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7FinishedAIRDecent, but definitely not as good as other Key visual novels. Heroines are cute, but not really that interesting or funny, and neither are their routes. Everything is on the same "eh-okay" level, even the true route, which is a bit of a bummer. Still, I'd say it's worth checking out, soundtrack is beautiful, and the story has a few stronger moments.2016-11-102016-11-102017-01-14
6FinishedBocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku.This turned out to be a total surprise for me - it's the first time in otomege I actually ADORED main heroine and kinda disliked male characters! Ema is awesome, she has such a lovely, scratchy voice, and is so negative about everything... Basically what would happen if Tomoko from WataMote was a super model, honestly. Bishies are just bland compared to her, and even their designs are pretty bad. Artstyle in general was the worst thing about this vn, most of the CGs were awful, probably some of the worst I've seen.2018-06-302018-06-302018-08-23
10FinishedCLANNADThose nakige, always playing around with my feelings! Beautiful, heart warming stories and amazing soundtrack. Artstyle might be a bit outdated, but nevertheless, this vn is a real masterpiece. My favourites are Tomoya (might be the most complex protagonist ever), Fuuko, Ushio, Kotomi, Yukine... Well, I think that I loved most of the characters in this one.2012-01-042009-10-242010-03-12
7FinishedCLANNAD - Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi deIt's a nice addition to the Clannad, but I expected a little bit more. All of the episodes are very short, around ~20 minutes each, plus some of them are pretty boring and feel more like a filler to the main story. Then again, there are a few good and satisfying ones, plus the artwork by GotoP is really cute, so even despite these few flaws I think it's worth checking out, especially by Key fans.2016-07-082016-07-082016-11-07
6FinishedD.C. ~Da Capo~Painfully mediocre. I liked the artstyle and some music, but that's about it - pretty much all of the routes are boring and easy to forget, and heroines are boring, cliché archetypes. And yet it's needlessly long, with 13 freaking routes to complete! I guess I did have SOME fun with it though, Izumiko is quite a cute loli, and Sakura is very likeable. To my surpise, Nemu's route was the most entertaining, even though she's far from being my favourite character.2015-03-302015-03-302016-07-28
5FinishedD.C. ~Da Capo~ Onsen HenVery short, it took me less than an hour to complete it. A few onsen scenes and random CGs, nothing special.2016-12-152016-12-152016-12-15
6FinishedD.C. ~Da Capo~ SeasonsContinuation of routes from the original D.C. game. Harmless enough, each arc is about ~2 hours long, and there is no common route, so you can finish this one quite fast. Well, there are still 12 heroines to conquer, so it's not THAT short, but still.2016-08-022016-08-012016-12-06
6FinishedD.C. Dream X'mas ~Da Capo~ Dream ChristmasTime travel plus Christmas, what could go wrong? Main routes have a bit too much of a drama, I mean you can right away guess how this all of this is gonna end, why not just have more fun with the concept? Well, it wasn't that bad either, the fanservice was real, and santa outfits were as cute as ever... Shame Sakura got screwed, not even getting her own romantic route. AGAIN.2021-06-072021-06-042021-11-06
5FinishedD.C.I.F. ~Da Capo~ Innocent FinaleHow hard it is to make a decent fandisc which is focused on one heroine, really? Unnecessary, stretched melodrama, it was sooo looong and boooring, I thought I wouldn't manage to complete this game. Why make Kotori's route worse than in the original vn? It doesn't make sense... I wouldn't recommend it even to Kotori's fans.2016-12-212016-12-212016-12-28
4FinishedD.C. II C.C. ~Da Capo II Character Collection~ Otome Sensei no Dokidoki Tokubetsu JugyouBasically a short h-scene taken out from D.C.II, seriously, it's just that. Why did it deserve getting released on its own? Beats me.2020-09-152020-09-152020-09-15
4FinishedD.C. II C.C. ~Da Capo II Character Collection~ Tsukishima Koko no Raburabu BathroomAnother h-scene removed from the D.C.II franchise, just that. Thankfully after this one they dropped the idea, so at least it didn't continue into a longer series.2021-02-152021-02-152021-02-15
6FinishedD.C. II ~Da Capo II~Long. Very, very long, especially if you play the extended version. Overall it contains 14 heroine routes, which has to be the most I've encountered up until now in one vn. Basically all of them are written in a similar way. It's kinda like nakige, but not really - it never hits the level which could make me emotional, especially since right away I knew well how this is all gonna end. I did enjoy most of it however - the heroines are likable, I had fun during the common route and scenes were they were interacting with each other, sometimes it even made me laugh. The arstyle is also quite good, loved the designs and CGs, this 2000's feel is something I totally adore.2018-06-192018-06-122019-10-03
