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t3617.15782018-12-18Tags suggestions/fixes@1577 Not exactly particular to music, but there is a nice tag on boorus - multitasking. Works for stuff like reading a book, making a speech, etc.
t11605.52018-12-06Filter randomly ignored in character searchThanks, seems to be working fine now.
t11605.32018-12-06Filter randomly ignored in character searchGood find, but it's not the one i tried to report. Just search for "Sawatari" and "Terminal Illness" trait and refresh search results several times
t3617.15602018-12-06Tags suggestions/fixesMaybe put Childishly Violent Protagonist, Childishly Violent Heroine and Childishly Violent Hero under Slapstick?
t3314.15422018-12-06TraitsShouldn't Domestic Violence tag NOT encompass comedy violence (as a case with a Domestic Violence tag)? Comedy violence should be probably split into
t11605.12018-12-05Filter randomly ignored in character searchFor some reason i'm randomly getting incorrect results when searching for characters using both text and filters - like searching "Sawatari" and
t7572.42018-12-03HazukiNot sure what's it really about but there's a picture drama titled "Ikenai Hazuki-sensei" that was released with 1st DVD/BD of the anime (which is
t3617.13892018-09-17Tags suggestions/fixesIf someone can suggest a better name for Romanceable Protagonist Candidate(s) (i don't really like it myself, but can't come up with anything better
t10531.12018-04-26Character instances (spoiler?)Seems rather spoilerish that Alma Valleyking and Névé are the same character. Is it not a spoiler?
t9870.62017-12-05Split into two versions?Ok, couldn't resist reading the spoilers - guess you are right.
t9870.42017-12-05Split into two versions?Hmm, new info - ContactS might be a prequel to Fox Hime.
t9870.12017-11-09Split into two versions?People are reporting on Steam that Fox Hime is rather different from ContactS. Should we split this entry into two versions then?
t9225.32017-11-06What happened to the English translation?And it was dropped this October in favor of the second part.
t9663.32017-10-04"New Customer" repackage? Or stand-alone?They should probably be merged then.
t3617.9432016-10-07Tags suggestions/fixes@minah: I don't think so. I believe it means that during your playthrough of an adult version, you might miss out on sexual content. Sexual Content
t3314.9762016-10-03TraitsI see that BL Fan was approved. "Character example: c17295" line can be removed, i guess, as it's redundant.
t8047.12016-07-20Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate - The BestWhat's different about this "The Best" version? Some people (me as well) are wondering if it's PC version with Nozomi route (from PSP port) but i
t3314.9322016-07-14TraitsAs per suggestion added BL Fan as a child trait of Otaku and BL Lover, Boys Love Fan, Yaoi Fan, Yaoi Lover and Fudanshi as it's aliases (Fujoshi
t3314.9132016-06-21Traits@912: Could be(typically) face each otherThat's the problem with [i]reverse[/i] traits. For some it is reversal of roles, for some - reversal of
t3314.9002016-06-09TraitsHmm, thought a bit more about collar/ruff and confused myself, lol. Where would stuff like fur necklaces/collars (that's what you'd call 1, 2, right
t3314.8962016-06-06Traits@895 Yeah, that might actually be a better idea, since ruff unlike collar is more of a high-clas thing.
t3314.8902016-05-31Traits@888 Hmm, i probably misunderstood what you meant by reversal, but now i think i get it. Damn, forgot to mention characters at the end of trait
t3314.8862016-05-30Traits@884: I don't think it's possible to reverse roles on blowjob trait, though, since descriptions clearly state that engaging character performs
t3617.8812016-05-26Tags suggestions/fixesI noticed there is no tag for nameable secondary characters, only for protags, hero(ine)s, pets and units. I found this suggestion about Nameability
t7875.32016-05-25Updated releasesProbably same case here then. A was mulling over Pokémon Academy Life. I presume "significant differences" still might warrant a new entry, even if
t7875.12016-05-25Updated releasesWhat is preferable way to add releases for WIP VNs for which trials/demos are updated? Entry for earliest release and constantly updated entry for
t3617.8792016-05-24Tags suggestions/fixesOn topic of traps and reverse traps, what tags should we use to note other features about them? "X Hero" for traps, and "X Heroine" for reverse traps
t3314.8832016-05-24Traits[✔] People seem to be applying No Eyes to characters who simply have eyes not drawn. Perhaps Note should be expanded - "If character eyes are not
t7792.132016-05-20Why does Grisaia trilogy have french titles?Ah, got it now. What would be reverse (i.e. french using broken english), though?
t7792.112016-05-19Why does Grisaia trilogy have french titles?That is exactly what Franglais is...Eh, isn't Franglais a mixture of French and English words? At least that's what i've picked up from wiki article.
t7792.92016-05-18Why does Grisaia trilogy have french titles?Furenchi/Franponais aside, i think Grisaia titles should be considered Frepanese (or would that be a synonym for Franponais?) and english translated
t7792.42016-05-17Why does Grisaia trilogy have french titles?What would be French analogue for Engrish? UPD: On topic: link
t7163.52016-04-27move threadOh, okay.
t3617.8452016-04-27Tags suggestions/fixesShould portrayal of semen disqualify VN as Softcore if genitals are not shown as according to tag description? Started a little discussion here.
t7163.32016-04-27move threadHijacking. t7681 was originally a tag discussion and Gahkthun was just an example (albeit the only one). Was there a need to move thread?
t7681.102016-04-27SoftcoreScene in question is boobjob. link and 5 onward.
t3617.8432016-04-25Tags suggestions/fixesFor some reason C cup is the only breast size tag to have "cup" not capitalized.
t7693.12016-04-20Vita port additionsIs there any concrete list of new stuff in Vita (and Steam) version? I've googled it, but all info i found was quite contradictory. I know for sure
t7681.82016-04-20Softcore@7 Again, it's Ourai no Gahkthun: Shining Night in question, not Ourai no Gahkthun ~What a Shining Braves~, so it's not on Steam and it's not ESRB
t7681.32016-04-20SoftcoreOriginal game got ESRB rating, not fandisk. Original game has no scenes with semen, though, so it qualifies.
t7681.12016-04-19SoftcoreShould semen disqualify eroge as softcore in case no genitals are shown? For example, Ourai no Gahkthun: Shining Night. There is a single scene with
t7504.202016-04-19Uncensored PatchIs it really true that content from Steam version remains after applying the patch? On previous blog Onii-san (the guy from was asked
t6029.32015-01-16Only a single Heroine?Ah, thanks for clarification.
t6029.12014-12-22Only a single Heroine?Can someone elaborate on that, from CGs it looks like there are more than seven of them actually.
t5722.12014-09-04Reprint versionSo, kinda obvious, but just to be sure... Looking at those CGs on boorus, that i haven't seen in G-Collection's release, Reprint version adds some
t5436.62014-06-16'summary'/'all' setting not remembered@5 Isn't that what cookies are for?
t5436.32014-06-16'summary'/'all' setting not rememberedI guess some would like that way, but I for one would actually prefer to have spoiler setting not be remembered instead. It would be nice to have
t5436.12014-06-16'summary'/'all' setting not rememberedExactly as title says, when i set this setting to 'all' it always reverts to 'summary' when i go to another entry. The spoiler and tag type settings
t4345.12013-07-162nd "Other" CGAny idea how to get that one?
t4340.72013-07-16TitleYeah, i did meant japanese release on iTunes. Thanks for explaination, it makes sense to link to japanese iTunes instead of the english one.