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c34550.32016-08-09 at 17:15anoTomikuma Fuyuadding more traits
v17158.92016-08-08 at 12:42anoSoushinjutsu Gaiden ~Ayakawa Hakase no Hentai Jikenbo~adding screenshot 6 (comical), 7 (action), 8 (random sex scene)
c50634.22016-08-02 at 12:12anoKinomoto Hajimehair
c50634.12016-08-02 at 08:51anoKinomoto Hajimeadding the protagonist
v17158.82016-07-28 at 18:10anoSoushinjutsu Gaiden ~Ayakawa Hakase no Hentai Jikenbo~Tried to make an original description.It spoil what happen in bad ending (life going back to uneventful), but I don't think it's a problem.
v11634.92016-05-30 at 09:48anoDaisaiminfixing description a bit
c28458.62016-05-19 at 09:56anoNikaidou Sayakaadding trait
c28459.62016-05-19 at 09:56anoShigiyama Runaadding trait
c28458.52016-05-19 at 08:31anoNikaidou Sayakaidiot...yeah the definition work
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