6FinishedD.C. II ~Da Capo II~ Dearest MarriageFine epilogue if you enjoyed D.C.II.... and, more importantly, if you liked Otome. Like, REALLY liked. This game is extension of her route and focuses pretty much solely on her and Yoshiyuki's adult life, containing all the good stuff - engagement, marriage, wedding party, pregnancy and later even raising their little daughter together! The last part of the game was so unusual for the vn medium, it was also the most fun for me, I think. Took me almost half a year to complete it, but mainly just because it was very slow-life like.2021-11-302021-11-302022-05-14
6FinishedD.C. II ~Da Capo II~ Fall in LoveExactly the same type of fandisc as D.C. II Spring Celebration, only with the second half of the main cast getting their epilogues. Pretty much what you could expect from it, since these two games are basically twins.2021-02-232021-02-232021-11-03
6FinishedD.C. II ~Da Capo II~ Harukaze no Ultimate Battle!Cute and short side story starring all major D.C.II characters. Good enough for fans, had a few laughs while playing it.2020-04-212020-04-202020-04-21
6FinishedD.C. II ~Da Capo II~ Spring CelebrationFandisc containing the after stories for all main heroines from the first edition of D.C.II. Nothing interesting really, your basic happily ever after epilogues, full of cute and fluffy romance, with little to no drama. The only part that stood out to me was that each girl also got another episode, where the main couple and their friends are making a movie for a school festival, and the narration of these stories is like narration of a movie... Despite all of the characters keeping their names and personalities... That was quite a wtf for me. Not hating it, although I'd prefer authors to just make the epilogues more interesting instead of this, lol.2019-10-122019-10-122020-06-07
6FinishedD.C. II ~Da Capo II~ To You - Side EpisodesAnthology containing four unrelated stories from D.C.II universe. Only one of them is an additional romantic route, the rest revolves around themes like friendship and family. Cute, unusual fandisc for vn franchise, it wasn't particularly outstanding or anything like that, but I had some fun playing it. Sakuya was super adorable!2020-09-292020-09-292021-01-11
5FinishedD.C.P.K. ~Da CaPoker~Characters from D.C. and D.C.II get sent to the alternative universe, where they have to play poker to return to their world... for some reason. Okay, obviously it's just a crazy gimmick, the only thing that counts is that you can seduce your favourite D.C. heroine again! Admittedly I had some fun playing it, but the replay value is very poor, the second playthrough tired me off completely. Even the "crossover" part of this vn doesn't work out, since characters from two games barely have any interactions. But hey, girls got to dress up in hot costumes, that's pretty cool right?2020-06-282020-06-272020-08-26
7FinishedDoki Doki Literature Club!Revisiting this vn a few years since its release turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I'm confident enough to say, that for me it was more than just a simple, silly meme game. Sure, the main gimmick is the programming, but it just made this fun to play through, so I have absolutely no problem with that. Character designs, especially for an English doujin vn, were actually great, the writing - often clever, and I enjoyed the soundtrack. It might not be the most groundbreaking vn ever, but hey, it brought a lot of new fans to this medium, that's pretty cool. The Plus! release is completely unnecesarry though, especially since the side episodes are just boring filler. Just play the original!2021-04-122021-04-122021-04-17
5FinishedDot Kareshi -We're 8bit Lovers-The very definition of average otome. Has some cute characters, and idea for the plot had real potential, sadly it wasn't explored at all. If only it had any actual RPG elements, even the most simple version of those, it could be so much more fun and memorable. Also, "heroine" is the worst, she has NO dialogue at all, so it's even worse self-insert type of protagonists than usual. Sure, it's short, but still not really worth the time anyway.2018-09-052018-09-052019-09-10
7Finishededen* They were only two, on the planet.After all praise it received I expected A LOT, something near masterpiece level. How disappointed I was... Not that the story is bad, it had potential and a few stronger scenes. But the characters... God, the characters. All of them were so bland, so dull, not even one heroine stood out. One of the rare cases, where I actually disliked the protagonist, and it's usually difficult to make me feel aversion towards them. Ah, the graphics were beautiful, I won't deny it, but it's just not enough for me.2015-05-262015-05-262015-06-12
6FinishedGrisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-Generally speaking, it was quite a letdown. I didn't find the comedy in the common route to be that funny, and it felt like the authors tried to make heroine routes look complex and important, but for me they were just overly long, boring and unnecessarily dramatic. I enjoyed some parts, laughed at a few jokes and appreciated some of the characters, but there was nothing that would make Grisaia stand out as kamige in my opinon.2017-04-052017-04-052017-08-13
6FinishedGrisaia no Meikyuu -LE LABYRINTHE DE LA GRISAIA-It's fine, fans of the original vn will probably enjoy this one as well. For me it was okay, had better and worse moments, just like Kajitsu did. I still think that writing in this series is just plain lazy, not following the "show, don't tell" rule at all, which often makes it feel overly ambitious for its own good.2017-08-202017-08-202017-08-21
7FinishedGrisaia no Rakuen -LE EDEN DE LA GRISAIA-Easily the best entry in the Grisaia trilogy (not that it was THAT hard to achieve...). Finally the best heroine gets enough screen time, and the protagonist, Yuuji, isn't narrating everything anymore. Which makes this vn SO much easier to follow! With Rakuen it became clear to me, that the best things in this series happen, when the protagonist isn't around, or, at least, isn't telling another boring military story. It's so much more fun this way! Quite a satisfying conclusion, definitely gonna miss some of the girls, especially Kazuki.2018-04-292018-04-292018-11-24
7FinishedGrisaia no SenritsuShort, probably unnecessary, but Marion was cute, so who cares.2019-08-052019-08-042019-08-05
6FinishedGrisaia no YuukanBasically a short episode removed from Grisaia's common route.2019-05-202019-05-122019-05-20
7FinishedGrisaia no ZankouNice little addition to Grisaia no Meikyuu, more Asako is always welcomed.2019-07-042019-07-042019-07-06
7FinishedIdol Mahou Shoujo Chiruchiru ☆ MichiruOne of rare cases, where the spin-off is the best entry in the entire franchise. How did this even happen? The comedy is great, and the writing in general is self-aware in the most creative and fun way possible - something other vns in Grisaia series lacked, in my opinion. If I had to recommend playing one of these games - Idol Mahou Shoujo would be my first choice, I haven't read anything this unique in a long time. Definitely worth checking out!2019-02-092019-01-262019-05-11
6FinishedIkari Shinji Ikusei KeikakuKinda annoying to play and surprisingly meaningless. Who thought that anyone would want to raise Shinji? I liked some of CGs, but that's about it.2015-08-152015-08-142015-11-14
9FinishedKanonSo far this is the only visual novel where I absolutely loved every single route. I adore the nostalgic feeling of it and the winter setting. Made me cry so many times! Favourite characters are Nayuki, Makoto, Mai and Ayu, but I really loved everyone. Yuuichi is a really good and fun protagonist as well.2012-01-162012-01-162012-11-09
6PlayingKatawa Shoujo2023-04-302023-04-30
5FinishedKichiku Megane2022-06-252022-06-252023-04-10
4PlayingKichiku Megane R Kichiku Megane Fan Disc2023-04-282023-05-27
5FinishedKotori Love Ex PBooooring, even for Kotori's fan, such as myself. Happy-go-lucky married life, with possibility of cheating on your significant other, because that other girl is hot. Without ANY consequences! That sounds about right. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone, really.2016-12-212016-12-212017-01-22
6FinishedKud WafterIt turned out to be just the way I expected - loli overflow. This is why you don't play fandiscs with heroines you're not the biggest fan of, sigh... Why was it even splitted into two routes anyway? Completely meaningless, both were almost exactly the same, and just as boring. Music, h-scenes and even CGs, nothing stands out about it. By now I barely remember anything about it.2014-10-202014-10-202014-11-24
10FinishedLittle Busters!For me it's definitely the most wonderful visual novel ever written. Heroine routes are generally only "good", but Rin and Refrain make everything 10 times better. My favourite characters are obviously Kyousuke and Rin, but Sasami and Saya also have wonderful routes in the EX edition. The h-scenes are just bad and totally unfitting though, it's better to play all-ages version, so they don't ruin the experience.2012-01-042011-06-142011-12-26
6FinishedMeri☆Chri ~Juu Nen Buri no White Christmas~It was pretty okay, there are only two heroines, and the game is short, but it was nice to play it around the Christmas time. I liked Kirara best, which was a little surprising, I rarely prefer tsundere to deredere osananajimi.2013-01-022013-01-022013-02-01
