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t8906.22017-03-03No sounds of copulationYes it is srs business indeed. I had to load up some disgusting 3d porn in the background to play some copulating noises of people fucking, and that
t6089.102015-06-18Chances of getting a translation?Sorry for the late reply, only noticed this now. Well, Phar has retired as been said. He lives in Japan and is quite busy with his job and IRL
t5504.42015-06-17thanksApologies for necroing, but wanted to say you're welcome. I was just checking random shit by chance and encountered your thread. I had lots of fun
t6311.22015-03-15does this fandisc include the original game?It's not. I haven't played too much of it yet, but it indeed starts after the original game. As for the last bit, the developers released it as a
t5627.132014-08-08Automated recommendations#9 Cheers mate. Well it's not too many, most of them are shorter fetish nukiges, which kind of inflated my votes up and as a consequence Davidlu's
t5627.82014-08-08Automated recommendationsDo mine, I'm curious to see whether your algorithm would put my and Shinnew's ( link ) taste together or it'd find someone else instead.
t5124.322014-06-15Clover Day's Trial English translationWould hazard a guess the game is just on kirikiri engine like the rest of alcot games appear to be, in which case the script can be easily counted. I
t1905.852014-05-05General DiscussionI can't see why would they should be kept here as aliases myself.
t5235.42014-04-20transletionIt's "transleted" already mate, just go to link
t5191.1112014-04-17Ayakashibito -GD-People complaining about Kuki... just wtf.
t5215.22014-04-13this game sucks nigger cockI would disagree, the only boring parts in it were the flashback chapter in the countryside, but that didn't last too long. edit: oh, did you play
t5191.622014-04-06Ayakashibito -GD-I guess we must have fucked the translation up if you guys are complaining about Kaoru route.
t5191.442014-04-06Ayakashibito -GD-Those traits are there because of Chrono belt, don't remove them.
t5191.22014-04-01Ayakashibito -GD-I bet it's an April's fool trickery, don't download it! :)
t4944.162014-01-06Translations which replace voicesr2530
t4741.12013-10-31a wordHey Orophin sorry to bother you mate, I was wondering if I could have a word in private with you. Could you email me at ---- please?
t4623.32013-09-30cannot start VN?The error message says that you have too many pirated eroge on your desktop so it won't work.
t4538.52013-09-02Pointless?Nah mate, I meant the japanese lines are 70% identical if you compare the entire Kaori route with the entire Kanna route. The rest 30% is route
t4538.22013-09-02Pointless?You only have to play it once unless you're aiming for 100%. Use common sense and save a jewelsave at the last possible point where you can still get
t4442.432013-09-01Yumina the Ethereal -GD-" Keeping too many junk items will fill your inventory fast, though there are some quests (later on) to increase inventory space. Money will also
t4442.312013-09-01Yumina the Ethereal -GD-I recommend keeping 5 of every junk item, then selling the rest you have of that particular item. You can never tell which items are required for
t4472.32013-08-16English Patch?Maybe the fact that it was released merely several months ago has something to do with how it's less popular than the first game that's few years old
t4452.72013-08-12Looking for a VN like Eien no Aselia(story)v1904 's mirror side should be up your alley.
t4442.32013-08-11Yumina the Ethereal -GD-Gameplay is fun for a while at least.
t4431.42013-08-07Duel Savior and Baldr Force CharactersLiang is also seen taking a bath in one CG during the beginning.
t4420.22013-08-06About HounanNope, sorry. We actually took a look at the PS2 release and see if it'd be feasible to port Hounan route over to the PC release by ourselves (none of
t4404.22013-08-03I hate youMate, Phar doesn't have time to translate anything any more. He's busy studying in Japan, cut him some slack. Ordering him like this as if he's your
t4371.62013-07-26looking for untranslated VN withAre you looking for sarcastic protags that joke a lot or what exactly? There really is a lot of those. Being cool for me personally means being
t4319.22013-07-12Ayakashibito vs Ayakashibane" 2 additional free, short, comedic sidestories to Ayakashibito. They involve events in normal Ayakashibito so reading the normal game before this is
t4309.22013-07-06VN with a focus on either Jazz/Harpv564 is right up your alley, be aware game isn't like focused on the jazz aspect but there's plenty of it still. Also some gore as it's innogrey.
t4308.52013-07-06This Should Be Translated Into EnglishIt's already translated, just learn Chinese. It's not hard.
t4298.22013-07-04This Vn page should be spilt into two.Well as the only one who ever played it, I could agree that it maybe better with two VN page, I'm too lazy to do it now though :P .
t904.142013-06-29English Translation-
t4271.42013-06-28TranslationCan't you see it'll be translated soon? Just learn Chinese.
t4224.32013-06-27Unable to load progress - buffer overflow errorYou could have left us a message on yu-no's talk page, that's one of the reasons it's used for. Anyway I have never heard of this issue but maybe out
t4216.72013-06-15How is this site financed?Yorhel gets so rich out of these ads he'll go on holiday and he already bought a new car.
t4179.122013-06-07Translation Wishlist Poll?I fucking love poles, lovely people and pretty girls. Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki, i do szabli, i do szklanki!
t4116.432013-06-05English Dub Visual Novelv115 is english dubbed, enjoy.
t4157.332013-06-02Worth buying JAST's version?As someone who read both I definitely would recommend the new one instead.
t3738.292013-05-22Thoughts on the True Ending (Spoilers!!)I truly hope Yukiko won't return much (or at all) in the third game, found her quite irritating to be honest, especially toward the end game. I don't
t4076.32013-05-12Did anyone play this?Full of hotblooded speeches announced in dead serious tones. Makes me laugh every time. Awesome game, shame the side heroines and their routes are
t4066.22013-05-09AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!link indeed.
t3011.202013-05-02Sousei Kitan Aerial: CommentsIt's a massive endgame spoiler lad, not something I would spoil like this.
t4013.22013-04-22Any Romance in this VN ?Hahahahahaha. Oh wow.
t3987.22013-04-18Totall femdom?And what's wrong with being a 100% femdom game? This is what most people expected of starless too back then.
t3865.22013-03-18Official Website ProblemWelcome to like three years ago.
t3831.62013-03-12100% Voiced VNsv5904 really is truly voiced for every line, including narrations too. The only thing not voiced in it were that very few sound effect lines such as
t3801.32013-03-04Searching with alternate romaji spellingsI'd rather not have that. Some searches I had to scour through at times here would be even more of a PITA if I'd get many many more results due to
t3800.22013-03-04~in need of spoilers~They have sex in it.