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t7409.42016-08-09Is there a walkthrough?Made my own walkthrough. やらない 春生に言わない chara choice (make all choices for CG completion) する 冬紬を見逃す I haven't finished the game at the time I'm
t7446.42016-06-29Where to find walkthroughs?Can't edit my first post, but it seems foolmaker doesn't exist on its own anymore, but I ran into something that might either be it saved by another
t2108.14732016-05-11Candidates for deletion? should be removed. It's a random sex scene character with name, voice, but no sprite. If this one is added, then the others characters in a similar
t7729.12016-04-25About Soushinjutsu GaidenHi, Since you had some informations on Soushinjutsu Gaiden to make tags, I was wondering if you were able to play it. If that's the case, since I
t7409.32016-04-24Is there a walkthrough?Maybe this will help: /HAN-10@0049254A Hopefully, I will play slowly enough to see a walkthrough appear faster thanks to this h-code.
t7446.12016-02-06Where to find walkthroughs?Hi, After some time doing others things, I came back to VN, and thus I faced again a problem: finding walkthroughs for games. My old and possibly no
t7409.12016-01-26Is there a walkthrough?Hi, Anybody got a walkthrough for this game? Saw the "bad endings" tag, so I guess one is necessary, but I failed to find one. Thanks in advance if
t7391.32016-01-20Fukushuu Saimin GDWell, if we take "C: drive. Saimin Series Haru no Shinyuugaku Campaign Pack!" release, all the others games of the pack are centered on some actual
t7391.12016-01-20Fukushuu Saimin GDHi, First, here are my parameters for agth: /HWN-4*14:-4*0@5136F4 /KS1 /C /W00000001:00000018 Now for discussion, I have 4 endings left to
t7351.12016-01-07Partial WKHi, So here is a partial walkthrough (good endings centered) for this game. Aizawa Yumi good ending: まだ用事があるから 伊吹涼子を捜す 伊吹涼子を捜す ナマイキなタワシ
t7304.22015-12-24MERRY END-OF-THE-YEAR-STUFF!!!Merry christmas, 00:22 here, not that late ^^
t6972.632015-10-04VNDB is 8 Years OldI wish a happy birthday to vndb though I'm late
t6053.232015-01-02Happy New Year anyone?Happy new year
t6056.22015-01-02True ending post credit scene *obvious spoilers*I have doubts on some things, mainly a translation issue I guess, but one thing possible that can explain some things is that there would be several
t6037.222014-12-26Merry Christmas!I hope you had a merry christmas
t6017.62014-12-18Still worth reading after being spoiled?Your spoiler is only about 1 route, if I remember well, because in all others, if this information is mentioned, others things contradict it, and
t6015.42014-12-17How do I add tags about birthdaysFor something significant in 1 heroine route, but that doesn't happen for all heroines, thus a tag would be too much?
t6000.472014-12-16Atlas experienceFor the fun, I will share my dictionary files (full UDIC folder in zip archive) with those who want to experiment the weird world of one that grew up
t6000.42014-12-13Atlas experienceSince I got it, I improved ATLAS translation, and made it more compatible with me, so now it's often better than some english translations containing
t3314.4382014-12-07TraitsThis way don't show the difference.Would it be correct to say, to separate the 2 traits, that the adventurous do it for himself, while the brave do
t5961.112014-11-28Wasted potentialWas it in this game that during the loading sequence, you hear the same whistled tune as in Soushinjutsu 2 (from Alexandra)? If it is, I wonder if it
t5949.12014-11-20Need help with pictures for charactersHi, Old message spoilered: As you may notice, I got in trouble when trying to give images to characters of this game. The images come directly from
t3314.4352014-10-17Traits@428: I think the answer if no for i1119. It should be using a trait under Role rather than a trait under Engages in for such a case. But maybe that
t5836.22014-10-10pleaseTry following the link in the release, then finding a way to get in touch with the one who made the game to repeat this message where it count.
