFix. Mind control, not possession.
c86163.52021-04-05 at 19:14kei-trSenomiya MisakiFix. This vn is part of "Science Adventure Series", it is not a fantasy vn. Which means everything explained scientifically, even psychic powers like
c11430.122021-03-14 at 14:19kei-trNanaiFix. t15165.8
c9360.372021-03-14 at 14:16kei-trKakei KyoutarouFix. t15165.8
c2842.412021-03-14 at 14:14kei-trKodachi NagiFix. t15165.8
c9359.302021-03-13 at 20:20kei-trUreshino SayumiFix. Red ribbon. First years wears blue while second years wears red ties/ribbons. Even her character description says "class 2-F".
c2842.402021-03-13 at 20:14kei-trKodachi NagiFix. Red tie. First years wears blue while second years wears red ties/ribbons. Also, she is referred as "Nee-san" by Kana and "Senpai" by Misono
v12849.902021-01-27 at 05:26kei-trAo no Kanata no Four RhythmThese two are not side stories at all because these are after stories and don't take place sometime in main story but after them (well this is
c22767.312021-01-17 at 20:20kei-trKurashina Asukafix
c22767.302021-01-17 at 20:20kei-trKurashina AsukaIt seems this trait removed due to they knew each other only "less then hour" but that's not a clearly stated fact. Sure they didn't knew names of
v14265.832020-12-09 at 05:03kei-trHoshi Ori Yume MiraiStory takes place right between her school arc and after story, which means this should be a side story rather than a fandisk according to
c6967.382020-09-21 at 03:59kei-trKatagiri YuumaFix
c61914.52020-08-12 at 01:50kei-trLavi's MotherI don't think travelling in time to the past and preventing a character's death and making her never dead in the begin with same as resurrecting them.