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c34550.32016-08-09 at 17:15anoTomikuma Fuyuadding more traits
v17158.92016-08-08 at 12:42anoSoushinjutsu Gaiden ~Ayakawa Hakase no Hentai Jikenbo~adding screenshot 6 (comical), 7 (action), 8 (random sex scene)
c50634.22016-08-02 at 12:12anoKinomoto Hajimehair
c50634.12016-08-02 at 08:51anoKinomoto Hajimeadding the protagonist
v17158.82016-07-28 at 18:10anoSoushinjutsu Gaiden ~Ayakawa Hakase no Hentai Jikenbo~Tried to make an original description.It spoil what happen in bad ending (life going back to uneventful), but I don't think it's a problem.
v11634.92016-05-30 at 09:48anoDaisaiminfixing description a bit
c28458.62016-05-19 at 09:56anoNikaidou Sayakaadding trait
c28459.62016-05-19 at 09:56anoShigiyama Runaadding trait
c28458.52016-05-19 at 08:31anoNikaidou Sayakaidiot...yeah the definition work
c28457.72016-05-18 at 10:01anoKurahashi Rikaadding traits
c28456.82016-05-17 at 19:00anoKurahashi Masumibetween "pink" and "violet" to add to red to define the color, I think it's "violet" after all (looking at different cg with different shades)
c28459.52016-05-17 at 18:57anoShigiyama Runaadding traits
c28458.42016-05-17 at 18:55anoNikaidou Sayakaadding traits
c28456.72016-05-17 at 18:53anoKurahashi Masumiadding trait
c28454.82016-05-13 at 21:58anoTakatsu Megumiadding some traits
c28454.72016-05-13 at 09:37anoTakatsu Megumiadding traits
c37492.62016-05-07 at 18:27anoHamura Ryoutaadding trait
c28455.62016-05-07 at 18:24anoMatsudo Aoiadding traits
c28453.52016-05-07 at 18:24anoKoizumi Ayakoadding traits
c28456.62016-05-07 at 18:23anoKurahashi Masumiadding traits
c28457.62016-05-07 at 18:21anoKurahashi Rikaadding trait
c28454.62016-05-07 at 18:21anoTakatsu Megumiadding traits
c28457.52016-05-07 at 16:39anoKurahashi RikaMain character (got own route and 1 shared route)
c28456.52016-05-07 at 16:38anoKurahashi MasumiMain character (got own route and 1 shared route) +wedding ring
c28457.42016-05-07 at 10:00anoKurahashi Rikaadding traits
c28456.42016-05-07 at 09:59anoKurahashi Masumiadding traits
c37492.52016-05-07 at 08:09anoHamura Ryoutaadding some traits
v17158.62016-04-27 at 07:16anoSoushinjutsu Gaiden ~Ayakawa Hakase no Hentai Jikenbo~adding screenshots
c34550.22016-04-25 at 20:29anoTomikuma Fuyuadding traits
c34549.22016-04-25 at 20:26anoSanri Akihoadding traits
c34548.22016-04-25 at 20:24anoNakaoka Sayaka+mind control
c34547.22016-04-25 at 20:23anoAyakawa Harukimore traits
c24950.22016-01-26 at 18:05anoRomina Berureanadding trait
c24953.22016-01-26 at 18:04anoMireiyu Buryuneadding traits
c24951.22016-01-26 at 18:02anoMari Rukureruadding traits
c24952.22016-01-26 at 18:01anoArekutoadding some traits
c24954.22016-01-26 at 17:57anoAirin Aizenhawaadd role and item
c7867.52015-09-13 at 17:33anoEbihara ShoukoAdding that because...that's what prevent her from not being sexually involved, from what I could see.
c6214.22015-01-03 at 13:20anoTachibana Keikoadding trait
c6215.32015-01-03 at 13:19anoHoujou Misakoadding trait
c6217.32015-01-03 at 13:18anoHoujou Akaneadding traits
c6216.42015-01-03 at 13:17anoHoujou Aoiadding traits
c13342.32014-11-20 at 13:59anoStellathe site resizing damaged the picture, resizing from my side this time
c13342.22014-11-20 at 13:38anoStellaadding image
c13341.22014-11-20 at 13:38anoSophiaadding image
r11617.32014-11-03 at 18:54anoPheromone ~Hashire Eros! Ai no Time Limit~old link didn't work anymore
c22057.12014-10-13 at 21:24anoNonohara Mashiroadding character
c6955.42014-10-13 at 20:43anoSakuma Aikomake an appearance
c6956.22014-10-13 at 20:27anoSakuma Riemake an appearance
c6958.22014-10-13 at 17:46anoWakou Satsukiappear there