t5801.512014-10-01We're at our Prime!Happy birthday vndb. So the exact date was 30.
t5795.22014-09-29Online GamesSo...what? If you truly believe it can be called a vn, technically releases could be added as "Website" or "Other". I have doubts about something
t4628.792014-09-25Happy Birthday to Me!We don't have the day, but we have the month, so I guess I will say it: Happy Birthday vndb
t3617.4862014-09-20Tags suggestions/fixesThe description of why it's not approved seems to imply there was no characters database at the time, so it must be incredibly old.
t5745.32014-09-12Downloading Visual NovelsIf there's a trial version release, and website info is filled, you might be able to access the download link more or less quickly, but it will only
t5720.22014-09-03Where are those from?If you really got the answers, please don't leave like that and put the answer in your post (too many open ending vn already, don't add to that lol)
t3617.4802014-09-03Tags suggestions/fixesI don't think g2062 is really about a minigame. It's more like a timed choice (which is why it's mentioned in description), but where the choice may
t3314.4172014-09-03Traits@416: I think this trait is not meant to be searched, but to compare characters within the same vn.So it should be added only when it's a significant
t5707.12014-08-28Others roles for d12.6Hi, For the role that appear in character editing as d12#6, I would like to propose a new one: `Guest character: A character whose traits come from
t5697.22014-08-26Only a single heroine?I would say to add the Single Ending or similar that fit better for you, and get in touch with those that already voted this tag on this vn so they
t5681.22014-08-23Vita censoringIt's common for consoles versions to be all-ages and/or censored.
t5674.512014-08-22Automated Online VN Recommendationsyou meant{vn_id}/recommend I guess
t5667.72014-08-21Real vs Fake KemonomimiFor c13440 (bunny) I used i781. This may be what you need. Then if a game is not thoroughly tagged/traited, there's nothing somebody not having
t950.912014-08-20VNDB Suggestions!@86: users already do it for some vn.That's one use of the vn discussion boards.Or do I miss something?
t5674.292014-08-20Automated Online VN RecommendationsBy the way, does the current system make use of the "blacklist" status of wishlist? While the others options may be used differently by different
t5674.182014-08-20Automated Online VN Recommendations"EDIT: Oh, and just to make sure, the user's vnlist has to be public and contain at least one VN."I think now the requirement may be that the list
t5675.22014-08-19Short blue haired girl missing?There are patches available at link but "missing route" doesn't seem to be a problem they should fix. You could still try it.
t5674.72014-08-19Automated Online VN RecommendationsI thought I would try it since I would just be able to switch on/off visibility for the test but " the user's vnlist has to be public and contain at
t3314.4122014-08-18Traits@411: I would say no because both are often written 私 and it's not possible to tell which it is unless the character has a voice.
t5667.32014-08-17Real vs Fake KemonomimiI don't think there should be. Tags are about the game as a whole, knowing if the kenomimi are real or not for a character would be the traits job
t5641.22014-08-10CG WalkthoughI made a google search on "攻略 孕ら☆ちゅちゅっ" and found this link: link Since it was the first result and it seemed to have what's needed, I didn't check
t2108.6542014-08-08Candidates for deletion@653: since the descriptions are different, does it really require deletion or does it just require some "links to vn" fix?
t3617.4692014-08-06Tags suggestions/fixesCommon reunions could be with the childhood friend, or with some classmates, or with people of a town. Reunion of lovers isn't what's more obvious to
t5619.62014-08-06Means of deleting characters@5: Either the entries were indeed entered too fast and it's wrongdoing, either the 2 entries are important enough to fit under:"2.1. Where instances
t1391.832014-08-05Tears to Tiara discussion.Just finished it.Was better than I thought (especially since I avoided the anime). I took it just to have something casual on the side of more
t5619.42014-08-04Means of deleting charactersInstances could sometimes work for your 1st example, just need to check d12#2 For the 2nd case, before thinking of deletion, you should get in touch