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t18562.102022-06-22how do i hide VNs w tags that bother me#9 u Chinese too? If“May ”was replaced by “Probably”,it would sound smoother
t18195.272022-04-24Lack of Zombies in Japanese Visual Novels#26 I didnt have played many vns so you probably are right
t3617.28072022-04-22Tags suggestions/fixes#2806 oh ,i got it I'll have a try
t18218.42022-04-22MC’s motherHard to say. In the games ive played MC's mum never participates in the the story. After all,whats inside galgame is teenages grow up,adorable
t18218.22022-04-22MC’s motherMostly their mum died of disease or dystocia,which gives convenience to the story developement
t18195.252022-04-22Lack of Zombies in Japanese Visual NovelsIn my opinion,what you want is a game that filled with chioces which make the game rpglike rather than VN. Dont forget than the forum is named Visual
t3617.28052022-04-21Tags suggestions/fixesHeroine's Hair should include more color categories like Heroine with Golden Hair,Heroine with blue Hair,etc.