7FinishedMOON.Hmm, it felt... weird. My first visual novel which had that kind of creepy content. It was dirty, disgusting, sickening... But that's how the player is supposed to feel while reading it, so I am able to actually appreciate that. Ikumi was such a complex character with her dark backstory, I'd recommend reading it even if only because of her. And the music... amazing, just as expected from Jun Maeda and Shinji Orito.2015-06-132015-06-132015-06-17
7FinishedNeko Para Extra: Koneko no Hi no YakusokuShort and cute side-stories about loli neko characters, need I say more?2018-08-272018-08-272018-08-27
7FinishedNeko Para Vol.0 Minazuki Neko-tachi no Nichijou!100% fanservice without any h-content. One sweet hour for Neko-girls' fans.2015-08-162015-08-162015-08-16
7FinishedNeko Para Vol.1 Soleil Kaiten Shimashita!The artstyle and animated spirites are the highlights of this vn. Besides that - well, it's a typical moege, so it's not like I expected much. Characters are pretty boring, and the h-scenes are a bit too long for my liking. Shame it wasn't more comedic, I could see some potential there.2015-01-122015-01-122015-01-17
6FinishedNeko Para Vol.2 Shimai Neko no SucreCoconuts was super adorable, but I'm not a huge fan of drama in this volume, felt a bit more forced compared to the first one. Still, the cute moments were indeed cute, so fans should probably enjoy it.2016-06-042016-06-122016-06-04
6FinishedNeko Para Vol.3 Neko-tachi no AromatizeIt's pretty much the same, only this time we got more h-scenes and even some girl on girl (feline on feline?) action. Content of this volume was almost obligatory, question is - what's next?2017-06-212017-06-212017-06-26
7FinishedNeko Para Vol.4 Neko to Patissier no NoelI did not expect that at all, but turns out this 4th entry in the series is my favourite one. The story was surprisingly complex, it expands protagonist's personality and backstory, in a way that doesn't feel forced. There are SO SO many beautiful CGs by Sayori - definitely a lot more that she could have included for fans to be happy with it anyway. The chapter set in France was definitely the best one, a-and it's not because it features mainly Shigure, of course not! Fraise turned out to be an unexpectedly sweet addition to the main cast as well. The only thing I personally would cut out, was the final harem h-scene... it was like an hour long, who has time for that?! I do however appreciate having choice to omit h-scenes and get something cute and innocent instead, great solution, more eroge should follow that example.2021-01-142021-01-142021-02-03
7FinishedONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~Pretty good vn, might be the first actual nakige ever, made by future creators of Key studio, which on its own makes it worth at least checking out. The writing could have been better, the common route gets repetitive really fast, and the story doesn't always make sense... Despite that and some pacing problems, I enjoyed it, especially Akane's, Misaki's and Mizuka's routes, the heroines were cute and some of the comedy worked really well. Misao's story always makes me cry!2012-01-042011-01-292011-07-25
7FinishedOre no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga NaiAfter playing both discs - decent enough. Getting routes and epilogues for our favourite heroines from anime or light novels is why we play these games anyway. I enjoyed spending more time with these girls, the artstyle was nice, and I got to see more adorable scenes with Kuroneko - there was nothing else I could wish for!2015-07-122015-05-112021-08-21
6FinishedOre no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Happy EndFor OreImo fans I'd say it's a nice little game, where you become manager for one of the girls, idolm@ster style. Each route is divided into these three mini routes with different CGs and endings. Rather than that, I'd prefer having one longer storyline... But what can you do. Other than that though, the gameplay can be fun and the CGs are really cute!2021-10-022021-10-022022-05-23
6FinishedOuran Koukou Host Club2022-07-032022-07-032023-04-26
6FinishedOZMAFIA!!Designs of bishies are amazing, Satoi did such a great job with them, I enjoyed some of the characters, but that's about it. It's not fully-voiced, the worst thing is dialogues often cut off in the middle of conversation, only to come back after a few minutes, it's so annoying! Didn't enjoy the story that much either - weird combination of cutesy fairy tale style and completely unfitting adult themes, like prostitution, murder or insanity. Some parts were just awkward to read.2017-06-282017-06-282017-11-25
8Finishedplanetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~Such a short story, right at the start I thought it wouldn't leave much of an impact on me. Glad I turned out to be wrong! Beautiful story, intriguing setting, and Yumemi in the center of it. The scene of her act in the planetarium will stay with me for a long time, I was downright charmed by it.2021-05-062021-05-062021-05-08