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t19454.162022-12-05Merry Christmas! What's your favourite Winter VN?For me it's Kanon, this magical, oldschool winter setting is really one of a kind and special. The soundtrack is one of my all time favourites as
t19006.72022-09-21Best Umineko episode?Definitely enjoyed Requiem the most. Loved the theatrical setting, Clair's beautiful storytelling and the way she shows the reader the most important
t18904.22022-08-07THIS IS REAL?!?I really like the new designs, can't wait to see the rest of the heroines <3 Definitely gonna play it.
t18062.232022-04-04Remake announced?I was thrilled when I first heard about this remake being a possibility. How I feel towards ONE is mainly nostalgic, I'm fan of Kanon and later Key
t15878.62021-04-16What is this?I'm a bit surprised to see this getting 18+ release. That makes me wonder why they didn't just go with different cast right from the beginning
t15597.112021-02-25Which VNs most people like but you don't?Wouldn't say I hated it, but Grisaia no Kajitsu for supposed kamige, turned out to be just meh, okay. Wasn't that funny to me, I disliked scenario of
t15578.132021-02-21First VN?Clannad, after watching anime series and falling in love with it, I was intrigued enough to check the original source and try it out. Pretty standard
t15502.82021-02-05Did you like Makina's route? (spoiler)Ugh, it's not that romance in Makina's route should be rewritten, it's her whole route, I hated it. The whole papa thing was disgusting. I know she
t15363.42021-01-10Missing that final CG/scene in the galleryHonestly I hated playing that mini game so I gave up pretty early lol. From what I've researched, there is not much story to it, but maybe someone
t15363.22021-01-10Missing that final CG/scene in the galleryYup, it's the one you can only get after beating the mini game.
t1227.162021-01-05OreImo PSP EnglishWow, I've been waiting for this ever since the first Disc was released ;_; Gladly will complete it after all these years <3
t15053.42020-11-22What is D.C. ~Da Capo~ like?DCII is an improvement on original DC though, it has similar storylines, but the narration is waaay better, and heroines are just cuter and more
t13029.32019-10-15Which characters do Grisaia shares with this game?IIRC the characters from Hoshiuta only appear in Grisaia once, in a gag scene, where girls are watching TV and Nanano and Renge appear "on the screen
t12441.22019-06-09What if...That'd make entire Grisaia franchise 10x better [*] Let's be honest, Kazuki deserves all the love in the world. Be sure to come back here to share
t12202.42019-04-16I don't understand the lore.The "lore" in Grisaia is definitely not complex enough to write paragraphs about it :x You should be fine just reading the main entries in this
t12062.122019-03-17Top 3 favourite Visual Novels1. Little Busters! 2. Clannad 3. Steins;Gate I just like having the feels, I guess, very few titles made similar impact on me in my life. As for S;G
t11868.102019-01-30Ruka's nameI've also always said and read it as "Ruka", "Lukako" seemed just like Okarin's case of weird spelling.
t11562.42018-11-26Tennouji Kotarou the useless protagonistDunno, for me Key vn have some of the best, most fitting protagonist ¯\_(ツ)\_/¯ Wouldn't call Kotarou my favourite one, but he was perfect for
t11496.122018-11-11unfamiliar?Honestly, I'd rather keep them separated, I can't imagine two such distant artstyles/character designs together in one vn :|
t11496.62018-11-10unfamiliar?I don't like where this is going... Entirely different artstyle, different uniforms, everything about it feels sooo unfimilar, I hate it >_< The only
t4601.52018-10-22A happy ending?#4 Koropokkur indeed looks absolutely terrible, but Itaru's next work, Haruka Drive, thankfully looks better - maybe still not Rewrite level (come on
t11387.102018-10-18Would you have liked multiple routes?I'd LOVE final volume to have something more than one harem ending, I'm too pure-hearted for it anyway ;_; But I'm 99.9% sure that's what they're
t9142.52018-03-12Key + Niijima YuuI also found it weird that despite voicing SP teaser she didn't voice any of the characters, even excluding the main heroines... I love KanaHana, so
t9876.22017-11-10CharactersOh absolutely, I keep thinking it's her whenever I see any CG from this vn >_>
t9867.32017-11-09Why is there an AR tag trait(spoilers)Spoilers ahead: In her route Komari is emotionally broken, acting completely childlish for some time and Riki can take advantage of it, which leads
t9421.72017-07-19So many translations from the companyI've played it for a while, until I got tired from waiting for points, and it was pretty cute and harmless, no wonder that it has so many fans in the
t9233.22017-05-27some disappointmentI totally agree, played it some time ago and was completely disappointed by lack of main heroine's reaction and some bigger drama happening... At
t7826.152017-04-06Any new info?Finally! It took them enough time geez ;__;
t9010.62017-04-01Katawa Shoujo Prealpha RepairWhich one would you recommend for reading KS for the very first time?
t8870.52017-02-23Looking for a novel about maturing in lifeClannad was also my first thought. Its spin-off, Tomoyo After should work as well (although it doesn't have that many endings, it's a side story
t8851.22017-02-17Little Busters and Angel Beats English TranslationThe last news about LB! stated that they are gonna reveal "more information about it" this spring. And as for AB! translation, there haven't been any
t8780.562017-02-17Secret Projects 2017@52 But wasn't it the same with Clannad Side Stories? It came out only on psp in Japan, and yet it got published on Steam with English translation
t8780.362017-02-14Secret Projects 2017BLue is quite a big hint, but what the heck could "borrowed" mean, I have no idea @_@
t8653.32017-01-07MG 2016 Top 10I like the steam list, didn't expect OZMAFIA to be on the 2nd place :o Hopefully it means some more otome games in the future.
t8574.32016-12-20spoiler questionIf I remember correctly, KudoWafu doesn't happen after Refrain though? I think it is set in a world that the accident didn't happen at all, or
t8535.42016-12-08Is this game gonna be 18+I doubt it, and even if there is, they will probably release all ages version first, and then maybe 18+ one later. So far no info about it though.
t7579.382016-03-27Sakuracon/Anime Boston AnnouncementsI love how that lolige looks, hope it won't get just all-ages release, that would be a disaster ;( Other than that, Tokeijikake looks very promising
t4896.32013-12-18Kaworu?There is also one in the Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikaku game.
t4205.62013-11-09EX, ME and regularPE contains also a new CG with Rin and Komari.
t4613.62013-09-30Enforced Play Order?Maybe someone put it because of Sachi route? Though it's part of the game you can't change, so I don't know if it should count as "enforced", huh...
t4613.22013-09-28Enforced Play Order?If I remember correctly - not that much, play first chapter and you will understand :P I'm not sure though about Miwa route, it could be that you
t1416.422013-08-01Air translation?Meh, I'm waiting for Sheeta translation, looks more reliable I guess. Besides, she has wrote that her 'deadline' is October, so it's pretty soon :)
t3715.32013-02-07Angel BeatsI would love it, I'm big fan of Key and AB! Wonder who would be the heroines though. Yuri and Kanade, but who else? Yui? :)